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May 1, 2016

Bill Holter Issues A Red Alert Warning: 'They Know It Is Coming' - An 'Event You Cannot Recover From'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In an interview that no one should miss, one that ties together the economic news, the massive movements being seen in the physical markets (gold, silver precious metals) overpowering the western paper markets, as well as events happening with Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, Bill Holter of JS MineSet joins SGT Report to explain that we are headed directly towards an "event that you cannot recover from."

The interview kicks off with discussion on the the secret meetings in Washington by the administration's economic leaders along with the recent "explicit" warnings to China, Germany and Japan, by the U.S. Treasury about devaluing their currency, leading the discussion into the extreme dollar weakness.

Shown clearly in charts and graphs on the screen as we hear the interview we are told the physical market is overpowering the western paper market, how China and the ABX is "gobbling up real metal" which in turn is tightening the physical markets. We hear details of how Wall Street is moving big money into paper metal stocks and how silver and gold has risen since the beginning of the year, where later Holter states it will continue to rise.

At approximately the 7:30 minute mark Holter tells us that "Once this thing snaps there may not be open markets." He continues on to state "I think what we are looking at is an event that you're not going to be able to recover from. If this market snaps and the markets close, and you're not in position, you're out. You're out for the rest of your life. This is going to be an event that you can't recover from."

We're told that the U.S. Treasury wants to devalue the dollar as we are reminded of a previous statement, via video clip, made by Kyle Bass, a senior Obama official at the time, where he openly admitted the plan was to ultimately "kill the dollar." (Shown below)

At the 10:00 minute market they start connecting the dots between the current headlines and the failing economy, specifically highlighting the news of more Russian jets buzzing U.S. warships and China refusing to allow a U.S. aircraft carrier to dock at the port in Hong Kong, which Holter calls the "big ones" by way of headlines, pointing out how nearly two years ago, Russia showed off new technology which actually rendered the USS Donald cook defenseless, saying Russia is now putting on a display of power.

Holter then goes on to talk about how we are witnessing "Monetary World War III," detailing events he believes are signifying the "end of the Petro-Dollar." He reminds listeners that the Fed can no long support the dollar, explaining why, before sharing how it is also his belief, which he calls obvious, that the U.S. has liqudated its gold, so nothing is left to us as reserves to support the dollar.

Holter describes one possible scenario, stating that if the Saudi's make a deal with China for oil, using the Yuan and did it over a weeked, that "Monday wouldn't come" saying the markets would be destroyed before they could even open."

That discussion leads to the much-talked about, strange comments made by General Mark Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, when he spoke about the upcoming trials the military would be forced to face, which both SGT Report and Holter agree seems to imply we are looking at a complete and total breakdown of society as we know it, due to economic collapse, with Holter asking "what does he know that we do not?"

Holter then states "They know its coming."

Much, much more in the interview below.


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