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January 24, 2020

Bernie Sanders Inspired: Guillotines For The Rich, Armed Revolution, Conservative Gulags, And Dissolving The Republic In Favor Of A Bernie Dictactorship

- Americans Should Be Horrified That Sanders Is Catching Up To Biden In The Polls


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When Project Veritas started dropping undercover videos from the Bernie Sanders' campaign, where his Iowa Field Organizer spoke about putting Trump supporters in gulags, and dragging journalists into the streets to "light them on fire,"† burn cities, among other outrageous comments, James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, hoped that the media and/or the campaign would claim it was an isolated" incident and just one man....... and then they dropped commentary made by Bernie's South Carolina Field Organizer.

I said in my previous piece about the new series "#Expose2020,"† that Bernie Sanders attracts crazy people, and sure enough the SC Field Organzier, Martin Weissgerber, proves my point exceedingly well.

Some of the most shocking comments made to the undercover journalists include the prospect of "guillotines for the rich," armed revolution, especially if Sanders loses, sending Republicans to gulags (just like the Iowa Field Organizer), dissolving the Senate, the House of Representatives and the judicial branch, so Bernie and his cabinet can unilaterally create a dictatorship and do anything they want, and he admits that radicals in the Sanders' campaign are "on the rise."†


Perhaps the most disturbing part of what has been exposed about the campaign workers on Sanders' campaign is that Bernie Sanders and his campaign is "standing by" both members of his campaign that have been caught on camera.

The campaign is so livid over Project Veritas exposing the radicalism that is so prevalent throughout the Sanders' campaign, that when Project Veritas sent a journalist to get a comment at their SC office, they called the police on them and the officer that responded told the journalist "They said they are going to have no comment. If you try to make contact with them itís no comment." He then informed the journalist that "itís one of those things where they wish he hadnít said that, but theyíre standing by him."

The officer did not force the PV journalist to leave though (yeah First Amendment!) and when Weissgerber left the building, the journalist was allowed to ask him for a comment.

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Generally if a supporter, or a fan, or someone a politician once spoke to or met,† makes disturbingly violent or offensive comments, we do not think that a candidate or politician should have to denounce them unless they came directly from the politician or the politicians own campaign. Not only has the Sanders campaign, nor Bernie Sanders himself denounced or condemned his own campaign workers radicalized comments, but those same workers are still with the campaign!

These are not some random Joe's words, they are from people out in the field for the Sanders' campaign, actually representing Bernie Sanders, so expecting Sanders to disassociate himself with that radicalized ideology and commentary, is not at all unreasonable.

We now see that† rather than disassociate, the Sanders' campaign has chosen to hide and on January 23, 2020, O'Keefe reported that†Sanders Deputy Digital Communications Director has locked her social media account on Twitter.


Just imaging the wall-to-wall coverage if this had been a Trump campaign worker and President Trump did not denounce the comments and fire the worker, including the desire to dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, judicial branch, and become a dictatorship.


One might wonder, especially if that person is a moderate or Independent that would never support a self-identified socialist,† why should they worry about Bernie Sanders getting the nomination for the Democrat party. Remember all the talking heads and establishment Republicans thought the same thing about Donald Trump in 2016, and he knocked out 16 primary opponents and won the general election.

Another difference between how the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders in the 2016 election to give Hillary Clinton the nomination, is that the Democrats, needing to do something to make up for being exposed as rigging the primaries, lessened the importance of Super-delegates,† making it easier for enthused Democrat voters to bypass what the Democrat leadership wants.

While moderate Democrats might support either Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, neither of them generate the enthusiasm from their supporters as Sanders does.

Hence Sanders rising in the polls, with the latest CNN poll actually having him ahead of Biden, putting him in first place for the first time.

In a survey taken late last week, the network found Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic 2020 field nationally for the first time this cycle, as both he and Joe Biden pulled away from the pack. As of early December, CNN had Biden besting Sanders by a margin of 26 to 20 percent, with Elizabeth Warren in third at 16 percent. Since then, Sanders has jumped seven points, while both Biden and Warren ticked down two. The Vermont senatorís 27 to 24 advantage over Biden is small enough to be within the pollís margin of error. But Sandersís 13-point lead over Warren is the largest heís posted in a major poll since April of last year.

And those headline numbers may not even be the best news that CNN had for the Sanders campaign Wednesday morning. In 2016, the senatorís improbably potent presidential run was done in by the Vermonterís limited appeal among nonwhite voters. But there was always reason to suspect that this had less to do with that (vast, heterogenous) demographicís antipathy for Sanders than it did with its affection for Hillary Clinton. Now, according to CNN, Sanders is statistically tied with Biden among voters of color, claiming 30 percent support among them to Bidenís 27.

A look at the Real Clear Politics chart showing the rise and fall of the Democrat primary candidates for president, shows Biden going up and down, basically stagnating, while Warren peaked in October and has been sinking ever since, and Sanders steadily rising.

(Note: Biden is the Green, Sanders the blue and Warren the brown)


Reports from January 23, 2020 show that in the latest New Hampshire poll, Sanders has taken a double digit lead over Biden.

The point here is that despite the Democrat leadership's best efforts, Bernie Sanders may just walk away with the Democrat nomination for president.


Knowing that someone who attracts crazy people that want to stick conservatives in gulags, start an armed revolution, wants to guillotine the rich, and wants to do away with the Republic for which it stands, might just be a major party's nominee, should horrify Americans, but is countered by a few points on the "bright side."

One: If Bernie Sanders becomes the Democrat nominee for president, establishment Democrats will absolutely melt down. Two: Hillary Clinton would completely freak out. Finally, three: President Trump, conservative Republicans, and conservative websites now have the ammunition, via commentary from Bernie's own campaign, to show America the dire consequences of voting for a radical socialist, wanna-be dictator, because "socialism requires a dictator."

For those that did not get to see the first two Project Veritas undercover videos with the campaign organizer in Iowa, both of those are shown below.

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