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September 15, 2014

Chilling! Journalist Found Dead! Fukushima Coverup Suspected! “The Time For Nuclear News Has Run Out”

By Live Free or Die

This breaking story from ENENews is titled “Very Frightening”: Journalist on popular Japan news program found dead. The story (and video below!) goes on to report some ‘very frightening’ facts, TV journalist Mr. Masaki Iwaji has been found dead. Mr. Iwaji also was THE ONLY journalist to be reporting Fukushima FACTS on Japanese national TV; he also recently stated, loudly and clearly, “I will NEVER commit suicide.” Speculation as to cause of death at the present moment? Suicide. Much more below.

This story also features a ‘strange nuclear message’ broadcast across Japan National TV: “The time for nuclear news has run out. Please accept our apologies.” There has been no news coverage of his death and no obituaries.

What message should this mysterious death of Masaki Iwaji send us in this Orwellian day we live in? Pertinent times of the video below, an interview with Beverly Findlay Kaneko, evacuee from Yokohama, Japan, Social Uplift, are outlined below.:

“He was found dead and there are rumors that it was suicide, but there is a lot of speculation that it was not.”

5:00 in — Iwaji-san is the only journalist tackling the Fukushima issue in primetime. Whether he did it by his own hand or was murdered, it’s a tragic loss…

12:00 in – He was found dead having taken sleeping pills. He lit a cold briquette, he taped off the doors of a 3rd floor bedroom in his home, and this all happened in the middle of the summer heat… it was carbon monoxide poisoning.

15:30 in — There has been no official news coverage of his death and no official mention on the ‘Hodo Station’ program and there was no obituary… after Iwaji’s death ‘Hodo Station’ anchor Ichiro Furutachi and his co-anchor appeared in all black on one evening broadcast… Also a strange caption appeared stating that, “Time for nuclear news has run out. Please accept our apologies.” The caption was strangely phrased and strangely punctuated… a play on words that took the sounds from his name and sort of combined them to — a lot of people think — to contrive this secret message.

17:45 in – Some people mention promises to get together for drinks or snacks, and they’ve posted recent photos of the director enjoying himself at a pub. He had plans for future projects, including a segment on the Ronald Reagan sailors… Yuji and I met with him in December and we’ve been in touch with him by telephone and email. Chillingly, a photojournalist friend of ours… said that he and Iwaji reassured each other when drinking, “Whatever happens, I want you to know I will never commit suicide.” And this is the refrain by other people too, not just someone we happen to know firsthand.


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