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December 30, 2021

Why Are People Refusing To Acknowledge All Of The Deaths & Injuries Coming With 'The Shot'? We're Submitting To Those Who Want Us Dead And Not Fighting Back Anywhere Near Hard Enough! 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

While listening to the Forbidden Doctor this morning he read from an article by Jeol Kilpatrick in The Conjo Guardian that I found very interesting.  It is about a critical health care nurse named Sam who is an ICU nurse in the Ventura County hospital.  He stated that he came forward because “We’ve been having a lot of younger people come in,” Sam says. “We’re seeing a lot of strokes, a lot of heart attacks” and that ““It has never been this busy, and none of it is Covid-19,”. Dana, another ICU nurse at that hospital says. “We don’t normally see this amount of strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks all happening at once. … Normally we’ll see six to ten aortic dissections a year. We’ve seen six in the last month. It’s crazy. Those have very high rates of mortality.” 

Mayo Clinic defines Aortic Dissections this way; “An aortic dissection is a serious condition in which a tear occurs in the inner layer of the body's main artery (aorta). Blood rushes through the tear, causing the inner and middle layers of the aorta to split (dissect). If the blood goes through the outside aortic wall, aortic dissection is often deadly.

Aortic dissection is relatively uncommon. It usually occurs in men in their 60s and 70s.”

So why are there a “lot of younger peoplecoming in with that condition all of a sudden?  It usually occurs in people with high blood pressure, other heart problems, weak heart connective tissues and Aortic Aneurisms.   Please note that aneurisms were also mentioned as having a very abnormal increase in rates – in young people. 

Doctors almost never claim that those adverse reactions are caused by the Covid vaccinations; ““Doctors are like, ‘It’s probably the holidays,’” Dana says. “I don’t understand how you can look at what’s going on and come up with just, ‘Yeah, it’s the holidays.’ There’s been a big change in everybody’s life, and it’s the vaccine.””   On the same topic, Sam the ICU nurse had this to say; One doctor actually questioned the vaccine, but they didn’t mention it in the chart because you can’t prove it,” Sam said that “While hospitals are seeing more myocarditis, an associated side effect of the Covid shots, “Everyone wants to downplay it — ’It’s rare, it’s rare,’” Sam says. “Doctors don’t want to question it. We have these mass vaccinations happening and we’re seeing myocarditis more frequently and nobody wants to raise the red flag. When we discuss the case, they don’t even discuss it. They don’t mention it. They act like they don’t have a reason, that it’s spontaneous.”

Doctors are paid a lot more than nurses or med techs, and they have a whole lot more to lose.  In the case of doctors being threatened with the loss of their certificate to practice if they go against the mandates of the med system they are members of, that means basically the end of their carrier and a massive loss of income.  Far more than what a nurse can lose, so that is why we have nurses speaking out and not very many doctors.

You can hear Joel Kilpatrick’s interview on the Richard Syrett Show from November 3rd using this link.  It is well worth the time.

Perhaps we should think back on a few of the things that the vax does to you.  In some of Dr. Stockwell’s radio programs (The Forbidden Doctor) he has mentioned that many of these heart attacks, especially in the younger victims, have had NO blockages as expected in cases previous to the shot.  Think on that – it is the blockages that cause Myocardial Infarction (MI), and it refers to tissue death of the heart muscle caused by lack of oxygen to the cells.  Clogged arteries do that as they restrict the flow of blood to the heart cells and muscles, so what is happening here when there are NO blockages?  Remember that the kill shot causes mini-clots in EVERYONE that has had the shot.  Large clots would result in stroke or other organ damage depending on where it is located, but why is the blood not getting to the heart without a blockage?  Remember that the C19 spike proteins in the supposed virus cause inflammation in tissues, especially in the blood vessel wall or linings, and that the shot has far more of them.  It is those spike proteins that cause so many of the symptoms of Covid infection that is not the same as, or rather in addition to those of the flu or pneumonia or the like.  Remember the article about those “razor blades” swimming in with those spike proteins and all of the other deadly aspects of it all?  Young people with no blockages are dying from heart attacks, with aortal explosions where the heart literally explodes, like an aneurism bursting, with death very closely following.  Even in three year olds now, because they are forced to have the kill shot.  And even in infants because they get it from their mother’s milk.

