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September 24, 2019

DHS In Portland Versus Antifa Thugs - The Difference Between Police Ordered To Stand Down And DHS Response Makes It Clear How These Little Terrorists Should Be Dealt With

(DHS and Portland Police chanse Antiga thug that attacked ICE facility)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

During the nationwide "climate" strike, the majority of the protests remained peaceful, but in Portland Oregon, which has the been the epicenter of out-of-control Antifa lawlessness, while previously their police departments have been ordered to stand down and allow completely anarchy and the taking over the streets by Antifa terrorists, the little thugs received a little surprise when they decided to descend upon the Portland ICE facility and started throwing projectiles.

They weren't dealing with just the Portland Police anymore, this time they were dealing with DHS, who proceeded to chase one of the culprits down, with guns, while refusing to allow other Antifa members to interfere, as caught on video by Andy Ngo, who was recently attacked and hospitalized after Antifa groups brutally attacked him.

The bigger picture emerging by comparing previous Antifa encounters with just the Portland police, which have brought about many questions as to whether the Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, who is also the police commissioner, previously ordered Portland PD to "stand down," with this latest video footage, shows a marked difference in how the Portland police respond when backed up by DHS (who cannot be ordered to stand down) in dealing with Antifa, and what they are forced to witness and turn a blind eye to, when they do not have federal backing.

(YouTube Screenshot Portland PD Watches As Antifa Takes Over The Streets)

We are going to show these comparisons with short video clips, because witness accounts not accompanied by video inevitably become "he said, she said" stories that Antifa, and the Portland Mayor, then denies.

The image above was taken in October 2018, showing Antifa thugs taking over the streets of Portland, interfering with traffic, directing drivers to go where they want them to go, answering questions of why with "because I told you too," with others then calling the driver a Nazi, and other names

The camera pans over to the police officer at the 1:21 minute mark, just watching as the driver being harassed by the Antifa goons is on the phone trying to get police help.

The most recent video published by Independent Journalist Andy Ngo on September 20, 2019, was shared with his followers on Twitter and uploaded to his YouTube account. His message accompanying the Twitter share stated "After the "climate strike" protest in Portland yesterday, around 50 masked antifa militants descended near the local ICE facility. They threw projectiles and rocks at officers. This is what happened when (federal, not local) police initiated an arrest."

Ngo followed that up with an image of a female officer that had been maced, and another of a broken window of a police vehicle, as he reported "After the “climate strike” march ended, masked antifa amassed at a park near the Portland ICE facility. They began to throw rocks and projectiles at police officers."

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In the video, the wording on the uniforms can be clearly seen, with one showing it was "Portland police," and he was not standing down, and another showing they were working in conjunction with "DHS," because as the image above shows, the uniform states right on the front "Police DHS," and on the back "Police Homeland Security."

We note a number of interesting details from this video, which will be discussed below the clip.

First we note that unlike other protests and dealings between Antifa and just the Portland Police, the Homeland Security police on the scene on September 20, most definitely were not allowing Antifa to "run the streets."

In the screen shot from the video above, an officer in pursuit of the Antifa gang member dropped what we found out later was ammunition and an Antifa member picked it up, then was faced with a Homeland Security officer, with weapon drawn and aimed, telling him "put it down," and then "step away from it," and never lowered his guard or his weapon.


The next thing we noticed was despite both DHS and the Portland PD on the scene, it was the Homeland Security officers that had the suspect facedown on the ground and was handcuffing him, while other Homeland Security officers and Portland PD were keeping other Antifa members from interfering.

This indicates that this is a federal arrest, not a state arrest.
Another interesting moment was when the African American Portland police officer was facing off with a foul-mouthed little Antifa thug, telling him "go back the other way child, go back," with the young Antifa thug telling him to "shut the f*ck up," it is a Homeland Security officer that runs right at the Antifa kid and forces him back. 

While the Portland Police officer was doing his job, it was clear the DHS Security did not appreciate the way the Portland PD was being treated. 


Another noteworthy aspect here is that despite being relentless in not letting the other Antifa goons interfere, they did not respond in any manner to the cursing thrown their way by Antifa, the calls of "pig" and the calling the police "pieces of sh*t," as well as "nazis," etc....  In other words they did not limit "free speech," just kept Antifa under control and preventing them from interfering in the arrest.

Another thing to note is the age of these Antifa foul-mouthed punks. They were all very young, appeared in their teens or early twenties, orange hair on one, purple on another, along with skinny little beta boys. As Ngo mentions in a Fox interview at the end of this article, these are much younger than the usual Antifa crowd, which means they are recruiting them younger and younger now.

At approximately the 2:25 minute mark in the video above, it is quite entertaining to hear the purple haired female say "is this what the world looks like now?" (after calling them F'ing pigs), seemingly shocked that authorities are actually doing their jobs for a change in Portland.

That fits with a statement made by Ngo in an interview with Spiked that was published on September 20, 2019, when he was asked "Are these fights between antifa and people like the Proud Boys just a distraction from everyday politics, or do they tell us something more significant?"

His response was "I think it tells us something more significant. I think what we’re seeing is a normalisation of political violence. It started a few years ago when there was a great deal of support among pundits for the ‘punch a Nazi’ meme. Since then, the definition of Nazi has expanded so much it’s just now used to smear anybody that you dislike. People then feel justified in committing acts of violence against these ‘Nazis’. The street hooligans have had support in the mainstream media, from CNN and writers for Vice, Vox and Buzzfeed. Those writers and pundits have not engaged in criminal behaviour themselves, but they find ways to rationalise that type of behaviour."

Ngo is correct, not only has CNN pundits attempted to defend and justify Antifa violence, the members themselves seem to think violence, throwing projectiles at police and ICE facility workers is somehow "normal," and appear to be shocked when the DHS officers, backed by the Portland PD, actually take action.

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The difference between how Antifa has been dealt with in the past in Portland, Oregon, meaning allowing the little terrorists to openly take over the streets while the police are forced to stand down, and this latest example from September 20, makes it very clear how Antifa should be dealt with going forward.

If Wheeler does not have what it takes to keep the streets and protect the residents, perhaps those residents should vote in someone who can in 2020.


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