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November 27, 2017

This Is Bigger Than The Sex Scandals Rocking Hollywood, The MSM, And Political Establishment, Yet The Media Ignores It - Big Tech's PedoGate Problem

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As the Great Sex Panic of 2017 hits media outlets, Hollywood and national and state politicians, an even more disturbing scandal needs to be exposed in a big way, but instead it is being ignored by the media, reported on periodically before the MSM rush to move along to the next story, never bothering to connect the dots and look at the bigger picture which indicates a pattern of behavior in targeting our nation's children for sexual abuse, with pedophiles using social media platforms as their hunting grounds.

Those who read the mainstream media probably are unaware of the rampant problem big tech seems to have where their algorithms are being used to target children by and for pedophiles, but the problem doesn't begin or end there, as even the most least offensive example shows how disconnected big tech really is with the concept of right and wrong because they are too busy tweaking their algorithms to censor news and opinions that do not match their own ideology, they ignore the real problems facing the industry as a whole.


Recently Google was severely criticized for playing a survey showing pictures of children, asking "Which child do you like best?," within an article titled "Cleveland Police investigating '20 to 30' historic child sexual abuse cases."


I bring up this example first, despite it being the least offensive of examples I will detail below, because it ties directly into the point we made in our dangerous AI piece published the other day, where Amazon's Alexa was "educating" people with information that was patently false information based on the ideology of the engineers feeding information into them, such as telling users Jesus Christ is a "fictional character," and that there were more than two genders, Antifa is good, Alt-right is bad, etc..... 

Whether it is an algorithm, such as the one that determined, without human intervention that adding a survey with pictures of children, asking which was liked best on an article about child sexual abuse, was appropriate, or Artificial Intelligence that teaches only what the programmers want people to "learn" or any other type of smart technology, the basic concept is flawed because machines, algorithms, AI, does not and cannot understand the concept of right or wrong.

Google's tone-deafness in their response, shows that even the human beings running the company, simply do not "get" the concept of right or wrong either, because while they removed the survey in question from that article, they did so because, in their words, "we quickly recognized that it was distasteful." 

"They" realized it after multiple users on social media and Independent Media took them to task for it and it was not just "distasteful, it was completely inappropriate.



Before detailing the latest stream of issues big tech seems to have in protecting children on their platforms, I'll highlight how this is an ongoing problem that has been happening for years, so it is not something that just cropped up and they need time to deal with.

FACEBOOK: Back in 2013, Huffington Post highlighted how a pornographic video of a "a grown man sexually abusing an infant girl," had gone viral and received 32,000 shares and 5,000 likes, and it took Facebook eight hours to remove the content from their website.

Four years later and Facebook, a platform very quick to block and ban conservative content for "violating community standards," still has a child porn problem as in April 2017, the New York Post reported that "Facebook’s kiddie porn problem is only getting worse." 

In the latest incident, the Times of London said it had used a dummy Facebook profile to alert the site to images of an allegedly violent sexual assault on a child, as well as cartoons of child abuse.

Facebook, which failed to remove the pictures until it was finally contacted directly by reporters, blamed the mess on human error. The company said it sorts through about a million flagged posts a day, with human moderators giving priority to child abuse and suicide risks.

Just a month before, BBC had alerted Facebook of over 100 images on their network that were child pornography, Facebook only removed 18 of them, then after agreeing to sit down with the BBC investigative reporter to discuss the issue, told the report to send the images over so they knew what they were dealing with and when the reporter complied, Facebook reported him to the police for transmitting child porn.

Via Fox 6 at the time:

Facebook agreed to do an interview, but only if the BBC would provide examples of the material, which included Facebook pages explicitly for men with a sexual interest in children and Facebook groups with names like “hot xxxx schoolgirls.”

One particularly disturbing image appeared to be an taken from a video of child abuse, the BBC said.

When the BBC complied with Facebook’s request to send the material, the social network responded by canceling the interview and reporting the network’s journalists to the U.K.’s National Crime Agency.

