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March 20, 2018

This Is Why America Is Rampaging Towards Civil War And Nothing May Be Able To Stop It: Evil Doesn't Care About 'The Truth', Nor 'Playing By The Rules', In Its 'Alternative Reality' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Going back decades, the usurpation of America that has allowed people such as just-fired FBI-trash Andrew McCabe to accumulate over 11 million dollars in unfound wealth while selling their souls and the national integrity of our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement agency to protect and conceal corruption at the very highest levels of US politics has created a very real 'alternative reality' in our country. A reality where truth is called lies and lies considered 'what is real'. 

With that 'alternative reality' perfectly seen in Hillary Clinton being one step away from the presidency in 2016 and adored by tens of thousands despite a laundry list of crimes including treason that would have led to her execution in almost any previous era and in many countries to this very day around the world, as Susan Duclos reported on ANP on March 17th, those who are now screaming the loudest in their panic against President Trump's mission to return America to the rule of law are clearly among the 'most guilty' and they've for decades inhabited the highest places in our justice system here in America. 

While people such as James Comey claim the American people will hear 'his story' very soon (but will it be 'the truth'?) while former CIA Director John Brennan recently issued another veiled threat towards President Trump, we must always remember as we go forward that evil does not care about 'the truth' nor does it bother itself with 'playing by the rules' in its' 'alternative reality'.  

While the left screams mindlessly for gun control and disarming law-abiding American citizens, as Steve Quayle tells us, "the liberals 'veneer' is just a soft core cover for full-scale communism" and as history has proven to us over and over and over again, what historically follows the disarming of a nation's people has been full-scale genocide. 

And if 'the left' really cares anything at all about gun violence in America, why didn't they say anything at all about Barack Obama's DOJ ordering 500,000 fugitives be deleted from the criminal background check system in 2016, allowing more than 500,000 people with outstanding warrants to potentially acquire guns? Or were they just 'Obama's guys' so it didn't fit their narrative? 

And was that move part of Barack Obama's 'war to take down America', including the prepositioning of billions of dollars of arms and ammunition across the country while allowing 'trojan horse terrorists' into the country, battle-trained Muslims who've fought in Syria and Iraq and who hate America, while he also armed Mexican gangs through 'fast and furious'

Just like Harvey Weinstein and his 'serial' abuse of young actresses that went on for decades, if anyone expects the 'Clinton crime family' and corrupt leftovers from the Obama administration still within the 'deep state' to simply roll over and admit to their wrongdoings, actually allowing the truth to be known, they'd be terribly mistaken. How often do those who've committed horrific crimes, or treason, actually come out and scream "I did it!"? They'll take 'the truth' to their graves with them if we allow them to.   

With the 'war upon the truth' also perfectly seen in 'big tech' and the mainstream media apparatus marching lock, stock and barrell with the tyranny of the 'corrupt deep state', with youtube soon to provide 'debunking boxes' for those who might stumble upon a viral 'conspiracy theory' video that is actually the truth and be 'red-pilled' by it, 'the battle' rages on.

As Mike Adams the Health Ranger tells us in the final video below from Vimeo, a 'civil war' in America has already begun with the cutting off of communication's a key tactic used in wars throughout history. As Adams tells us, big tech is leading that war with all alternative points of views being censored and Adams warns us that this is merely one step, attempting to regain the control of the narrative, something they failed miserably at during the 2016 election. 


And now we learn that Democratic congressman Tom Suozzi recently suggested that Americans should use the 2nd Amendment to oppose President Trump by force. What would Suozzi or Nancy Pelosi say if President Trump suggested that Americans all across the country, who are completely fed up with high-level Congressional corruption, use the 2nd Amendment to oppose them? Why do corrupt Congressional members sitting in Washington DC, with their 15% approval rating, many whom have illegally enriched themselves while their American constituents suffer, believe themselves to be immune from justice? 

