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January 14, 2016

Gerald Celente Is On Fire! Completely Destroys Obama's State Of Union And Tells Us Why America Is Finished As Canada 'Feels The Great Depression' - Is THIS What's Coming To America Next?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Gerald Celente from the Trends Journal is not known as a man to mince words and in the newly released interview below with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, Celente is absolutely on fire as he rips Barack Obama's 'state of the union' address to pieces. "Everything this guy's done has been failure" Celente tells us as fire comes out of his eyes. The comments on the YouTube video seen below tell us how much Celente nails it in this outstanding video. Much more below video including the unfolding situation in Canada that has some already talking 'great depression' and a new video from the X22Report about Russia's latest move away from the US dollar and our economy.

Gary, how the hell did you keep a straight face as this man Mr Celente skewered Hussein Obama? I was laughing and also loving every word.

Thanks Gary, Gerald is the main source of truth...just as you are

The Chief enemy of the US Constitution is radically islamic and currently resides in THE WHITE HOUSE. Any wonder he fails to designate THE ENEMY?? What will the Oath Keepers do?

That dude is awesome

Somebody start a Whitehouse petition to get Gerald celente into Obamas chair.

Hey FOLKS! ~ Love Gerald Celente, a REAL man!!!

On a day that we learned from Zero Hedge that Canadians are panicking due to soaring food prices due to a collapsing currency, Celente doesn't hold back and begins by mocking Obama's Nobel peace prize as a man responsible for the deaths of a countless number of people around the world not to mention continuing his predecessors legacy of war, war and more war.

Why hasn't Obama shed a tear for the countless number of innocent people throughout the world he's slaughtered with drones like the 'crocodile tear' he recently shed over Sandy Hook? For those who aren't aware, Celente has been pushing 'Occupy Peace' and we couldn't agree with him more. For humanity to have a chance, we need more people like Celente to speak out and take action. Our Nobel Peace prize winning president has been a failure in the 'peace' department and in Obama's own words, shared by Celente here, our commander-in-chief is "very good at killing people". How many more will die because of his policies, policies of endless war that Celente rips to shreds in this video?

Celente proves to us that most of the words coming out of Barack Obama's mouth during his last State of the Union speech consisted of endless drivel as all around the world we see economies coming unglued.

In Canada we see another sign that the economic world is beginning to come unraveled as Canadians are now paying $15.99 for a box of Frosted Flakes, $31.99 for a bottle of Tide, $3 per cucumber (if you buy 2), $17.79 for a gallon of chocolate milk and $8.19 for eggs as seen in the twitter screenshots seen directly below.


We also learned today from King World News that a major signal preceding stock market crashes in 1929, 2000 and 2008 was just triggered as the price of oil prepares to drop below the price of water as shared in this story the Telegraph. Zero Hedge told us that 2015 Q4 will be the worst US earnings season since the 3rd quarter of 2009. The end of 2015 and into 2016 clearly has us in some very good company. From Zero Hedge.:

It gets even worse. According to Bloomberg, on a share-weighted basis, S&P 500 profits are expected to have dropped by 7.2% in 4Q, while revenues are expected to fall by 3.1% This would represent the worst U.S. earnings season since 3Q 2009, and a third straight quarter of negative profit growth. It's no longer simply a recession: as noted above, the Q4 EPS drop follows declines of 3.1% in Q3 and 1.7% in Q2. it is... whatever comes next.

As Bloomberg adds, the main driving forces behind drop in U.S. earnings are the rise in the dollar index (thanks Fed) and the drop in average WTI oil prices. However, since more than half of all industries are about to see an EPS decline, one can't blame either one or the other.

So while we know what to expect from Q4, a better question may be what is coming next, and according to the penguin brigade, this time will be different, and the hockey stick which was expected originally to take place in Q4 2015 and then Q1 2016 has been pushed back to Q4 2016, when by some miracle, EPS is now expected to grow by just about 15%.

Zero Hedge also tells us that the bursting of the bond market has begun as the world is awash in far too much debt. Telling us that the bond bubble is more than $100 trillion, with an EXTRA $555 TRILLION in derivatives trading based upon it, we see evidence everywhere that corporations around the world have been issuing record amounts of debt, a great deal of that in US dollars. Because of this, and much more, the financial system is much more leveraged with absolute garbage debt than it was in 2008.

While Barack Obama says the US economy is 'great' while we see the economic world falling apart all around us we have to ask what he sees that we don't see? Is what Canada is dealing with coming to America next? This is clearly just the beginning and with economic armageddon all around us we see things likely to get much worse before they get much better.

Fortunately, not all foods are getting more expensive but unfortunately, it's the junk food and other foods that aren't healthy that are becoming more cheap as we see in the screenshot below. Is Canada now suffering from a 'Great Depression'? Things can clearly get much, murch worse, and as we see here, it's likely to before it gets much better.



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