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January 15, 2017

Medical Experts Warn 'Terrible Tipping Point' Reached In 2017 Will Have Worldwide Ramifications - 'Luck Will Play A Bigger Role In Your Future Than Any Doctor Could'

- Researchers Report: 'The End To Modern Medicine As We Know It'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The heartbreaking story from Yahoo News that the Drudge Report linked to on Saturday reports that a woman in her 70's who'd been living in the state of Nevada has died from an infection that was resistant to all 26 available antibiotics. Raising new concerns about the rise of dangerous superbugs that have become resistant to our greatest medical weapons against them, their story illustrates both the dangers that Americans and the world face in the new 'post-antibiotic era' we're entering as well as showing how woefully unprepared our medical system is for such change.

A May 2016 story from The Week reported antibiotic resistance could cause 10 million deaths a year by 2050 - more than cancer they report - while also warning "medicine could go back to the dark ages unless the world acts soon". Also reporting that a new class of antibiotics hadn't been created in a decade and antimicrobial resistance had turned into 'as big a risk as terrorism', they also warned in their story that a simple cut on one's finger could turn into a deadly disease that leaves us fighting for our lives and here's the 'kicker': "luck will play a bigger role in your future than any doctor could."

As we hear in the 1st video below about this sad case, according to Dr. Randall Todd, the director of epidemiology and public health preparedness for the Washoe County Health District in Nevada, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "basically reported that there was nothing in our medicine cabinet to treat this lady." As they also report, these health developments have worldwide implications.

Todd said other patients in the same unit at the Reno hospital were also tested for the infection, but none tested positive. "Had any of the other patients been infected with this, they would have had the same resistance," he said.

"This is kind of scary stuff, and that's why we jump on things like this very quickly."


At ANP we strongly believe that 'luck' is often created by putting ones self in the right place at the right time through prior preparation and hard work and while parts of mainstream medicine may be a dying breed, we should remember that throughout history, virtually all pharmaceutical medications originally came from the plants, trees and herbs of the Earth according to this story from Natural Society. From their story:

Nature has provided thousands of natural medicines and natural antibiotics over millennia. Most people are unaware, but virtually all pharmaceutical medications originally came from the plants of the Earth. After they were proven effective in treating various ailments, the pharmaceutical industry then created synthetic variants which they could patent. In this way, they retained the exclusive rights to earn revenues from their patents over a specific period of time.

The point is that every medicine under the sun originated as an herb or a spice, a tree leaf or shrub root, a berry or a fruit. Fortunately, some of these same medicinals function as very efficacious natural antibiotics. Especially when they are prepared properly, these potent medicines can produce the desired effects without many of the adverse side-effects associated with pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics.

The new story from The Food Revolution Network reports that according to medical experts, 2017 could be a 'terrible tipping point' for antibiotic resistance and that NOW is the time to pay attention and take action. Warning us that 2017 could bring 700,000 more deaths thanks to a rapidly developing set of “superbugs”, they also report this could mean 'the end to modern medicine as we know it'. With most 'last resort drugs' soon to be ineffective, where do we turn?


According to this story from Natural News, there are a number of extremely powerful and all-natural antibiotics that don't require a prescription. Warning within their story that hospital antibiotics have become one of the most over-prescribed medications in the world, leading millions to ruined digestive systems and lowered natural immunity, they also report we do have alternatives - alternatives that every prepper should learn about.

In the 2nd video below, Pastor Dowell talks with us about the case in Nevada and shares with us his own favorite, all natural antibiotic, garlic. He also mentions that although medical authorities stated they tried 26 different antibiotics in Nevada, they never did mention trying any of these all natural antibiotics and as he reminds us, we are 'from the Earth' and back into the Earth we will one day go.  

As Susan Duclos reported Saturday on ANP, many more people will die from the aftermath of a catastrophic event by not being prepared than from the 'event' itself. Returning again to 'creating our own luck', we see in her story a warning to us all to get ourselves prepared now, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, as our own strong immune systems will become our greatest asset against superbugs in a future where big pharma's antibiotics are useless.

As the Healthy Home Economist also reports, the best way to combat any kind of health issues is to keep our own immune systems healthy by maintaining steady, healthy eating habits while avoiding immune system offenders such as GMO foods, too much sugar, foods containing pesticides and other FDA-approved 'food chemicals' while also attempting to avoid meats from animals that have been overladen with antibiotics.

As even the CDC reports, antibiotic resistance is often spread through the animals that we are eating. Animals are given antibiotics and then develop resistant bacteria within them. The same drug-resistant bacteria then remain in the meat from the animals and when not handled or cooked properly, can easily spread to the humans that eat the meat.