Certainly if Suozzi is trying to start a civil war in America and is urging the totally dumbed-down demonrats across the country to overthrow a legally elected American president, Suozzi should end up being thrown into the gulags that Hillary Clinton was building for deplorables. Meanwhile, anybody who really believes that pussy-hat wearing femi-nazi's who load bullets into a clip backwards might have a chance against battle-hardened US Marines clearly don't have a clue.

Perhaps the most telling part of this NY Post story that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Monday morning was when one of Suozzi's listeners blurted out, “What’s the Second Amendment?” The fact that Suozzi had to respond "the Second Amendment is the right to bear arms” helps to prove to us that millions of Americans are totally brain-dead. 

And why didn't Suozzi mention anything at all about the massive corruption in this country under Barack Obama and Eric Holder, from arming ISIS in the Middle East to arming Mexican gangs via 'fast and furious' to allowing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House? The hypocrisy over the past 10 years from the left has been deafening. And now Holder says to the GOP, "You want a knife fight? We're going to do it". Seriously, Eric? You must be 'shatting' yourself knowing what should be coming to those who sold out America. 


And now as we read in this story over at the Gateway Pundit and hear in the must-listen 1st video below featuring Kim Dot Com, just as the independent news media had warned over a year ago, it is none other than Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett who are running the shadow government war against President Trump and his administration, hiding away like the petrified rats that they are in their 'DC bunker'. Hearing about those rumors of treason charges, Barry? 

With the still-unsolved death of Seth Rich still hanging in the air offering us more proof that the evil beings who've long been in control of the DOJ, FBI and US State Department have no intention of 'playing by the rules', as long as Hillary Clinton is still walking this planet freely and not awaiting execution for treason, Americans have proof the 'rule of law' is still 'null and void' in America.   

But should Congressional rats and traitors such as Suozzi and 'Mad Max' Maxine Waters be successful at pushing America into a civil war, a war that we'll continue to pray will be avoided, the battle lines are clearly drawn with 'trojan horse terrorists' who Obama allowed in teaming up with anti-free-speech, pussy-hat-wearing nazi's in a 'cage match' against the US military and patriots to the death. Anybody else not too worried about what the end result of that might be? 


With 74% of all Americans, D's and R's, now believing that 'the deep state' is running the country helping to prove the 'mass awakening' is real, we hope that 'QAnon' is correct as he states in a post which he made on March 17th: "There will come a time none of them will be able to walk down the street". He also shared this: "Biggest fear. Public awakening".  

While the FBI, DOJ, US State Department, mainstream media apparatus and vast majority of the American people know that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and the crimes that she has committed would have landed any other American in prison, the 'alternative reality' we're living in still has Clinton lauded by the mainstream media, much of the Democratic party and the clueless, dumbed-down masses on the left while her crimes have been covered up at the highest levels of govt. 

With 'anti-white hatred and vitriol' oozing out of the mouths of many of the snakes who were closest to Barack Obama such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright proving Obama's true colors, should the 'deep state' and their war against President Trump and America continue unabated despite 'the truth', there may be nothing that can stop the carnage that may be sure to follow.

And should by some miracle that 'truth' be that President Trump did indeed collude with the Russians and it emerges that despite all of those dead bodies following Hillary around, she's as innocent and pure as fresh morning flowers, so let that truth be known. Yet should the truth that emerges find that Hillary is guilty as hell, then may the entire world find out as well yet despite such 'truth' finally emerging, we can guarantee that nearly half the country will refuse to believe it.

In the 2nd video below from Dave of the X22 Report he discusses the most recent posts by 'Q' hinting at several huge stories he expects to drop this week while in the 3rd video below, also from Adams, he talks about the best and worst places to be should civil war suddenly break out in America, a likely result should Congressman Suozzi be correct in what he's insanely pushing for. 

Where do YOU want to be when the CIVIL WAR begins? from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

The CIVIL WAR has already BEGUN! from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

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