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October 19, 2020

The Crazed Will Burn It All Down After A Trump Re-election: Liberals Threatening Violence If Trump Is Reelected - It Is Prudent To Take The Threats Seriously And Prepare Accordingly

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While ANP has documented the violence of the group Antifa, as well as violent members of BLM, with Stefan Stanford recently detailing the real dangers of the groups and the damage they are already causing here in America, we are noting that liberals not part of those groups (while still supportive of them) are also becoming more out of control. 

With some apparently suffering some type of collective meltdown, and we take a look at what these people will do should Trump be reelected.

The people I am talking about here are liberals across social media, and offline at home, not activists, they don't join protests (yet!). Generally they have been mouthing off at Republicans online, harassing and attacking Trump supporters, basically talking big.

I refer to them as liberals that talk big but rarely act, but over the past few weeks, they have seemingly become more unhinged, the level of which increasing each day as we approach the November 3, 2020 presidential election.



Maybe it is because they remember all the projections and predictions from pollsters and the media in 2016, all assuring Americans that Donald Trump didn't have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, right up until the end of election night when Donald Trump was announced the winner, but whatever the reason, the more the media screeches that Biden won't lose, the more liberals are melting down, online and offline.

Note: It is worth reminding those that didn't watch that  news pundits actually cried live, on-air, completely forgoing even the pretense of objectivity anymore.

Some have seen the video below, some haven't, but it is perfectly representative of how shocked media personalities, pundits, comedians and celebrities all freaked out on television, because they too had believed the pollsters who were almost all wrong, and allowed themselves to become over-confident, assured that their candidate cannot lose.

Plus, I just get seriously entertained every time I watch it.

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The media then spent four years hostilely covering the president with anonymously sources stories that were later shown to be wrong, or as we like to say "fake news," while blatantly acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

That over-confidence of not only the media, but Democrat politicians, Hillary Clinton voters, and liberals across America, is exactly why we do not "promise" "guarantee" nor assume that we can predict that Donald Trump will definitely win reelection.

With that said, a look at liberals once again citing "the polls" with claims that Joe Biden is almost guaranteed to be elected as president in November,  yet becoming more crazed day by day as the election approaches, shows a major disconnect with the confidence they claim to have.

Even before the whole scandal involving Hunter Biden (Joe's son) and Joe Biden himself, we noticed how weird (more than usual) that liberals were acting, especially for people so sure the polling information is right, and perhaps that itself can be explained by Biden's campaign itself, warning supporters that the internal polls are not quite matching the public polls, as Biden is not as ahead of as Democrats want to believe.

A few questions need to be asked.

Why is social media overtly trying to interfere in the election by suspending the New York Post for their Biden bombshells? 

Why are are Democrat politicians screaming about "Russian Disinformation" while not once being able to dispute the incriminating emails, pictures and letters found on Hunter Biden's computer, are indeed his? 

(That is clear because many of the images are personal pictures of hunter himself)

Why has Joe Biden gone into hiding, calling a lid (no more public appearances) for the week?

Why are liberals online absolutely having public meltdowns, screaming and screeching on video?

The one question that encapsulates them all is "Why are Democrats/Liberals/Media panicking now if they are so damn sure that Joe Biden is ahead and will win in November?

Answer: They are running scared and incapable of hiding their terror.

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With all that said, and while we in no way would even attempt to guarantee a Trump win, or loss, because no one can predict how an election will turn out, we must look at the violence we see now, like a young female Trump supporter attacked at the Women's March and beaten to a pulp (Link here), and be very prepared for crazed liberals to completely lose their minds if the image above becomes true.

What we have seen in Trump's first four years, by media and Democrat politicians, online celebrities and liberals, violence by different groups throughout the last few years, the freakouts, the meltdowns, the attacks against Trump supporters, will all pale in comparison if liberals on the very edge feel like the media lied to him about Biden's chances once again.

While personal responsibility should always apply, we do also see the media as needing to take their share of the blame.

The false stories, constantly, for years telling liberals that "this is the beginning of the end" for the Trump presidency every time one of those false stories hits the headlines, doing everything they can to terrorize liberals into being petrified of "Orange Man Bad." They did this knowing that at some point, many of those liberals that got excited every time, then angered and depressed when it didn't come true, over and over again like a roller coaster ride, would at some point just snap.

A Trump reelection will, for many liberals, be that snapping point, the moment when all rationality, thought, logic and normal functionality, simply disappears.

There will be no more "we can vote him out in the next election" thoughts to make themselves feel better. No hopes of "impeachment" as Democrats already played that card. No three year "Russian collusion" hoax, as they already played that one as well.

In fact, Democrats, and their media sycophants have nothing left, except to try to suppress Trump voters with claims that he doesn't have a chance on November 3rd, so they might as well just stay home.

How did that work for them in 2016, eh?

Instead of being rational human beings that will simply accept it and move on to try to work towards winning the next election, like normal human beings do, liberals plan to burn it all down.

Don't take my word for it, we see the threats coming from their very mouths or rather keyboards.

Far left The Atlantic:

But in these final months before the November election, Trump’s deployment of federal forces is transforming his political war on big cities into something much closer to the real thing. “It’s breathtaking in its danger,” said Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor. And if Trump wins a second term—especially if that victory relies on another rural surge to overcome massive opposition across the big metros—the chaos in Portland might look like only the preliminary skirmish for an even more incendiary collision to come.


Threats on social media abound, we're hearing a lot of chatter that radical groups are planning violent actions post-election of Trump should win, and frankly, when someone threatens you, it is prudent to take them at their word and prepare accordingly.


The more I am watching, reading liberal websites and observing the insanity on social media,  while listening to Democrat politicians making subtle threats, the more I am convinced that the moment it is announced that Trump has won reelection, if he does, the crazed will burn it all down. 

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