According to the previously mentioned Natural News story, powerful all-natural antibiotics include:

Manuka Honey
Oil of Oregano
Colloidial Silver

Natural Society also reports those and several more:

Curry powder
Oils such as oregano, thyme, basil, lavender, and more.
Pau d’Arco
Olive leaf extract
Grapefruit seed extract
Colloidal silver


Natural Society also reports there are many illnesses and diseases which respond very favorably to natural antibiotics though the key is to know which antibiotics best address which ailments, as well as which types of formulations are the most effective. Of course, the sooner one takes a natural antibiotic protocol, the greater the likelihood that they will successfully address the infection or inflammation.

There is also a tremendous amount of very good information on the internet about natural healing and natural antibiotics, information that every prepper should know in this new era of medicine that reminds some of the 'dark ages'.

With e
ven medical experts warning 'luck will play a bigger role in our futures than any doctor could', I've been amazed by how well all-natural products such as garlic, oregano oil, ginger and cayenne have helped keep me healthy and helped me overcome ailments from tooth infections to a chronic sinus condition over the last few years. 

With nature giving us everything that we need, and a huge number of all-natural antibiotics still available to us cheap that could be life savers in a collapse/emergency situation, there is no better time than now to get ready. For even if that 'collapse' situation never comes, even our medical experts have warned luck may play a bigger role in us keeping healthy in the future than they'll be able to do.

Knowing that foods such as garlic have been used for thousands of years, even to successfully ward off the plague, tells us part of what we need to know. If big pharmas antibiotics aren't going to work anyways in the future, what do we have to lose by stocking up on garlic, oregano oil, manuka honey and all of the other amazing gifts that He has given us? These amazing gifts from God may one day save the lives of family members or loved ones.

In the 3rd video below we learn more about this latest anti-resistant superbug that can be traced back to India while below the videos, we take an extended look at the all natural antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years as a medicine and one of the most potent in the world: garlic.

According to Healthy and Natural World, there are several common mistakes that people make when attempting to use garlic as an antibiotic, a couple of those mistakes that I also made myself years ago. Warning us that we shouldn't expect any kind of antibacterial properties from garlic if we cook it, take it in pill or capsule form, use old garlic that's lost its freshness, take too little garlic, forget to replenish the stomach floura or take it while maintaining an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, they also offer us tips on how to eat garlic correctly if we're looking to cash in on its countless outstanding health benefits.

Cooking garlic is completely acceptable if you are using it to spice up your food. However, cooking destroys the garlic’s active ingredient – allicin. Allicin is one of the sulfur-containing compounds found in garlic that are collectively known as thiosulfinates. Allicin gets activated when raw garlic is chewed, chopped or crushed. But, it gets deactivated by heat, so that is why cooking garlic lowers its healing potential and should be avoided.

Here is a great tip when cooking garlic to preserve its maximum healing benefits: Crush garlic, then wait 10 minutes before cooking to maximize health benefits. Allowing the crushed garlic to stand for 10 minutes before cooking further enhances formation of allicin, ensures the maximum synthesis of allicin, and also makes it more stable and resistant to the heat of cooking. Then cook it on low or medium heat for a short period of time (add it towards the end of the cooking time).


What are the reported health benefits of eating raw garlic? Also a powerful antioxidant, let's look at the many benefits of garlic from MINA.

Garlic contains almost 80 sulphur compounds. Organic sulphur is famous for its healing and infection fighting ability. Garlic also contains an extremely powerful sulfuric compound called Allicin which is released when ever garlic cells are crushed, bruised or damaged. Allicin makes garlic one of the most popular natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Like penicillin, garlic's allicin kills:
* Bacteria
* Fungus
* Microbes and protozoa in the digestive tract

Reports show during World War I the British soldiers chopped it up and put it on as a battle dressing for infected wounds and today, these records show it was more effective than antibiotics. This is an amazing herb. It also kills viruses, fungi and intestinal parasites.

Garlic is nature's wonder drug and herbalists have understood its medicinal value for at least 2,000 years. Garlic is the common name for Allium sativum, which belong to the lily family. Predominantly consumed for its aromatic qualities in food, but medicinal history dating as far back as ancient Egyptian times showed it's use as both culinary and medicinal. Roman Legions both used garlic for strength and energy and also as a dressing for infected battlefield wounds.

Garlic also kills:
* Intestinal worms
* Parasites

In the final video below, Dr Felicity Corbin Wheeler warns us that sometimes taking big pharma antibiotics could kill us, discussing with us the all-natural antibiotic properties of garlic and another one of my favorites, turmeric.

As preppers, as we enter this era of 'new medicine' where doctors warn we may be better off with luck than antibiotics that don't work, we'd love to read any experiences that you've had with other all natural antibiotics or other forms of 'natural medications' that have helped you, friends or family members in the comment section below. 

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