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That also explains why so many are dying of strokes.   Yes, a lot of young people where strokes are all but nonexistent are dying of stroke now.   Same mechanism, the kill shot makes their blood vessel walls inflamed and the mini clots plug up the very small vessels in the brain.  BOOM!  Another dead kid or young adult, especially prevalent in those with high efficiency circulation systems like athletes and sports stars that die suddenly while still out on the field. 

Those mini-clots and irritated cell walls also keep other organs from getting their required minimum nourishment leading to other organs failing including the reproductive system.  Young girls getting their period years prior to their biological time, expectant mothers having sudden miscarriages, hopeful mothers finding out they are now sterile and men finding out their sperm count suddenly went very low, older women starting to have two, three, more periods in a month and a much higher blood flow than normal, sudden loss of feeling in various parts of the body especially in the extremities, rapid changes in temperament caused by the changes in blood flow in the brain not to mention the inflammation of those blood vessels passing through the brain causing changes in the nourishment getting to the brain resulting in changes to the personality, and on and on and on.  And it seems to be contagious in some of those symptoms because of the shedding of the spike proteins.  Although not as drastic, many of those symptoms occasionally occur with the victim getting shed spike proteins especially from freshly vaccinated individuals. 

Doctors Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD made presentations at the Doctors for COVID Ethics symposium from December 10th and they saidWe herewith present scientific evidence that calls for an immediate stop of the use of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines….. A natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) will in most individuals remain localized to the respiratory tract. In contrast, the vaccines cause cells deep inside our body to express the viral spike protein, which they were never meant to do by nature. Any cell which expresses this foreign antigen will come under attack by the immune system, which will involve both IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. This may occur in any organ. We are seeing now that the heart is affected in many young people, leading to myocarditis or even sudden cardiac arrest and death.”

“Histopathologic analysis show clear evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs. That myriad adverse events deriving from such auto-attack processes must be expected to very frequently occur in all individuals, particularly following booster injections, is self-evident.

Beyond any doubt, injection of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines places lives under threat of illness and death. We note that both mRNA and vector-based vaccines are represented among these cases, as are all four major manufacturers.”

There is no mincing of words in that assessment now, is there?

The New American also covered this paper by the aforementioned doctors  and summarized that paper when they said “As shown in the study, 14 of the 15 vaccinated patients who died had autoimmune damage in different organs, i.e., the patients’ immune systems were attacking their own organs.

The doctors noted that prior to death, only four of the 15 patients had been treated in the ICU for more than two days, while most of the patients were never hospitalized and either died at home, on the street, at work, in the car, or in home-care facilities. That fact implies that therapeutic intervention was “unlikely to have significantly influenced the post-mortem findings,” per the paper.”

Coroners did not link the deaths to COVID vaccinations, and in most cases, “[ar]rhythmogenic heart failure” was postulated as the cause of death.

Why would one’s immune system go wild and attack something it is designed to protect?

The deadly immune response happens primarily because the immune system sees the cells that are producing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as a threat and tries to destroy them, argue the scientists”

“The evidence of the “immunological self-attack is without precedent,” wrote the doctors, continuing, “Because vaccination was the single common denominator between all cases, there can be no doubt that it was the trigger of self-destruction in these deceased individuals.”

The likelihood of people suffering such adverse effects will only increase with the number of additional booster doses taken, conclude the authors.”

Our First Video below is a nurse, Collette Martin, speaking to a Louisiana Health and Welfare hearing about the terrifying reactions to the C19 shots and states that there are more children dying from the covid injection than even get covid itself.  Children all but never get covid, yet hundreds are now dead from the shots.  What is you conclusion from that statement?

Joel Kilpatrick had an earlier article on the Ventura County nurses back in October (where the above graphic is from) where he said that “Ventura County nurses from differ­ent sectors and specialties are coming forward to blow the whistle on what they deem serious lapses in local health care practices, mostly related to COVID-re­lated protocols, “vaccine” mandates and politically and financially motivated bul­lying of medical staff, which these health care workers say is seriously compromis­ing the general quality of local care.”

Most shocking, perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to re­port the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots. To suggest that these shots are the cause of any medical problem — or that they are contributing to the alarming rise in non-COVID-related hospital popula­tions — invites professional ridicule.”   That my friend is psychological warfare.

