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July 31, 2017

Cryptic Matt Drudge Tweet Hints At A Surprise Ahead As He Also SLAMS John McCain: 'Corruption Has Many Faces'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As the 520,000+ Twitter followers of Matt Drudge know, the reclusive political giant-builder rarely issues 'tweets' and when he does, he only leaves them up for a short period of time before deleting them as seen in his current total tweets of 2. Yet when Matt Drudge tweets, Washington DC and the political world listen and as we see in his most recent two tweets that are still currently online as of this moment, Drudge may be once again suggesting big news is on the way.

As we see in the screenshot below, Drudge's late Sunday night tweet saying "Corruption has so many faces" came along with a photograph of John McCain in one of his own ads claiming he was "leading the fight to stop Obamacare". As those paying attention know, McCain days ago cast the deciding vote to keep Obamacare the law of the land proving to us once again his mouth is a perpetual garbage machine. 

Drudge's 2nd tweet was much more cryptic, a tweet of a 1990 NY Daily News cover with then much younger Donald Trump on the cover which reported: "Trump In A Slump". Drudge's cryptic message in the tweet: "Life Is A Circle". With the entire msm and establishment now piling on President Trump with many claiming he's finished, just at the NY Daily News claimed he 'was in a slump' years ago, are we about to see things come full circle? One thing we've learned in the past two years is: NEVER count out Trump. 


As the independent media has been reporting but the mainstream media ignoring, things could be falling apart for many of the dems and rino's right before our eyes with several major stories going totally unreported by the MSM right now. As Susan Duclos reported on ANP on July 27th in her story titled "It Is All About To Blow Wide Open - Investigator On Dem Staffer Arrest: 'It Is Just Beginning'", we should all be paying very close attention and connect the dots because bombshells may soon be exploding. 

On July 30th Susan asked "Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Be The Next Seth Rich?" after more evidence emerged that the 'rabbit hole' goes much deeper than the Dems or MSM would ever want the world to find out. As Zero Hedge reported back on July 28th, the gauntlet has been thrown down as the House Judiciary Committee demands special counsel investigate Comey, Lynch and Clinton as shared in this letter directly from the HJC

Certainly a 'take down' of the 'dark state' and the likes of John McCain, Hillary Clinton and any or all of those in Congress who've sold out America to enrich themselves while selling their souls and our sovereignty to 'global government' would permanently cement President Trumps reputation. And while doing so, nearly guaranteeing his reelection in 2020 with a huge nuimber of Americans still clamoring for 'justice' that has not yet been served. 


With the 'deep state' continuing to attempt to manipulate events behind the scenes whether via propaganda, 'false flag' events or being responsible for the funding of ISIS, it's clear that John McCain has his hands all over the chaos and while we wouldn't even want our worst enemies to have an aggressive form of brain cancer, McCain has proven in his years in Congress to be one of the 'dogs of war'. As Lew Rockwell reported back in 2015, "Donald Trump Is Right, John McCain Is NOT A Hero". 

While McCain has been busy slamming President Trump every opportunity he gets while lashing out at him over his recent transgender ban, he also continually calls for more war with Syria while claiming Russia is guilty of war crimes, neglecting to look in his own front yard. As Geopolitics reported back on July 21st of 2017, McCain has a long and documented history of calling for wars around the world as the way to deal with problems and has an incredible amount of blood flowing off of his hands. You can read the full list of McCain's wars at the hyperlinks below. 

Washington (GPA) – Earlier this week notorious war hawk US Senator John McCain (R-Az) was diagnosed with brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain.

The list is of course a history of all the instances McCain has called for US-led intervention around the world. There’s obviously a long history here, so Geopolitics Alert has compiled the largest examples from Europe to Asia.

In summation, next time someone asks why you don’t care about John McCain’s clock running out, show them this article. McCain has encouraged the spread of death worldwide. The day he leaves congress will be a victory for the human race.


While McCain also confirmed another conspiracy theory back in March of 2017 by claiming "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain" (of course snopes and the msm still call the 'new world order' a 'conspiracy theory'), it's easy for most to see McCain as a globalist stooge who long ago sold his soul while selling out America. 

In the very interesting new SQAlert republished below from the website of Steve Quayle, reader 'Miss Kris' brings up some information that cannot be overlooked, especially considering that she, too, recently had a brain tumor and an open craniotomy. 'Miss Kris' calls 'bs' on McCain and while we're unable to prove that something else is going on than what we've all been told, it's long been warned that McCain was the ultimate 'manchurian candidate'. Standing with the Democrats on many issues and against 'America', is something more going on that we haven't been told?

The first video below from Infowars is called "In Victory Over The American People, John McCain Saves Obamacare" while in the 2nd video below, our videographer asks if McCain might be facing prison soon for possibly leaking classified information as also detailed much more in the 3rd video below from the Still Report. From Steve Quayle's alerts


Steve, I had a brain tumor and an open craniotomy. They cut bone a little higher and farther back and took out my tumor. I CALL BRAVO SERRIA and anyone that knew me at the time calls BRAVO SERRIA. No way, No way he is up and walking around. You are put on pain meds and anti seizure meds, You are watched around the clock for days. Your eyes swell shut. They wrap your head like a mummy, with nothing but a breathing hole for your mouth and nose. You cannot move by yourself!!!!!

You're lucky to walk the hospital halls with help after a coupe of days. You cannot walk up and down stairs or across the room for that matter. You are helpless and dependent. It takes a year to even get back close to life even resembling what it was before surgery. BS BS BS !!!! NO WAY, IMPOSSIBLE McCain had an open craniotomy (took the bone out and went into his brain) and was able to be back in business in a few days to a week. LIE LIE LIE! The pain standing up or moving around at that point is overwhelming. LIAR LIAR LIAR. Anyone with half a brain would know that is IMPOSSIBLE!!! LIAR!!!!!! LIAR!!! That story is a mountain of BRAVO SERRIA. I know because I've been there and done that. Miss Kris-

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