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November 16, 2021

 Engineered Chaos Now In Play As Globalists Need Unmitigated Pandemonium To Usher In Their Totalitarian 'New World Order' And Another 'Civil War' Fits The Bill

- Less Than A Year Into Biden's Regime, Turmoil Reigns Supreme In America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the story Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Monday night from the Daily Mail hinted at a catastrophe for America ahead, reading through the comments of the story provides us with even more insight into what Americans and DM readers across the world are thinking about unfolding events. 

Titled "Would U.S. survive a civil war? Nation has seen all the notable 'horsemen of the apocalypse' that historically herald strife and revolution, and taken together, they represent a truly serious threat to the current order, says academic," that DM story touched on what Susan Duclos had reported on in this November 12th ANP story titled "One Spark And This Powder Keg Blows Up America - The MSM Race-Baiters Will Have Even More Blood On Their Hands As Threats Of 'Riots, Fire And Bloodshed' Are Made By BLM."

Yet check out all of the top-voted comments from that story below, compared to the worst-voted comments that we'll look at in the next set of comments in the next section of this story below. First, the top-voted comments and the current vote margins show a world that is awakening.: 

Proud Patriot, U.S., United States: For decades, America has always fought against the tyrannical and oppressive rule of communism. It is the liberals who have pushed it into the mainstream of American politics, yet everyone to the right of the Bolsheviks do not want it in America. So, if a civil war were to happen, you can thank a liberal. 3046 up votes. 210 down votes. 

Windsnow99, bristol, United States: Stolen elections and de-facto dictators have consequences! Lets GO, Brandon! 2259 up votes. 188 down votes. 

Frankie2112, Hawaii, United States: This wouldn't be happening if Trump was the president. 1956 up votes. 204 down votes. 

Perfectly Skeptical, Ada, United States: The US doesn't need a national divorce, the US needs to rid herself of what ails her, which is liberalism! 1838 up votes. 90 down votes. 

Mojave Desert Rat, LA, United States: The radical left, roughly 6% of the population, is trying to impose its will on an unwilling nation with the cooperation of the Democrat Media Complex. Expect a wipeout in elections next year. Sloe Joe and his woke politburo? The nation both looks on in horror and has also started to tune those malevolent fools out. 1451 up votes. 50 down votes. 

Brad Newsom, Purgatory, Tanzania: Half the country doesn't like where it is going, and the other half doesn't think it has gone far enough. Without a foundation of morals values and beliefs, nothing as complex as a 50 state republic can stand, and the government simply lacks the force to make more than 1 or 2 % of the population do do anything, they don't want to. 1344 up votes. 21 down votes. 

Seven75, Paradise Found , United States: If there's a civil war, I blame the media for inciting it. 843 up votes. 10 down votes. 

Ortho.rn, Pleasanton, United States: The elite are trying to divide us because they know that divided we are weak but together we are strong. Do not let them sew hatred and division amongst you because that is what they want. United the people have the power!!!!!! 718 up votes. 10 down votes. 

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Yet while those top-voted comments on that story and the vote margins show a world awakening to the tyranny Democrats are trying to impose upon us, all of the worst-voted comments on the story show us two things, both that many (the folks who made the comments) still have no clue what's happening, and the vote margins on those worst-voted comments show radical leftists firmly now in the minority.:

Mr Mandalay, Home Counties, United Kingdom: Just as the Confederacy lost due to it's lack of industry, Red America is dependent on the Blue costal states economically. Without the inflow of tax money, the flyover states would soon be bankrupt. Any civil war could easily be won by the Blue states by economically strangling the opposition. 59 up votes. 379 down votes. 

Breezeinthewindd, Atlanta, United States: So many idiot trump supporters on here it's so sad. 58 up votes. 263 down votes. 