“Nobody is considering that [these medical problems] could be vaccine-re­lated,” says an ICU nurse in a county hospital. “It’s not even in question. You might as well say you want to start treat­ing people with crystals and burning sage. If you say it’s the vaccine, they look at you and say, ‘It’s the safest thing ever produced. Why would you say that?’””   Cognitive Dissonance in its purest form is my take on that statement.

A nurse inI that same Ventura hospital by the name of Daniel had this to say about the increases in kill shot reactions; “by spring 2021, “an interesting thing” happened, he says. In the wake of widespread vaccinations, the number of non-COVID patients “really started pick­ing up.”  [note that this timing correlates with the first shots being delivered]

“Pneumonia cases, stroke cases,” he says. “We’ve had more strokes than nor­mal. Women in particular with venous sinus embolisms. We’re seeing a lot of au­toimmune issues: rashes on the body, the body attacking the nervous system, pro­ducing symptoms like a weakening of the muscles.”

One patient came in with severe respi­ratory distress and went into respiratory failure, with symptoms first showing three weeks after he took the Pfizer shot.

His lungs were completely destroyed, totally wrecked,” says Daniel. “He had ground-glass opacity on the CAT scan, which is a hallmark of COVID.”

One fit, healthy nurse in her twenties whom Daniel knows went into cardiac arrest three weeks after she received the Pfizer shot. An aortic dissection ruptured a portion of her aorta like a balloon. She was resuscitated, underwent open-heart surgery and made a full recovery. But she could not abide the suggestion that the COVID vaccine shots had caused it.”   Again, a severe case of cognitive dissonance even after she had her heart explode from the effects of that kill shot.  ““She said, ‘It’s not possible. It’s not the vaccine,’” Daniel says of the woman. “She’s petite and doesn’t have any condition that would lead to this. … Sometimes you can’t accept information because it’s affecting you on a deeply emotional level. People don’t want to admit they were wrong — they were fooled. Some have staked their lives on this decision, and nothing’s going to change that.””   Simply amazing.

Angela, a nurse for more than 25 years, confirms that in her hospital’s emergency room, they say they are seeing more heart problems in young adults, which are never reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Re­porting System (VAERS) as potential ad­verse reactions to COVID “vaccinations.

Another nurse, Jennifer, says ER nurs­es privately say they are seeing “all the clot­ting, bleeding and things you would expect from the vaccine six months later — brain bleeds, heart attacks in younger 50-year-olds. No doctor will admit this is from the vaccine. They won’t make the VAERS re­port.

When Daniel asked fellow nurses and practitioners if they report to VAERS, they looked at him like, “What’s that?”

“I’ve seen people in their thirties [with these problems], and the doctor’s just like, ‘Oh, you have s—y genes,’” he says. “I’m like, are you kidding me?”

All nurses interviewed say they are seeing “ground-glass opacity” results in the CT scans of people’s lungs who recently took the experimental vaccines — and that this is never reported to VAERS.

“Doctors and intensivists [treat it like] a ludicrous thought,” says one ICU nurse. “Nobody is putting it on their differential diagnosis.””

They are not reporting things to VAERS, many are not aware that it even exists, and many will not for fear of repercussions.   And still the death rates are increasing faster and faster from the kill shot.  That so called “vaccine” does NOT stop the transmission of disease but actually enhances the transmission and severity when it is contracted.

 …in a recent group of COVID patients at one hospital, the sickest ones were double-vaccinated.

“The first to die had both Pfizer shots,” says Daniel, who took care of the patient. “Another guy who had both shots died as well. His lungs were destroyed.”

“But they’re not talking about that,” confirms another nurse.”

These two reports, the one we opened with and this last one, are amazing to read.  There is a lot more than what I have mentioned, and perhaps the last bit of the October one is as good a place as any to end this discussion –

Susan, who repeated “Jesus, I trust in you” countless times to get through the pandemic, says, “I do feel like this is a spiritual warfare. I do. But I know for sure, because I’m a faithful woman, that God will prevail. Good will pre­vail. I know that. And that is what we all need.””    I agree.

Nurse blows whistle on “we are killing our patients”

The Forbidden Doctor on vaccine deaths real numbers – long but well worth it

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