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May 16, 2016

Donald Trump Warns Of New Attacks Upon America By Obama's Refugee Terrorists - More Proof They're Preparing To Bring In The 'New World Order'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

During much of the last two years we've been sounding the alarm over and over again: the unvetted refugees that Barack Obama is allowing into our country by the tens of thousands may one day launch a series of devastating attacks upon America. We now hear from the Washington Times that the terrorist magazine Inspire is calling for jihadis to help destroy the US economy by slaughtering US business leaders and entrepreneurs in their own homes

ANP has documented many of the signs that we've been watching recently including the theft of a huge number of propane cannisters (which can be used to make deadly 'Hell Cannons'), huge purchases of cell phones and other electronics equipment being made at various stores across the country by those clearly from the Middle East, and the gaping hole that has been left within our intelligence community by the Obama administrations refusal to properly vet those refugees who are 'incoming,' including one government insider warning that Obama's 'see something say nothing' policy has put every American living in this country and overseas in danger


While Mr. Obama has been asleep at the wheel once again, we are happy to report that Donald Trump has the courage to speak up as heard in this first video. His predecessor in office Mr. Obama has clearly dropped the ball on this issue (and many others), helping to explain why so many have warned that Mr. Obama is merely an agent of ISIS, intent on allowing terrorists into this country to help destroy America and as has been previously warned, they may attack us at any moment.

While Trump is under fire for his latest remarks heard in this video that refugees will commit another 9/11, it's clear that Trump is a realist and sees what others refuse to see: when allowing unvetted potential terrorists into the country who HATE Americans and then giving them the same freedoms that Americans have, they'll eventually use that freedom to inflict harm upon us. As ANP has reported, there could be hundreds of thousands of terrorists now in America due to Barack Obama's 'open door' policy. Much more below including a new look at why the 'nwo' will never allow a general election in November and more signs they're preparing to bring in their 'new world order'. First, from Trump: 

Will America soon suffer more devastating attacks here by terrorists that this administration has allowed into the country and WHY would terrorists be allowed to attack America? It's quite clear that we've reached a point in time when the globalists dreams of a 'new world order' are coming to an end as Americans 'awaken' en masse to their crimes upon us.

While Europe crumbles and falls to Islam, America is one of the last country's standing against sharia law and the Islamic dream of a global caliphate. It's becoming increasingly obvious that if the globalists who are attempting to destroy America do not feel they'll have 'their candidate' in office by next January who will allow them to complete the 'final takedown' of our country, they'll once again launch devastating attacks upon America and impose a 'police state' here. 

As Steve Quayle recently warned on his website via a story that he linked to this morning, "NO NATION CAN WITHSTAND ITS TRAITORS FROM WITHIN AS IT FUNDS OUR NATIONS ENEMIES AND IMPORTS TROJAN WARRIORS FROM WITHOUT!"
Why would Obama or any US leader send assault weapons to our enemies in Syria and around the world while attempting to disarm the American people? Why would any sitting president ALLOW potentially thousands of terrorists into America? It's been very clear to anyone paying attention that Mr. Obama doesn't have America's best interests in mind. Would allowing thousands of terrorists into the country who later launch massive attacks upon Americans that kill a huge number of innocent people be considered treason?

Will Mr. Obama be held responsible for those extremely dangerous and despicable actions if Mr. Trump is elected in November? Maybe there's a good reason Obama has said Trump will never be president. The globalists backing Obama and EVIL WITCH Hitlery have NO INTENTION of allowing Trump anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2017.

In the next video below we get the full Infowars show from Sunday May 15th in which we're told how the chaos now going on in Venezuela is a precursor for the total collapse of society here in America as well as a look at how the 'elite' are preparing to bring down our nation to bring in their 'new world order'. Additionally, we learn more from a former Bill Clinton lover on why Hillary Clinton is a 'terrorist' as well as the latest 'false terror alert' in Cannes that shows how woefully unprepared the West is for the next terror attack

In the final video below we hear directly from Donald Trump who tells us who actually CREATED ISIS, Hillary Clinton and Obama. If this is true, as Trump states, why are Obama and Clinton still walking freely in America and not on trial for treason? If this is true, and nothing is done about the fact that these two politicians created the terrorist group who are killing Americans, then we have a very serious problem here in America that may not be able to be resolved.


Why is Mr. Obama seemingly worrying more about bathroom rights for transexuals than protecting Americans from terrorists who want to slaughter us and wipe America right off the map? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 


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