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March 13, 2021

Clutch Those Pearls And Get Out The Fainting Couches - Delicate Snowflakes Can't Handle Bad Words, Women In The Kitchen, Or Toxicity, So The Woke Mob Must Do It For Them

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Curfew for men, a woke mob forcing a business to apologize, then delete a brilliant campaign strategy, a browser add-on that will change words that may offend the fainting maidens of today's world.....just a few of the utterly ridiculous things we have seen discussed this week.


Didn't women's lib stand for equality, the insistence that anything a man can do or handle a woman can as well?

That theory was always flawed as biology does have much say in physical attributes. Men have a heavier body mass and bones, generally more physical strength, and to this day men still overwhelmingly work dangerous jobs in far greater numbers than women.

Those are the physical differences, and nothing in that statement takes away from the things women do better than men.

Newsflash: Men and women are different and those differences should be celebrated.

Mozilla/Firefox now has an add-on/extension called B!tch To Boss, where words deemed offensive or hostile would be changed all over the internet to "Boss."

A description from Mozilla, via Breitbart:

A great swathe of the internet is positive, a place where people come together to collaborate on ideas, discuss news and share moments of levity and sorrow, too. But there’s also a dark side, where comments, threads and DMs are peppered with ugly, hostile language designed to intimidate and harass. Women online, especially women who are outspoken in any field — journalism, tech, government, science, and so on — know this all too well.

What’s the solution? People being less terrible, obviously. Until we reach that stage of human maturity, the B!tch to Boss extension for Firefox can help by replacing words like “bitch”, often used in derogatory comments and messages directed at women, with the word “boss”.

Seriously, are women so delicate these days where they cannot read words, hostile or otherwise, without clutching their pearls and taking to the fainting couch?

It always amazes me the level of nanny-type control big tech thinks human beings need, but even more so that any real woman would download an use the tool when there is an X on almost ever page, or platform, or private/direct message boxes, that is very easy to see and click and, OH MY, the entire window closes!!!!!!

As you will hear in the video at the end of this article, I am not the only woman that thinks this is absolutely the height of absurdity.


In another example of how "woke" people are absolutely the biggest whiners ever, always looking for something to deem offensive, because they seem to think that if they are miserable people, it is their job to make sure everyone else is, we see a brilliant campaign by BurgerKingUK get slammed by the woke mob so hard they apologized and then removed their offending tweet.

Let's back up for moment.

The other day I started laughing here at the computer as I read of a new "controversy" brewing. I told Stefan that liberals were losing their ever-loving minds over a campaign to bring attention to a program BurgerKingUK was announcing which help bring the number of female chefs in the kitchen up from 20%.

The first tweet, meant to catch attention so the subsequent explanation of their program to help women, started heads exploding.

"Women belong in the kitchen."

Can you hear the virtual POP POP POP sound of heads exploding?

The next tweet in that thread stated "If they want to of course. Yet only 20% of chefs are women. We're on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.

The third tweet in the same thread then stated "We are proud to be launching a new scholarship programme which will help female Burger King employees pursue their culinary dreams! — Burger King (@BurgerKingUK) March 8, 2021

I said to Stefan at the time, that is a brilliant campaign strategy to create chatter online about their new program geared to help women.  I admit to a massive amount of amusement watching liberals throw hissy fits online. That may have made me like it a bit more....

As can be seen in this Today's post, feminist snowflakes did not agree with me.

When the tweet started going viral, mainly due to Feminazis having a cow over the first "attention getter" tweet, the @BurgerKingUK account insisted they should not delete the tweet because it accomplished the goal they set out to accomplish by bringing attention to their new program to, and I repeat, HELP WOMEN.

Jump forward we see they were unable to maintain their stance in the light of the online woke mob that came for them because they eventually apologized, which wasn't good enough for the woke online mobs, which harassed them until they finally deleted the original tweet.

 I still wonder how feminists can be so emotionally whiny all the time. Isn't that the exact opposite of being "empowered?"


While this next example isn't in America, see the trajectory of the world makes it clear that it could very easily be proposed here as well.

In areas where sexual assault is prevalent a Green party feminist proposed a curfew for men, punishing all men for the actions of others. Making it worse, rather than being summarily dismissed, they actually mulled it over.

This morning BBC Breakfast asked Mr Drakeford whether he would consider the draconian measures:

“Some people have said sometimes that if there were an area particularly where there were concerns that women were being assaulted or feeling particularly scared, that there should be a curfew on men for a period of time, is that something that you would consider?”

Drakeford replied that while “it wouldn’t be on the top of the list“, he would consider and not rule out instituting the measure.

“If it were a crisis and you needed to take dramatic action that would allow that crisis to be drawn down, then of course you would be prepared to consider all measures”.

Coming to a state near you soon if people continuing bowing down to feminists across the globe.

Some initially thought the Green Party feminist was proposing this rather than suggesting women stay home, or out of those areas, but why would either option even be considered.

How about the novel idea of having the police patrol that particular area better? Isn't that, like, their job???


This next one isn't about feminism, but rather about big tech trying to decide what is and is not acceptable in a comment section....other than their own.

Note: If website owners want to censor people or moderate their comment section, that is their call and readers will decide accordingly if they want to be on a site than censors or not.

The commenting system Disqus, which we use here at ANP (no other offers the features for readers we prefer such as guest commenting, allowing images, videos and links, etc....) arbitrarily decided to add it's own "rule" as a default, which would slap comments into pending for approval rather than show them outright, if Disqus deemed words in the comment "toxic."

We finally found the setting to remove that "rule" as they call it, but they turned it on, without permission so we were forced to go in and turn it off. 

It should always be up to the site owners to determine if :1.) They find something "toxic," and; 2.) Censor and then suffer the consequences when readers decide they don't appreciate being censored.  

The day they create one of those rules that as site-owners we cannot overrule, is when we will start using another commenting system, even if it doesn't offer the options we and our readers prefer.


It is bad enough we have liberal nanny-states trying to control every aspect of their citizens lives, but now the liberal big tech "masters" think they should also be controlling what people see, what they are allowed to say, and to protect delicate little snowflakes from seeing anything that might hurt their little feelings.

Evidently today's feminists only feel "empowered" if they can stomp their feet, throw temper tantrums and whine and cry every day.

That certainly is not what women's lib was meant to be.

Our female ancestors must be turning over in their graves.

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