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April 6, 2015

Washington State Flies Chinese Communist Flag At State Capitol - US Patriots Come Out And Take It Down, Assisted By Law Enforcement


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In a video that should be the feel-good story of the day and a sign that shows Americans who still love America that we still have many members of law enforcement on our side, a group of US patriots arrived at the state capitol in Washington and proceeded to take down a Chinese/communist flag that was flying between the American flag and the Washington state flag, assisted by a Washington State trooper who obviously loves our country as much as we do.

In honor of his meeting with Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai, the governor of Washington Jay Inslee decided to fly the Chinese flag at the state capitol building; with a hat tip going out to Washington state representative Elizabeth Scott, anti-American progressive communist liberals better get out their tissues for this one. Let's all hope this goes viral...the communists in the White House and the US Capitol building need to see this. Is this how Americans have to take our country back, one state at a time? Huge props go out to this law enforcement officer and to all military and law enforcement across the country who uphold their oaths to America. Thank you! Video courtesy of activist Maria Bosworth.

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