Britannia22, England, United Kingdom: Republicans have ripped American apart. Things were calm over there during Bill Clinton's terms, but his mere existence enraged the right-wing so much they had the first impeachment in a century just to get him back. Then W - elected by the Supreme Court - who created a global catastrophe still ongoing especially in the Mideast and Europe with people on the move. Then Dump, whose incompetence and criminality killed more Americans than the whole American Civil War did (650,000 in the 1860s, 700,000 in 2020). To top it off they tried to overturn the US Constitution. Right-wing propaganda needs to be banned if America is to recover its unity. 51 up votes. 212 down votes. 

HoldMeTrump, Baltimore, United States: Can't wait to see treasonous Trumpers being droned and turned into tank tread grease!! Go USA!! 30 up votes. 176 down votes. 

Seriously? 'Treasonous Trump supporters' being 'droned' and 'turned into tank tread grease'? Well now that we've read the words right out of a radical leftists mouth, some might argue the very second any of our public servants in government start using drones upon law-abiding American people due to our political philosophy, they've turned themselves into totalitarian terrorists, and America's Founding Fathers long ago ensure there will be NO SAFE SPACES, anywhere in America, for a totalitarian government!

So while we'll continue to pray for and work towards peace in America and a 'national healing' ahead, as long as there are leftists who want to turn law-abiding Americans into 'tank tread grease' just because we don't support the left's totalitarian agenda, Americans should keep arming up and being prepared for absolutely anything in the days ahead while keeping these words of wisdom in mind: "If you want peace, prepare for war." 

And as this previously referenced Daily Mail story pointed out, while to many, talk of another Civil War in America might seem like insane jabbering, there are many reasons why so many people think we're heading towards another such 'event' in the days ahead, with their story warning it might be imminent.

Comparing our world in 2021 to the world as it was back in 2015, it warns of a seemingly 'perfect storm' arriving in 2021, especially considering Joe Biden's approval rating has tanked to a pitiful new low according to even this Washington Post story (saved at archive), with a large majority of Americans disapproving of his handling of the economy, while Congress's approval ratings tank as well. From this Daily Mail story before our conclusion.: 

Historically speaking, empires on average last for around 250 years, after which they tend to either slowly — or very, very quickly — fall apart due to overreach and internal conflict. Somewhat ominously, the 250th birthday of America is coming up in 2026. 

Yet when, towards the end of Trump's presidency, a radical friend of mine told me that he thought America was headed for civil war, I dismissed the argument out of hand. Why? How? It takes a unique confluence of mistakes and crises for civil war to appear possible, and an even longer list of mistakes, crises and elite screw-ups for them to happen. 

But 2021 is a different world to 2015. Talk of insurrection, secession, civil conflict and civil war is no longer the chatter of the gullible and the mentally ill. It's entering the fringes of polite society. Some support this 'national divorce'; others are opposed to it. Others claim they would actually prefer to declare war on their recalcitrant countrymen rather than let them go their own way unmolested.

None of this morbid interest in civil conflict is irrational, given the times. The year 2021 has thus far been a spectacular year for signs of political decline: the U.S. has now seen all the notable 'horsemen of the apocalypse' that historically herald strife and revolution appear, one after another. 

Political division among its elites, increasing loss of legitimacy in the eyes of the population, military defeat abroad, and a new and very ominous crisis in the real economy, with no end date in sight. 

Any one of these crises would be bad enough on their own; taken together, they represent a truly serious threat to the stability of the current order. Still, the question to be answered at the end of the day is quite simple: how likely is civil war, or national divorce, or a 'troubles scenario' really?

And with Joe Biden and Democrats able to inflict all of this damage upon America in less than a full year in office, with the 10 month anniversary of his inauguration day coming up in just days, just imagine the amount of damage they'll be able to inflict upon America in their 3 remaining years! 

And never forget that Biden and Democrats call this damage they've inflicted upon our country 'progress'! With the obvious goal of Biden, Democrats and the globalists being the full-scale collapse of America for them to fully bring in their totalitarian 'new world order', we should all be prepared for the chaos to come as warned of in the only video below as the globalists need utter chaos to fully cement their totalitarian agenda into place, their 'order out of chaos' meaning their boots stamping upon humanity's faces for the future. 

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