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July 14, 2020

Black Man Sends CNN Race-Baiting Reporter Running Away With His Tail Between His Legs - Media Has Been 'Weighed, Measured And Found Wanting'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Each day that goes by the liberal establishment media aka the "MSM," becomes more and more race-baiting. They deliberately amplify the loud voices of a radical liberal minority, as they are part of it, and their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) continues to grow with each passing day.

This can be seen every day in different ways. The incitement to violence by Antifa and certain segments of the Black Lives Matter group, where rioting and burning buildings down is "justified" and "excused" by liberal activists pretending to be serious journalists.

It can be seen in interviews where these "reporters" ask leading questions and if they do not get the answers they want, some become hostile to those they are interviewing.

Others, end up running away with their tails between their legs, as is the case with the CNN reporters shown below.

He asked a black man "What do you think about, ummm, the fact that white supremacists support Trump?

The CNN most definitely picked the wrong man to ask his leading, biased question to, as this man ripped into the CNN reporter in a manner than shows that despite the amplifier the media holds, and the loudest of radical liberals, Americans are watching and are not impressed with the media's overall behavior.

After informing the "reporter" that it doesn't matter because that is free speech, he then says he is "sick of this race and divide," before lighting into CNN itself stating "and CNN is perfect at doing that."

By the end of this "interview," when they started questioning the so-called reporter about Barack Obama being supported by the Black Panthers, the reporter wished the original man well and ran away like a coward rather than answering.

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We are seeing this across the spectrum more and more. White men and women speaking up on and pushing back against the media narrative that to be white is to be automatically racist.

Granted there are racist white people, just as their are racist black people, to be white is not to be racist simply because you were born with a certain color of skin.

We are seeing many, many, black individuals calling out the media, as the man above did, and criticizing the media's deliberate attempts at creating a race war in America.

We are seeing Hispanics supporters for Trump, treated as if they committed a crime by speaking favorably of the President, as recently happened with the Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue, where his compliments about president Trump caused liberals and media across the board to completely melt down, calling for a boycott of GOYA products.

That backfired spectacularly as conservatives started their own "Buy-cott," and emptied GOYA shelves, as others raised "over $190K to buy, donate Goya goods to the hungry amid boycott."

AMAZON GOYA SEARCH page here - Show some love to the man that has refused to cave to the online mob.

The media has also sided, excused and encouraged the violence that is part of Antifa groups, claiming to be on the side of BLM, as they vandalize buildings "on behalf" of BLM protesters.

Many of the BLM protesters, those not helping burn down their cities, are standing up and telling them "enough!."

We have often seen many express their despair that too many people are still sleeping, but frankly that is because the media is hiding things like the examples above, refusing to report how they themselves are being called out publicly, by members of the black community, for race-baiting and stoking division and violence.

After hyping the "Russia collusion hoax" for three years, just to severely disappoint and anger their followers/readers/viewers when the Mueller report found no conspiring between the Trump campaign and Russia, then rushing into AHA "IMPEACHMENT," just to see that crash and burn...... Americans are watching them.

Americans are watching, paying attention to the bias, the lies, the outright fake news in many cases, the "anonymous sources," and are judging the media accordingly.

Those judgements used to be seen in the pattern shown in historical polling, seen above, but now we are seeing people on the street, at rallies, those being interviewed, standing up, speaking out and calling the media out for their obvious attempts to create more of a racial divide and incite violence in a blatant attempt to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election.

The establishment media truly has not caught up with the times. CNN can refuse to show their reporter called out for their racial division tactics, but Independent Media will show it, share it and make sure Americans see it.

The establishment media can hide the videos of BLM protesters fighting Antifa to stop them from destruction of their local businesses, but Independent Media has made sure people see it.

The establishment media has not come to terms with the fact that their voices and their preferred narrative is no longer all Americans have to inform them, so they continue to live in their bubble thinking they are being sly, subtle and haven't really been exposed.

They have been exposed, and they "have been weighed, been measured and been found wanting."


People are starting to fight back, verbally and in some cases when threatened, physically, as seen in the video below.

Portland Antifa picked the wrong person to threaten and rip his car door open, and this fed up black man body slams the white Antifa thug and teaches him a lesson.

Radical liberals, including the media, and democrat politicians, have seriously over-played their hands, and groups they have openly encouraged and supported, such as Antifa, have shown their true colors and Americans have watched it all, and apparently many, are starting to act accordinglyand holding the media accountable. 

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