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October 21, 2017

Globalist Mouthpiece Warns 'The Fuse Of War Is Shortening' And The Risk Of 'Accidental Armageddon' Increasing Every Day - Accidental? Yeah, Right!  

- 'Calamitously Bad War Including Nuclear Attacks On US Soil May Be Inevitable'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The stories sent to our email box yesterday from globalist-mouthpiece Foreign Policy had within them a story titled "Armageddon By Accident", a look at how they believe the ongoing 'war of words' between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues to raise the danger of World War 3 breaking out by accident.

When Foreign Policy puts out such a story, we should read between the lines. Accidental? Yeah, right. 

With the stakes never higher than they are right now for the entire planet Earth, we reported just days ago on ANP that the 2025 forecast numbers by globalist-linked website suggests a war between the US and North Korea may be inevitable. With population estimates for less than 7 years away showing an 85% expected population reduction for America, as we reported, Deagel numbers also show a 'non-existent North Korea' in 2025, a nation wiped off the map? 

As the Foreign Policy story reports, we're getting more indications that the 'verbal sniping' between President Trump and Kim is "shortening the fuse" of war with U.S. forces in the area being put on heightened alert. And as we see in this excerpt from their story, a WARNO has already gone out to US troops to be prepared to strike North Korean targets, the final step to be taken prior to Tomahawk missiles being fired. 

After a North Korean missile test in mid-September, a U.S. warship patrolling the Sea of Japan received a warning order, or WARNO, to be prepared to fire Tomahawk missiles at North Korean targets, a military source told Foreign Policy.

“It’s not unheard of to do that,” a former senior defense official said of the order to prepare the cruise missiles.

“But I would say it is a fairly significant indicator that the possibility of using Tomahawks is rising”

A WARNO is essentially an instruction to forces to be at the ready if ordered to take action. For Tomahawks, that means prepping the weapon and programming a target; surface ships and submarines in the area are armed with dozens of the cruise missiles.


According to this new story over at USA Today that the Drudge Report linked to on Saturday they report President Trump has just signed a new Executive Order that will allow the US Air Force to recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to address a serious shortage of combat fliers. As several websites on the left are now reporting, of course this means war is approaching, possibly with huge casualties they warn, though here at ANP we've long believed its far better to be prepared for anything...than not.

The fact that the Air Force is so short handed on fighter pilots is definitily concerning and underscores the huge fall that the US military took under former President Barack Obama and his attempts to bring political correctness into the US fighting machine. While we stand strongly against unjust, corporate banker wars here at ANP, and fully believe that a US war in 2017 or 2018 against North Korea, Russia, China and/or Iran could bring absolutely devastating tragedy to America and the world, we also believe that our military should be the strongest they can be and sadly, its been beaten down over the years.   


According to this new story over at, CIA Chief Mike Pompeo has recently warned that North Korea is on the cusp of having the ability to hit the US with nukes and their progress is too quick to predict when they'll have the ability to succeed. Suggesting that the threat of a 'calamitously bad war including nuclear attacks on US soil' may be inevitable, we've previously reported on ANP that should President Trump be able to guide America and the world through this perilous period of time without a global war breaking out, he should win a Nobel Peace prize. 

As we see and hear in the final video below from Truthloader, there have been numerous times already in the past that nuclear war has come close to breaking out by accident, specifically during the Cold War. Should Foreign Policy's story be correct, and the world be rushing full speed ahead towards 'accidental Armageddon', the time for preparing is running out. 

With North Korea now claiming that any attempts by the US or its allies to 'strangle North Korea economically' would be akin to a declaration of war, its easy to understand why North Korea is attempting to claim the US started this as China has stated they'd back North Korea should US strike first but stay neutral should North Korea strike the US first. As many military experts have warned though, such a NK first strike on America would be met with a crippling response, hence, North Korea wiped off of the map as Deagel's numbers for North Korea in 2025 seem to indicate.


Yet as we hear in the 2nd video below from Military Today and has been long been warned by numerous experts and within the alternative media, all North Korea needs is one successful attack upon America to send us back to the dark ages and lead to the deaths of approx. 90% of the US population as the very fabric that holds our society together is torn apart. Destroying our entire infrastructure 'in a flash', their video warns that 45 minutes is all that lays between the US and TEOTWAWKI. 

Sadly, despite being in existence for nearly 17 years, the Congressional EMP Commission was recently disbanded as we also hear in the 1st video below featuring Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, disbanded at a time when America faces a very clear and present danger in North Koreas potential EMP weapons. And has been previously reported, NO steps were taken to 'harden the grid' here in America during that time period. Why has America's greatest danger gone unaddressed? 

Our very real 'achilles heel', should North Korea levy an EMP strike against us that takes down our power grid and leads to the complete disintegration of life as we know it here in America, the epitaph 'America - Died of Stupidity' will fit our demise quite perfectly as we also hear in the 3rd video below which breaks down the North Korean EMP threat. 


Simply by looking at what is now happening in Puerto Rico after devastating hurricane Maria took down the power grid across the entire island, its very easy to see how quickly things can go from 'normal' to 'apocalyptic' within hours. And while Puerto Rico was hammered by a 'weather event', not only is our grid susceptible to an EMP but history has proven solar flares can take the grid down and in this day and age we live in, cyber attacks can take down the grid as well.

While we understand why everybody is so concerned about a North Korean nuclear missile striking America as such an event would bring massive visible death and destruction and likely be broadcast across television and the internet for decades to come, an EMP attack that doesn't bring with it the fiery destruction of a nuclear bomb will clearly bring America much more carnage in the long run. But with an EMP virtually ensuring the power would be out nationwide, and along with that, our 21st century communications completely disabled, we shouldn't expect that TEOTWAWKI to be televised. 

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