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July 22, 2020

It Is Going Down Now -† Blatant† Election Interference By Big Tech And Social Media Giants Has Kicked Into Overdrive

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we have discussed in great detail, 2020 has been unprecedented in many ways, resulting in the "2020 Summer of Hate," where rioting is seen on a daily basis in certain parts of the country, as evidenced in Portland, Oregon, where they are going on 50 nights of rioting.


Another aspect of the strangeness we have been witnessing is the all-out push by big tech and social media platforms to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, in any way they can.

One might think the media, big tech and social media platforms, all run by liberals, understand that choosing one of the longest-serving Swamp creatures to be their nominee, despite the fact that he cannot even speak coherently, feel they need to actively protect Biden by interfering with Trump, and his supporters ability to communicate.

Example: AT&T, Verizon and t-Mobile shut off the Trump campaign's ability to send out communications on their platforms, a first ever blatant attempt to stop a president, or any presidential candidate from reaching their supporters.

Of course the companies in question are blaming a third party service provider for the temporary interference.

Politico reported that the decision was allegedly not made by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T to cancel the presidentís messaging platform; instead, the companies contend that third-party administrators that monitor their text messaging services blocked the campaign messages. The administrators insist that they were following the guidelines established by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry (CTI). The major telecoms shut down the Trump campaignís messaging during a test run on the Fourth of July, potentially costing the campaign a large number of donations from supporters.

Another example comes by way of the social media platform, Twitter.

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Disclaimer: Before getting into this next example, let me say that I have never held much stock in the whole "QAnon" movement, for lack of a better word. As with everything else online, we keep an eye on it, but do not subscribe to all of the claims made by the person or group of people behind the campaign.

With that said, just because we may not subscribe to those theories does not mean that others should be prevented, by anyone, from accessing the websites carrying the messaging, yet Twitter has just blatantly announced they will block URL's (website addresses) for QAnon from being posted on their website.

The announcement came via the verified Twitter account, screenshot below:

From Citizens Free Press:
NBC News reported the company has removed more than 7,000 accounts associated with the conspiracy theories. The changes will also impact some 150,000 more accounts because Twitter will stop recommending QAnon-affiliated accounts and will limit content circulation.

This is on the same continuum as when they deplatformed Alex Jones and Infowars, simply because they did not approve of his messaging.

Whether you like Jones or not, censoring him, colluding to all at once deplatform him across a dozen-plus formats and platforms at the same time, was a dangerously slippery slope to have started sliding down.

Censorship is censorship, whether done to Jones, Trump, conservatives or liberals.

One really has to wonder about the timing of this Twitter decree, as there are still months to go before the 2020 presidential election, but occurring just a week after General Michael Flynn, publicly used a term QAnon uses "Where We Go One, We Go All" (WWGOWGA).

Call me cynical if you want but the timing of Twitters censorship, so soon after General Flynn's hat/tip to QAnon, shows yet another way that social media giants are attempting to prevent Trump supporters and/or QAnon believers from communicating, which is outright interference into the 2020 presidential election.

Once again, let me clear... whether one believes in the QANON messaging, or not, whether they like observing it or not, and even for those thinking it is all one complete hoax and/or PSYOP, everyone should be willing to stand up for free speech and the free communication and sharing of any and all information they want.

IT IS TOO LATE NOW...............

Everyone should have stood up, spoken out and made life a living hell for the social media and tech companies that deplatformed Alex Jones, whether they liked Jones or hated him, whether they agreed with him or disagreed, because as we said way back then, "first they came for Alex Jones."

Only a percentage of Independent Media spoke out loudly in favor of free speech versus outright censorship, because Alex Jones is a controversial character, and big tech and social media counted on that to keep people from speaking out in fear of being "associated" with Jones.

Then they went after Laura Loomer, the same platforms, coordinated and colluded to all ban her from spreading her message.

Now it is not even one specific person but Twitter and others feel they have the right to ban any message they don't agree with, from any users, such as users that wish to share a QAnon statement or opinion for others to research and determine whether they agree or not.

It is too late now to put the Jeanie back in the bottle, and while the tech companies and social media platforms, along with the media has played a large part in creating an atmosphere where tech thinks censorship of a message is acceptable, some in the Independent Media, by refusing to stand up and speak out when they could, bear some of the responsibility as well.


It is all going down now as big tech, and social media are throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the battle to help "Dementia" Joe Biden, by using their overwhelming online power to interfere in the 2020 election.

In 2016, Independent Media and especially their readers, played a huge part in sharing information to bypass the MSM's influence, and we all were successful.

It is time to begin again..... unless of course you want Joe Biden as the next President.

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