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July 3, 2017

'Insider' Warns Of Potential Devastation Ahead For West Coast While Mainstream Media Froths At The Mouth Over Yellowstone

- USGS Says Of Yellowstone: 'There's Nothing To Worry About' While FEMA Prepares For West Coast Chaos And Martial Law

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While linking to this recent story from Susan Duclos on ANP earlier in June about a string of recent earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park, Steve Quayle left the following note on his website with the story link: "The hype is building once again while the South Pacific and the US West Coast are the real problem areas -  I will address on the Hagmann's." 

While more than 800 earthquakes at Yellowstone in recent weeks have the msm and parts of America frothing at the mouth, as Susan pointed out in her story, this pattern of seasonal quakes has been repeated time and again over the last several years at Yellowstone around this same time of year and even USGS 'experts' tell us, "there's nothing to worry about".

And while a Yellowstone eruption could instantly be a life-changing event for most Americans, as we see outlined within this story, the West coast of the US will likely become a much more volatile region much sooner than any kind of Yellowstone eruption takes place.

With one major section of the San Andreas fault line overdo for a major tremblor by approximately 60 years according to this recent story from the LA Times while we again witness another sudden and unexpected eruption of a volcano in Indonesia, it's easy to understand why experts are warning the West coast and 'Ring of Fire' could soon 'go hot'. We also seen in the two recent SQAlerts republished below from a '1st Responder' who recently attending EQ meetings in Washington DC that massive devastation could come that way and they're training for such a scenario right now.   

As Susan also pointed out in her story, Quayle himself lives within very close proximity to Yellowstone and takes frequent trips there to photograph and document the surroundings. While many of the arguments being made now of an imminent forthcoming Yellowstone eruption are being blamed upon the escape of 'ancient helium' while referencing this story from 2014, we see that helium is prevalent all across the planet and those in the msm pushing a future 'Yellowstone eruption' continue to base their arguments on very old news. 


As Quayle also points out to us as seen in this story from the Ski magazine Curbed, Montana's "Yellowstone Club" is absolutely booming! Foreign investment in the Yellowstone region is through the roof and Quayle tells us tourism in Yellowstone sees Chinese and Indian tourists outnumbering America by at least 5 to 1. With some of the richest people in the world purchasing land and homes within miles of the park, shouldn't that be looked at as a lack of concern about a Yellowstone eruption by some who may very well have inside information?

Yellowstone is clearly now an international asset as the Washington Times reported back in October of 2013, "Sorry! Your National Parks Do Not Belong To You". With the United Nations also laying claim to various National Parks across America while China continues to gobble up land across the US, with reports of a 30%+ increase in their spending here, a visit to the National Park of China website interestingly lists Yellowstone as a 'National Park of China' as seen in the screenshot above. Why? 

While we'll continue to watch what's happening at Yellowstone, we'll always be sure to be in touch with those who are there and have been watching the park for many, many years before running any 'imminent Yellowstone eruption' stories. 


This animation shows how intense shaking is directed from the San Andreas fault into the Los Angeles Basin. Areas of yellow indicate strong shaking; orange is "very strong" shaking and red is "violent" or "extreme" shaking, causing collapses. (U.S. Geological Survey / Southern California Earthquake Center)

In the eye-opening Gif seen above we see how quickly an earthquake along the San Andreas fault line would spread from its origin, in this case in the Salton Sea area, along the fault line and into big cities such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica and Ventura. Depicting a possible 7.8 magnitude quake, the 1st video below is a 2+ minute video version of this gif that shows the spread of energy second by second, showing the strongest energy would hit the LA area within a minute and a half after the original epicenter shaking.

Back on June 13th the Daily Star ran a story in which they warned experts with the USGS are predicting an 8.2 magnitude quake along the San Andreas that would carry more energy than a nuclear bomb. Warning that areas across the state could be ripped apart by 30' chasms within a matter of seconds, they also report that quakes just like this have struck the state before and its just a matter of time before they do again. 

As we can see in the next photograph below, should a massive quake occur along the San Andreas fault line, the western part of California, including LA, will be moving northward while the eastern side will be moving southerly, actually bringing the megacities of San Francisco and Los Angeles closer together according to experts

Seismologist Lucy Jones said an 8.2 earthquake would trigger chaos across California. She said:

“With 300 miles of fault all going in the same earthquake, you then have everybody affected at the same time.

“The San Andreas is the one that will produce the earthquake that’s going to cause damage in every city.”

The fault is the fastest moving in the US – having shifted 22 miles in the last million years. Scharer said:

“It’s a little bit like — the moron who is driving the fastest is the most likely to get into an accident.”

Small earthquakes constantly rock California, but Jones warned “the more small earthquakes you have, the more you have to have bigger ones”.


In this recent story from the LA Times they report that signs of past California mega-quakes were all around them as experts show  why the danger of 'the big one' coming along the San Andreas Fault is increasing every day. Telling us about several different 'canary's in the coal mine' for the 'coming shaking' that is inevitable, their story explains how such a quake could cut off huge regions of California for weeks or months from the rest of the state and have wide ranging implications. 

