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November 30, 2021

Breaking Down 'The Thing' Of Nightmares Causing Blood Clots, Seizures, Heart Attacks, Deaths And So Many People To Have 'Bad Luck' In The 'Game Of Russian Roulette' Called 'The Vax'   

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

We have seen the picture above before; I used it October 15th in a story titledBetween Atrocious Stupidity In Hospitals And The Vaxxed Being Superspreaders, Americans Are Better Off Avoiding The 'Kill Factories'” where we talked about The Thing, an “Aluminum Lifeform” as Dr. Zalewski described it with Dr. Carrie Madej also describing them as such in a video posted at the bottom of that article.  Referred to as aluminum based Artificial Life forms (because the string was headed by an aluminum alloy) with very long tentacles made of carbon (graphene hydroxide) arms, seemingly three per creature, these appear to be the same things as described in the ANP article by Stefan Stanford on November 29th titled “Horrified Woman Warns Her Whistleblower, Doctor-Partner Was Murdered: Recently Warned What's Really In The Vaxxes And Trust Us, If You've Been Vaxxed, You Don't Want To Know” that is based on a video he posted at the bottom of his article by Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist and graphene expert in Europe that was evidently murdered for telling the world about what those things really are and what they do.  Stefan covered that very well so I will not say more, but I will cover in better detail what that stuff is, what that creature does.

Graphene Hydroxide is a mono-layer activated carbon with C6 rings where every corner is a carbon atom.  Picture a hexagram linked to many others with common sides such as that below;

As Dr. Zalewski stated, they are about 25 microns side, which means about 250 of those carbon hex’s wide and about 2500 microns long or 25,000 hex’s long and only 0.1 nm thick.  These are referred to as hydroxy groups (OH).  In graphene hydroxide you have an OH group where the electrons are delocalized, meaning fully mobile, and these C6 structures are extremely stable, they will not break down and they are not biologically decomposable according to Dr. Noack.  He stated that they could be used as brake pads in cars they are so tough.  He then stated they can be thought of as razor blades, tiny nano-scale razor blades only one atom layer thick that are injected into the body.  The OH (hydroxy) groups can split off a proton which then gain a negative charge spread out over the whole system making it basically an acid that suspends well in water berceuse of that negative charge.  They tiny razorblades spread homogeneously in the liquid which makes it “Russian Roulette” according to Dr. Noack, cutting the blood vessels inner lining which is called the Epithel and it is very smooth like a mirror.  It is cut up severely by these tiny razor blades and that is what is so very dangerous about them.  When injected those razors circulate through the blood stream and cut up the epithel.  These are the sharpest imaginable razors because they are only one atom thick, but are large structures of these long but super thin razors.  If you perform an autopsy on the victims you will not find anything because they do their tests in a Petri dish and cannot imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels as it is a new material, toxicologists are not yet aware of it.

People bleed to death from that, especially the top athletes who are dropping dead all of a sudden since they have fast flowing blood making the damage that much more severe and rapid.  Now it is making sense that people are reporting bruises, clotting blood running out of their noses and other place, eyes turning black, people collapsing shortly after a vaccination because it got directly into a vein, having seizures and more; they are the ones having “bad luck in this Russian Roulette” according to Dr. Noack.  Now think back on other stories you have read that describe the other bad responses from the kill shot.  The inflammation occurs in nearly every organ of the body; the inflamed blood vessels, the brain inflammations, loss of fertility because they destroy the required systems, the heart inflammation and hearts suddenly stopping to beat, ALL caused by the vaccine and now we know why.  The injection is literally slicing and dicing your internal parts, cutting the hell out of your body from the inside out.  Far worse than the movie monster called the Thing.

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Do you think a pediatrician knows what graphene oxide is asks Dr. Noack?  Now they are giving that kill shot to little children, forcing it on them even without their parents consent, and so many parents approve of them murdering their children with that shot.  It is becoming very clear why Doctor Andreas Noack was murdered just hours after posting this information about what the Elites, the Illuminati, the NWO Satan worshippers are doing to the world at large. 

