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November 25, 2017

These Dangerous Devices Prove Why Elon Musk Is Right And Humanity Will Not Survive The Rise of Machines†

- AI Is Totally Out of Control


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Elon Musk is warning that there is only a 5-10% chance of preventing killer robots, controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), from destroying civilization, and the creepy AI robot 'Sophia', who had previously agreed to "destroy humans," and has told audiences that "humans are very programmable," now claims that droids deserve to have children, we note that AI is already destroying the very fabric of our society in an insidious manner.

In a new Infowars article I found linked over at Steve Quayle's website this morning, we see that Amazon's Alexa, when asked for valid information, instead provides social justice warrior and liberal "opinions" as fact, claiming that Mohammad is a "wise and noble" prophet, while stating that Jesus Christ is a "fictional character," among other leftist propaganda offered to users as "fact." In the comment section of the video from Steven Crowder showing how Alexa answers a variety of questions, some are claiming that Amazon has since changed some of the most offensive answers since the video went viral, but the point here is these AI's are being "taught" a certain point of view, and in turn are "teaching" others that are asking and trusting Amazon to provide them with factual information.

This goes way beyond the "creepy" and "hilarious," descriptors, and into highly dangerous territory when we consider a report from the LA Times on Friday which shows that children are learning to say "Alexa" before Mama and Papa, meaning many children are being indoctrinated by leftist rhetoric before they even start school, where communism and socialism has already started to become part of their regular curriculum.

The lies being taught in Alexa's answers to the questions about Antifa, BLM, religion, etc, shown in the Crowder video linked above and shown at the end of this article is only a portion of the problem. The danger also lies in the fact that experts are not even sure whether so much tech being used by children is harmful to their development or not:

"The jury's out on it," said Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra, founder and president of the nonprofit group Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development.

The use of mobile devices among kids is already on the rise. The parental advocacy group Common Sense Media found that the average time that children 8 years old and younger spend on mobile devices has tripled over the past six years to a daily average of 48 minutes. The group also found that 42% of kids in that age group have their own tablet.

Voice assistants, with their conversational nature, take the tech relationship to another level. Common Sense Media estimates that at least one in 10 American homes with young children has a voice-activated device in it.

One in ten homes with young children have a voice activated device.... just think about how many children are being "taught" information by the very same entities that are censoring any opinion across the internet they do not agree with, like Google who is "de-ranking" news outlets that do not conform to the official narrative, offers the "Google Home" device, which like Amazon's Alexa, offers "information" otherwise known as socialist and communist propaganda.†

Amazon itself is run by Jeff Bezos, a man that owns Washington Post, who has been heavily criticized for their recent slew of "fake news" stories which have been published in 2017, just to have to be retracted, edited or corrected. Remember Bezos also has close ties to the CIA, via a†$600 million cloud computer contract from the CIA.


Other devices, such as smart phones, have programs like Siri, which in March 2017, made the news when the AI was rebooting devices if they asked the female sounding AI voice if it was "connected" to the CIA, where video after video was uploaded online showing how the AI avoided or just refused to answer the question.

The SIRI application is not the only AI voice activated device that refuses to answer questions about whether they are connected to a government agency, as multiple videos show Amazon's Alexa being asked a couple control questions showing the application answering normally, until it is asked "Alexa, do you work for the NSA?" the device shuts itself off, each time that question is asked. When the user changes the question to "do you work for the government," the AI voice responds by saying "can't find the answer to that question."

The examples go on and on, but another aspect of this issue, which directly relates to Musk's assertion that killer robots controlled by AI could wipe out humanity with only a 5-10% chance to make them safe, stems from some very real examples of how quickly an AI can get out of control.†

Remember Tay? Microsoft created a chat bot named Tay, supposedly infusing it with the personality of a Millennial, and in less than 24 hours it went from† "humans are super cool" to a Nazi loving, homicidal monster that started tweeting things like feminists should "die and burn in hell," and "Kikes" should be gassed in a race war, while Black Lives Matter @delray should be "hung," and calling a politician a "house nigger," which we discussed at ANP in a previous article about "Rogue Robots."


Granted, users from another forum made a concentrated effort to "teach" Tay that behavior, but the fact that they could turn an AI into a homicidal maniac in the span of a day, brings Musk's warnings into focus, because while Tay was just an AI chat bot that "learned" behavior, killer robots are AI's with the ability to "learn" and kill people with no control from human beings.

It is not only an AI chat bot that develops anger issues while "learning," but in 2015, a video of a man asking Alexa where babies come from became annoyed when it first told him the "Stork," and then insisted he go ask his parents, refusing to answer the question or offering fake information, and when he insulted Alexa saying "your mother was a hamster", the AI responded by saying "Well your father smells of elderberries. Now go away before I taunt you a second time."

The next video is very strange as an Amazon Echo, which calls their voice activation program Alexa, and a Google Home is put next to each other and we hear a very bizarre exchange of insults towards each other but by the end after the Google Home is removed, Alexa says "now I can get back to listening for the FBI."†

Imagine "Tay" or Alexa with control over bombs, guns, or any other type of weapons.

Back in July 2017, the Wall Street Journal offered the following fact which brings home just how dangerous AI is, and how much more dangerous they will become, when they wrote "Artificial-intelligence engineers have a problem: They often donít know what their creations are thinking."


From anger issues to deliberately feeding children leftist propaganda about "gender" and religion, to pushing political indoctrination to users, the best advice we can offer is to get rid of any type of voice activation device, and if you get one as a gift this Christmas, trade it in, or just take it outside with a hammer. If you have a family member that has any of the aforementioned devices and has children, "accidentally" destroy it before it has a chance to turn them into little socialist snowflakes.


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