Facebook policy director Simon Milner defended the company’s actions on Tuesday, saying in a statement that it’s “against the law for anyone to distribute images of child exploitation.”

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TWITTERGATE: In November 2016, Twitter banned two accounts that were attempting to expose a massive child porn network it's platform was being used for, yet left the offending accounts active. Twitter eventually reinstated the two accounts, but for one it was under the condition that they stop exposing the accounts spreading child porn.

Via Medium on Twittergate:

Twitter has always seemed to host controversy, but today, they were the center of controversy. Early in the morning on November 21, Twitter user “@0hour” made several posts tagging public Twitter child pornography accounts in an effort to expose and stop them. After a few hours his account was suspended and he claims that Twitter “IP banned” him for publicly posting these accounts. Some of the child pornography accounts had yet to be suspended, but Twitter was able to suspend 0hour without any problems.

Later that day Twitter user “@Eclipse_OW”, operating under the name of “Molly” posted a link to a public spreadsheet hosted on Google Drive, with nearly 25,000 Twitter accounts affiliated with the child pornography on Twitter. (Specifically, “users who follow accounts that share either clear child pornography[naked children under the age of 13], pre-teen pictures/videos, or accounts that RT/share this form of content exclusively.”) Her account was shortly suspended, but later reopened on the condition that, according to Molly, she cease linking the Google Sheet.

The controversy behind this concerns the amount of time that these public child pornography Twitter accounts were active. Several people followed them, they had posted the pornography several times, and were online for months, yet Twitter failed to suspend these accounts. Many are outraged by this, considering the fact that Twitter has suspended multiple “Alt-Right” accounts in the past few months.

News of this illegal child pornography publicly available on Twitter never reached mainstream media outlets.

More from IBankCoin on this issue, along with some screen shots.


Just today Buzzfeed captured a very disturbing screenshot from YouTube, which is the video sharing platform owned by Google, where the term "how to have" when put into their search brings us some very disturbing "auto-fill" options, such as "how to have s*x with your kids" and "how to have s*x kids."


Via BuzzFeed:

A YouTube spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the matter is still under investigation. "Earlier today our teams were alerted to this awful autocomplete result and we worked to quickly remove it," the company said. "We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this autocompletion."

Later in the article they claim that it could have been a "coordinated campaign to populate YouTube with inappropriate search results," which would be more believable if YouTube didn't have "tween" channels that specifically caters to perverts and pedophiles, or a "Queer Kid Stuff" channel that admittedly targets 3 to 7 year olds to indoctrinate them into the LGBT lifestyle, or if they weren't suffering right now from another ad-pullout over the fact that well known companies ads "were running alongside videos of children that were either clearly exploitative or innocent and loaded with pedophilic comments," as described by a recent EndGadget article.

Those are not the only scandals Google/YouTube are in the midst of either, as we see YouTube is "pointing kids to thousands of disturbing, violent, and inappropriate videos," as reported by Business Insider.

But writer James Bridle, who highlighted the problem in a recent Medium post, said that the way the company's site is designed, it essentially encourages the production and posting of such videos.

In each example, YouTube and Google are acting appalled and supposedly working "urgently" to fix issues, after they are exposed, but the pattern is clear to see. Each of these platforms are being used to sexually exploit children and they appear unwilling to even attempt to find a permanent fix to prevent the practice.

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The commonality here is that each of these platforms are fast to "purge" conservative voices, accounts, and block content from their users if it doesn't toe the "official" narrative, so worried about Independent News, and Russian influence, yet both those issues pale in comparison to protecting children, yet years of behavior shows they are unwilling to "purge" those sexually exploiting children.

Why is the media not blasting this across their headlines as they are the Great Sex Panic of 2017 in Hollywood, the media industry, and the political establishment? Could it be because these tech giants generate a significant amount of traffic to the MSM, therefore generating revenue?


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