As Interstate 10 snakes through the mountains and toward the golf courses, housing tracts and resorts of the Coachella Valley, it crosses the dusty slopes of the San Gorgonio Pass. The pass is best known for the spinning wind turbines that line it. But for geologists, the narrow desert canyon is something of a canary in the coal mine for what they expect will be a major earthquake coming from the San Andreas Fault.

The pass sits at a key geological point, separating the low desert from the Inland Empire, and, beyond that, the Los Angeles Basin. Through it runs an essential aqueduct that feeds Southern California water from the Colorado River as well as vital transportation links. It's also the path for crucial power transmission lines. California earthquake experts believe what happens at the San Gorgonio Pass during a major rupture of the San Andreas Fault could have wide-ranging implications for the region and beyond.

They worry a huge quake could sever lifelines at the pass for weeks or months, cutting Southern California off from major highway and rail routes as well as sources of power, oil and gas. Southern California's cities are surrounded by mountains, making access through narrow passes like the San Gorgonio essential. Experts have also expressed grave concerns about the Cajon Pass, where Interstate 15 and key electric and fuel lines run. Other problem spots are the Tejon Pass, through which Interstate 5 passes, and the Palmdale area, through which the California Aqueduct crosses.

One of the most dire scenarios geologists have studied is a quake that begins at the Salton Sea. Such a quake would be particularly dangerous because the fault's shape points shaking energy toward Los Angeles. 


Sitting near the southern end of the San Andreas fault, the Salton Sea area has been home to hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes and as we hear in the 2nd video below, experts are now warning the California megaquake could start in that region. As the Press Enterprise reported back in October of 2016, a newly discovered fault in the Salton Sea region may change the way scientists look at the southern San Andreas fault and the growing potential for a major earthquake centered in that region.

As their story reports, the Salton Trough fault runs parallel to the San Andreas and "future research is to try to understand how this fault might interact with San Andreas in depth and time.”


In the two recent SQAlerts republished below we hear from a 1st responder who recently had high level meetings for possible devastating earthquakes in the California region. We have only republished partial excerpts from them and invite you to click the links below to visit Steve Quayle's website to read the alerts in their entirety.

Warning of the potential of martial law and outright chaos, we once again see why its so important to prepare for devastating possibilities such as this, even if we don't live within the areas where this particular disaster is expected to happen. As we hear in the final video below, the 'big one' IS going to happen, it's just a matter of time. 


Steve, I want to discuss the coming "big one" or 9.0 to 10.0 earthquake that is supposed to happen in California and across the west coast. The government response would be complicated for this but it would all be run by FEMA. We were told recently during a meeting in DC that an estimated 3 to 10 million people will die during and after the earthquake. Martial law will be established after the government condemns the affected areas as disaster zones. Let's say, hypothetically, that the disaster areas are the "A" zone and the first relief site from FEMA, or the government, is the "B" zone. Now this is going to get really deep and dark but bare with me. Between the “A zone” and “B zone”, there are not enough hotels to house 3 million displaced persons let alone 10 million. It would take the government at least a week to get the proper beginning of housing operations, relief housing for those displaced persons. Some would call these places a FEMA camp.

I would state that it may take a week to get the logistics in place and the second week to make an effort to actually process and house people. By process I mean gathering basic personal information, known medical needs, medical assessment of persons,possible forced immunization and a background check through NCIC for warrants and if they are known criminals or gang members with a FBI number, they will be detained and arrested.


To my knowledge, there is still not enough large areas to properly store this amount of persons. There are only so many houses, auditoriums, churches, stadiums and other large facilities within the areas of the affected. Many people will be taken in by those who have the room and others will just find a place to be. Some will go back to Mexico and some will travel to other states, if the highways and interstates are open still though I doubt they will be open for long.

I would expect most commercial traffic to be shut down and rerouted. Thousands of vehicles will be on the roads at one time for days, many will run out of gas and many conflicts will happen between the “A” zone and “B” zone that law enforcement will not be able to prevent or respond to. Major telephone interruptions would also be taking place during this time, not to mention mass power outages.

Hospitals will turn into morgues and hasty hospitals set up by the state and federal government will be overburdened by the first day.

Meanwhile, the disaster zones are quarantined off and all highways and interstates are locked down with Vehicle Check Points (VCP) manned by the military and law enforcement. I can only imagine the hell I'll be walking through after this Earthquake. I for see fractures of road that are shifted 10 feet into the air and non passable by our vehicles. There will probably be a lot of helicopter insertions and extractions. The military bases along the west coast, if not affected, will be mobilized to help bring aid and security.

The gangs and terrorist that are left in the affected areas are now taking advantage of the situation and rampaging through the neighborhoods. This is where I'll be, fighting against the madness of the situation and trying to bring medical aid to whomever is left. This is what we're getting ready for. There will be a fight for LA and San Diego. Surrounding areas will be teeming with crime and there will still be thousands of people who need to be extracted.

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