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September 25, 2018

A New Era Of Chaos Is Coming To America This Week Former Secret Service Agent Warns: 'If You Don't Have The Spine For What's Coming, Don't Turn On The TV'

- As Julian Assange And Ben Carson Issue Warnings To America And The World


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In a very important recent story over at the Daily Mail that has been totally censored by the mainstream media, they report that according to President Trump's Housing Secretary Ben Carson, a long-running socialist plot to take over America has been behind the recent Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations.

While the mainstream media and big tech will do everything in their power to stifle Carson's claims, quite literally calling anyone who believes them a 'tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist', a closer look at Carson's warnings finds not only a shadowy conspiracy that has existed in America for over 100 years, but brings us straight to a cryptic warning recently given by Julian Assange of Wikileaks who eerily stated in his last pre-blackout interview: "This is the last free generation". 

And while Assange warned of the technological prisons that have been constructed all around us in this age of never-ending surveillance cameras capturing the every move of Americans both out in the world while google and big tech's A.I. captures and records everything going on online, Assange adds in quite the understatement: "It smells a bit like totalitarianism – in some way." You can see Assange's entire last interview before his information blackout began in the first video below from Real.Video. 


And with America now in what promises to be one of the biggest political weeks in this country since the 2016 election with a seat on the US Supreme Court hanging in the balance and a huge revelation awaiting America with the forthcoming declassification of the FISA court documents and the firing/resignation of Assistant US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein further dividing Americans, former US Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino recently warned the American people on twitter to hold on to our hats as the corrupt left are preparing to usher in an entirely new era of chaos and crazy this week.

Warning that the extreme left will surely sink to entirely new low levels of depravity with Kavanaugh potentially being voted into the Supreme Court by the end of the week, the fact that Dianne Feinstein and the left have gone to the extent of attempting to give credibility to a rumor of something that may or may not have happened 36 years ago to destroy a good man and to further enrage the left shows us just how desperate they now are to stop Kavanaugh, and they'll resort to the dirtiest tricks to do so. 

With Bongino warning in his series of tweets that it's about to get very ugly in DC and on Capitol Hill, with protestors likely becoming more and more unhinged as the week moves on and closer to a vote, and violent and aggressive 'protests' being quite possible, this could be a make or break week for both political parties. With a block of Kavanaugh's nomination surely to send the left into shrieks of uncontrollable madness and soy-induced glee ahead of the mid-terms while a Kavanaugh confirmation would surely complete the left's detatchment from reality as Bongino warns as they complete their meltdown into madness. 


While we've long believed when it comes to rumored forthcoming indictments and arrests of corrupt deep state officials that "we'll believe it when we see it", in this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News and the 2nd and final video below from Adams at Counterthink, he argues that already signed Executive Orders indicate that President Trump is planning mass arrests and military tribunals for deep state traitors such as James Comey, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 

And while we still say "we'll believe it when we see it" and not until then, and we certainly won't be holding our breaths waiting for it to happen, should such mass arrests happen it would be easy to understand why that would be the straw that broke the camel's back, sending the already enrage left into full-scale meltdown's all across the country, with the potential of extreme violence, perhaps even leading to martial law being declared ahead of civil war. 

And while we'd love to see such mass arrests of the traitors who sold out America for some kind of totalitarian, luciferian 'new world order', and Americans are clearly overdue seeing justice served, we should also be paying very close attention to the manipulated breakdown of the masses on the left, pushing for mob rule, as if Hillary and the Congressional leaders on the left are some kind of 'pied piper', playing a tune driving the left over the cliff of insanity. All eyes and ears open moving forward.

As Return of Kings recently reported in their story titled "America Is Headed Towards A Civil War": 

The people of a nation must have common ideological, economic, political, and social ideas they agree upon or the nation, the civilization, will eventually die. Civil war is coming to the United States. Division, contention, fear, and silent invasion are being used to “reshape America.” The civil war that will emerge in the United States will not be like the previous one. This war will be for the mind and heart of the United States. It will be for the soul of the United States. What will we do when this occurs and what will be rebuilt.

In 2016 Roosh wrote an article titled, The Culture War Is Being Transformed Into A Hot War. Roosh discusses the methods that are being used to transform the culture war into a hot war. Even the Huffington Post ran an article in 2016 titled, The Coming of America’s Second Civil War. The author, a Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, paints the coming civil war as the result of white Americans. While she may believe the lies she is speaking and writing, more than likely she failed to realize she is part of the elitist machine which is being used to create contention and divide the United States.

Civil wars are over ideological and social issues. Economic and political issues are extensions of ideological and social issues. As real men, we will continue to have less and less in common with soy boys and progressives. The divide between the people that support the U.S. Constitution and those that want a New World Order is growing.


So while the mainstream media won't even report upon the shadowy groups within the United States driving the country secretly towards socialism as an actual member of the Trump administration had recently warned, we should see in their denial part of the plot to complete the enslavement of the American people, with Conservatives being heavily censored by big tech in an attempt to influence the 2018 midterms as part of their agenda. 

And with 'freedom' and 'liberty' quite literally hanging in the balance should somehow the left succeed in blocking Brett Kavanaugh's nomination before sweeping to a resounding victory in the 2018 mid-terms helped to be brought on by a deflated Republican base, their energy sapped by the failure of the Republican leadership to 'grow a pair' and get Kavanaugh voted onto the Court, 2020 will loom ever more important. So let's get Kavanaugh confirmed, Republicans! 

With a very clear cut line now drawn between those who believe we should put America first and those who've already given up hope on our nation and sold America out to the 'new world order', we've seen more and more evidence that 'new world order' is totalitarian and tyrannical in nature and as Assange warns, we could very well be the last 'free' generation. 

So ANP needs to prepare our war chest for the grueling months and hopefully years ahead, promising to continue taking the fight head on to those who'd rather we stay silent. But we couldn't do it without you so for those who are in the position to help fund the battle, every little bit of help is tremendously appreciated and we can assure you, will all be spent on keeping the kinds of stories you'll never read at mainstream media outlets flowing. 

We also promise the only way that we'll be getting out of this fight for the future of America will be is if they 'cull us' from this planet or they are successful in waging financial war against us. Yet, as Infowars recently warned, that is the goal of those who seek to enslave us as we move ever more quickly to their 'mark of the beast' system. To all of our readers who have been graciously helping us in this fight, we thank you so much. The battle rages on. God Bless. 

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