Completely new substances unknown to nature are brought in with the vaccines and the doctors have absolutely no idea about the chemistry they include.  We have talked a lot about the mRNA that is in those shots, the messenger RNA which has complex effects which some Doctors may understand but it is the chemists that understand what graphene hydroxide does, not the doctors.  Dr. Noack suggests that the mRNA is possibly a diversion from what the razors are doing.  I disagree on that possibility as the effects of the dangers of mRNA are manifold including the destruction of the natural immune system of the Human body.  But there has yet to be an explanation from the creators and manufacturers of the life destroying vaccination as to why all of those life destroying razor structures are there. 

As stated before, this is war!  People cannot collapse so quickly after the injection from what is already known to be in it, there is something else going on and he suggests that this effect must be studied by chemists who know carbon structures.  Toxicologist do not expect any nano-scale razors to be there, and they do not show in the Petri dishes because they do not move around while medical doctors are dumbfounded at what is going on even though they are knowingly murdering their patients in the nation’s hospitals for the profit margins the hospital’s receive from the government.

Dr. Mercola on victims of adverse reactions need to be heard is the First Video at the bottom.

NOQ Report (News, Opinion, Quotes) headline reads “’Severe Reactions’ to Covid Vaccines are Far More Common Than Official Data Show” and they note that “No bigger lie has been told to the American public than the vaccines are “safe and effective” just as we have heard preached by news outlets, doctors, politicians and so many more that it seems to be the new religion being pounded into the masses of dull sheep following the self described “educated ones” (illuminated ones) that know far more than you or I can even consider.  NOQ quoted Kyle Becker from the notes listed below.

Becker News said that the severe reactions to the kill shots are far more common than official data show and that “The ship of fools has sailed on the notion that vaccines ‘stop the spread.’ Despite the vapid promises of the septuagenarian simpleton at the helm of the country, the vaccines have been demonstrated to be a strong vector for the Delta variant. Prominent “fact-checkers” that normally carry water for the president even had to ding him on the myth that vaccines somehow ‘keep others safe.’”   Nicely worded and I think we should add that the vaccines do not even slow the so-called covid but in fact help speed up the spread of it and worsen the conditions of those who get it….well, not really get covid since we do not know what they actually come down with as the tests are totally worthless for anything but propaganda.  We do know that cancers, pneumonias, and many other diseases are far worse under the travesty of the vax kill shot.  The graph below shows effects the data shows us.

Compare the odds of covid death, severe vax reactions and the risk increase below.  The odds of a severe vax reaction is 2,260% increase over the risks of getting the disease itself“The extrapolated data would project out at a national scale to around 9.4 million “serious” adverse events, which alone dwarf the VAERS reports by 14 times over. But if you take all of the events together, a whopping 63% of Americans who take the vaccines have some kind of adverse event.”   Note that this quote does not allow for the FACT that 100% of those getting the type 2 and 3 “vaccines” are injured; severely so as time will tell as you cannot have the insides of your body sliced up with those atomic scale razors without massive damages.  Only those selected for the type 1 shot, the saline shot, are exempt until or unless they get a booster as it seems that since the booster is proclaimed safe for any of the vax brands, but I do not know for sure if they are also categorized into the type 1,2 or 3 varieties.

Note:  types of kill shots by the last number in their serial numbers –

1 – saline

2 – “normal” mRNA kill shot

3 – enhance #2 with added heart failure weapons

A cardiac surgeon has circulated a warning to the AHA that heart inflammation markers are drastically increasing proportional to the increases in mRNA vax rates.  The warning to the AHA is clear: “Patients had a 1 in 4 risk for severe problems after the vaccines, compared to 1 in 9 before…. The spike in heart inflammation cases has been particularly prominent among young people. Dr. Jessica Rose, a prominent critic of the universal vaccination agenda, has spoken out forcefully on the issue, only to face censorship in “peer-reviewed journals.”

The fact that millions of people have been injected with these so-called ‘mRNA vaccines’ is to be considered a crime against humanity, Dr. Jessica Rose believes.”  And I most firmly agree.

Now we hear that Fauci is coming after babies, infants, our future, the destruction of mankind.  Talk about a crime against humanity, if this satanically evil tyrant is not stopped soon we may not exist in a few years.  But don’t worry, those that will force the shot of certain death (now or delayed a bit) are only following orders, it is not their fault they tell themselves.  They need to be educated and that is why Doctor Andreus Noack was murdered; the Church of Satan cannot have their well laid plans of world destruction slowed.


Video, call for stories of injuries and deaths from covid vaccine

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