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January 3, 2021

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up! Antifa Appeasers Are Now Worried About Antifa Violence! Message To Dems And Media: 'You Got What You Asked For'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For four years the media and Democrats pretended that all the violence associated with any protest that Antifa was involved in, were just "uprisings," or "mostly peaceful" protests, and were solely due to Donald Trump and conservative policies, claiming Antifa groups were just fighting against "fascism."

Of course those same defenders always neglect to acknowledge that Antifa groups use fascist tactics, including the use of violence for political ends, and the "forcible suppression of opposition," by using violence as their method of suppression.

I have often likened Antifa to a monster, created and used by liberals (yes, that includes the media), that its creators have completely lost control of.

Now we are seeing those that encouraged, incited, and supported Antifa, while assisting them, are worried about the optics of Antifa continuing to riot now that the 2020 election is over.


One perfect example of the aforementioned bullet point, comes from Portland, Oregon's Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Portland has undoubtedly become Antifa central where it is not uncommon to find Antifa ruling the streets, terrorizing innocent citizens, all while the police stood idly by simply watching because Wheeler ordered them to stand down and handed his streets over to these crazed, violent and destructive thugs.

The video below has been around a while, but nothing can accurately describe the level of lawlessness, nor the lack of any law enforcement interference with said lawlessness, as well as visually seeing it play out.

This is the Portland, Oregon, that Ted Wheeler has created.

Note that around the 1:20 minute mark, the police are standing there watching what is happening, while the man in the car is on the phone asking police for help, and the cops do nothing.

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That was 2018, and since then they have gotten worse, attacking any free speech rallies across the nation, burning buildings and cars, vandalizing minority owned businesses, all of which was constantly encouraged and incited by politicians, the media and liberals across the internet.

It never had anything to do with President Trump except indirectly. Meaning Democrat politicians couldn't go out and burn down towns on their own, so they incited their paramilitary arms aka Antifa. They said to create "crowds" (Maxine Waters) to harass Trump officials and supporters, asked why there weren't more "uprisings" (Nancy Pelosi), called for sustained "protests" in response to actual declared riots (Ayanna Pressley),  and much more.

They got their wish, the group had became "ungovernable."

Now, Democrats like Wheeler, are starting to worry because Antifa is "ungovernable."

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wants tougher penalties for people repeatedly caught engaging in violence and vandalism, wants police officers to have more tools to investigate protest-related violence and promises tougher policing against demonstrators who break the law.

You just can't make this stuff up folks!

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Wheeler doesn't need extra legislation, what he needs to is to allow the police to simply do their jobs. Arrest people breaking the law.... wow, novel concept huh?

Supposedly Wheeler is calling for this after the violent antics on New Year's Eve. The same type of violence Wheeler allowed unchecked in Portland for the past four years, and he suddenly is worried about it?

 Wheeler said the violence and vandalism had no clear political purposes. He blamed “violent antifa and anarchists” and described participants as largely white and young.

“It’s hard for most of us to even comprehend what goes on in the heads of people who think it’s OK or a good idea to go on a violent rampage through the city on New Year’s Eve and during a pandemic,” Wheeler said at a Friday afternoon press conference. “It’s the height of selfishness. … There are some people who just want to watch the world burn.”

Wow. Just wow.

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Why now? The simplest answers are often the correct answers. 

Wheeler and others are worrying about Antifa violence now, because they lost control of their puppets. The last thing liberals and Democrat politicians, along with their propaganda arm aka the mainstream media wants, is mass rioting, destruction, and violence, without being able to blame it on Donald Trump.

Democrat politicians, the media and liberals across the board now have a major conundrum. They cannot control the monster they created, they cannot redirect them because anyone that disagrees with Antifa ideologically is attacked, verbally and physically, so attempting to steer them in any direction other than the one they want to go, will result in becoming part of the enemy in Antifa's eyes.   

So, what they are doing now that Antifa has served its purpose of violent images shown on television screens across America, during the Trump presidency, is they are trying to throw them all under the bus, acting like they actually care about the violence and want it stopped.

Ha! Pure lies.

It has nothing to do with the violence, it is pure optics they are worried about. The entire manufactured narrative that Antifa violence was caused by President Trump, rather than the Democrats own public statements encouraging said violence, is proven false if Antifa continues their violence.


Antifa is not planning to stop anytime soon, and we all know that if Biden takes office, he won't dare allow his AG to go after them.

A message to Democrats, the media and all liberals that have been cheering Antifa on during the past four years:

"You reap what you sow."


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