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May 17, 2016

Are 'Food Line BETA Tests' And 'FEMA Camp Dry Runs' Being Done In America Right Now? The 'Sheep' Are Being Programmed By Our 'Globalist Overlords' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While airline passengers waited in 'miles long lines' at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport over the weekend and slept upon makeshift 'FEMA camp' cots, TSA agents (YES, they are our public SERVANTS aka 'globalist overlords'!!!) laughed at the plight of Americans who had to wait for over 4 hours to pass through security as shared in this story and the 1st video below from Infowars.

Having seemingly forgotten that the American citizens who they were laughing at pay their salaries and the salaries of ALL of our GLOBALIST OVERLORDS, we have to ask, was that laughing another sign of what the 'elite' have planned for the unknowing masses when they complete their job of collapsing our economy and taking down our Republic? As we have been told by a well-trusted source, it's not a coincidence that these TSA lines are starting to appear at the same time that MASSIVE food lines are also appearing in Venezuela. "They're psychologically testing the 'soon-to-be-slaughtered sheep' who'll end up in the FEMA camps" we're told, "to see how they react" - Americans are, once again, being trained by the GLOBALIST OVERLORDS!!! 


"Don't like the long lines? Better get used to them" is the message that our SERVANTS are sending us, not realizing that Americans should be CRACKING THE WHIP and making sure that the TSA is shut down completely, and private security installed in airports, putting all our globalist overlords out of work for good if they continue to fail and belittle us. Meanwhile, TSA sends in the ponies and the clowns to keep Americans from tumbling out of their safe spaces. Just wait until food lines like Venezuela is now experiencing come to America. 

This necessity is elaborated upon in the 3rd video below by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change who tells us why and how we need to put the TSA out of our mysery. This is a perfect example of when 'government' should fear the American people; when govt fails us, they NEED to be held accountable. The TSA needs to be put out business before they succeed in making Americans believe that they are sub-humans, as it appears they are seeking to do. Remember Nazi Germany? Think Obama's 2016 America as government fails their employers, the American people, and turns us into their enemies. 

Soon after all of these stories started going viral about massive lines at airports across America with the TSA suffering a major meltdown, Susan Duclos and I had a discussion about what we were witnessing and to say that both of us were a bit alarmed would be right on target. Why, suddenly, are all of these airport lines appearing? Both of us immediately felt that something is very, very wrong in TSA-land, and we all know by now 
we can't trust anything that we're being told by the government. We do know that the TSA is part of the Department of Homeland Security; do they know about another planned attack upon the American people by Barack Obama's refugee/terrorists


With massive lines of  humanity across airports all across the country waiting for TSA screening having made the front of websites such as the Daily Mail, the Drudge Report, CNN and Infowars telling us of Americans and others are upset at such exhausting waits, the real story of what these massive lines are about is likely something else entirely than 'travelers carrying more baggage' or a 'cutback in the number of TSA employees' as has been blamed by the TSA.

All we need to do is look back at what happened in Nazi Germany with the complete and total dehumanizing of anybody who wasn't a supporter of Adolf Hitler. Since we almost never hear of the TSA stopping terrorists, it is becoming increasingly clear that that is the biggest purpose of the TSA, to break down Americans, to show us that we are merely sub-human while they laugh at us and strip us naked with their machines and molest us.

While TSA agents are no better than any other American, and history has proven that some TSA agents are TOTAL scumbags, as long as they continue to treat "WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" as though we are merely lower-class citizens and forget that THEY ARE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS, we are rapidly heading in the direction of Nazi Germany, and possibly tens of millions of dead Americans at the hands of corrupt government lay ahead of us.  


The stories linked on the Drudge Report on Monday seen below took up 9 lines and while we see that the FEDS are blaming passengers for carrying too much baggage, we also see that is typical behavior of abusive governments, to always blame the people for their own disastrous mistakes. 

In the 2nd video below, The Jason Stapleton Program takes a look at why government fails at everything, these latest problems with the TSA just the latest snafu's that help to prove our government is really lousy at just about everything except for poisoning us, incarcerating people and killing off humanity here in America and across the world. 

4,000 Travelers Miss Flights After Long, Long, Long, Long Lines...
Longer than eye can see... 
Hundreds stranded... 
Forced to sleep in cots... 
Nightmare in Atlanta...
Lines snake through airport...
'Oh my God. Don't know if going to make it'...
Complaints surge 10-fold...
Clowns, Tiny Horses Used to Calm Tempers...

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