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October 2, 2017

Has Democrat-Sponsored Antifa Terrorism Just Exploded In America? ALL Blood Of The Innocent Spilled By Antifa Is On The Hands Of The Democratic Party And The MSM Terror Apparatus


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on September 26th, Susan Duclos reported on ANP that a recently released antifa documentary exposed Democrats and their allies as being the power behind the domestic terrorist group now threatening to terrorize Americans. As Mike Adams reported October 1st over at Natural News, undercover video of antifa members speaking privately revealed "coordinated plans to trap conservatives in 'kill zones' to be stabbed and murdered by deranged left-wing weirdos".

Was the horrific shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night one such 'kill zone' and the horrific slaughter that was carried out at the Mandalay Bay a targeted assassination upon conservatives, Christians and America-loving country music fans? As Infowars reports in this brand new story and as we hear in the final video below, according to an FBI source, the Vegas shooter was found with antifa literature and photos taken in the Middle East as confirmed in this Daily Mail story.   

With antifa proving THEY are fascists and totalitarian in nature by their attempts to prevent anybody who has a different viewpoint than their own warped opinions from having a 1st Amendment right to speak freely as we've seen numerous times in Berkeley, California and elsewhere all across the country, we've also been warned that Antifa are planning full-scale terrorist attacks across the country in November as Susan Duclos had earlier reported in this August of 2017 story

Giving us proof within her September 26th story that Antifa is actually the 'militant arm' of the Democratic Party that has come straight out and admitted their plans of making America 'ungovernable' until President Donald Trump is driven out of office, we get a dire warning in the first video below from Doug Hagmann who talks with Alex Jones from Infowars about Doug's earlier prediction that the globalists would 'weaponize' antifa.


As we learn in that must-hear video, a violent civil war may be ahead if antifa continues to terrorize Americans and as we've seen with the Democrats sponsoring of ISIS during the Obama administration as even Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and President Donald Trump have previously confirmed, it's easy to see they have no problem arming terrorists. The Democratic Party has also admitted that they'll do everything in their power to 'take down' President Trump and thus, America.

Will they use violence and their 'terror proxies', ISIS and antifa, to attempt to do so? 

With more and more signs that antifa hates America as much as ISIS does, we also take a look below at a bizarre warning that recently came to ANP in light of the recent Mandalay Bay terror attacks that may have been carried out by a 'soldier of allah' according to ISIS which claims that the shooter in Vegas recently converted to Islam. Though that claim was denied by FBI sources. As we learn in much more detail below, there may be a bizarre connection between UHauls across the country and the world and 'Mohammed'. 


As Susan Duclos reported back on August 20th of 2017, Antifa was planning nationwide terror attacks beginning November 4th and if what we're seeing from recent video footage coming directly from Antifa's camps as seen in the 2nd video below is any indication, these thugs fit the word ' domestic terrorist' in every definition of the word with their admitting to plans of violence, stabbings, shootings and driving President Trump from office. 

As Susan also reported then, the msm completely refuses to publish this proven information leading us to proclaim, should the blood of innocent victims be spilled by Antifa terrorists, the 'mainstream media terror apparatus' and the Democratic party will have even MORE blood on their hands for refusing to warn the public about antifas plans of terror. 

And while the horrific carnage in Las Vegas has been dominating the news cycles since this morning for good reason, the U-Haul terror attack that happened in Edmonton, Canada late Saturday night has been largely lost in the shuffle.  With the perpetrator flying an ISIS flag in the vehicle confirming his allegiance to the terror group, ANP recently received a very interesting email from a well-trusted source outlining a bizarre series of connections that we cannot overlook and have decided to republish here. 

After doing a google search for 'U-Haul' and 'Mohammed', the 'jackpot' was hit. All across the country there appears to be a Muslim-controlled network of U Haul locations! And guess what they have! STORAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! ACCESS TO UNLIMITED STORAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, they are pre-positioning who knows what into these storage areas!

These secure chained-in areas with all kinds of security could be ISIS strongholds! There are Mohammeds ALL AROUND NORTH AMERICA overseeing U Haul locations! (See the following) Which means this U Haul attack may be just the beginning!?

All of this begs the question: Who is controlling corporate U Haul? How many locations are Muslim owned? Think of the vehicles IN EVERY STATE Muslim terrorists would have access to!!!  And they could be moving weapons around the country or have U-haul trailer bombs, all hidden in plain site! 


Interestingly enough, as we see in the lists compiled below, there does appear to be a huge network of 'U-hauls' and 'Mohammed's'. We certainly hope that if such an Islamic terror network exists, those who are professionals are able to infiltrate it and put an end to it. Though we must remember that  Barack Obama 'switched sides in the war on terror' during his administration. 

Keep in mind that what you see here is only a small portion of the 265,000+ Google entries.:

U-Haul: Moving Truck Rental in Beacon, NY at Mohammeds ... Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, ... Mohammed's attention to detail and overall friendliness were appreciated.

U-Haul: Moving Truck Rental in Somerset, NJ at Somerset Getty & Ice Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, .... Mohammed, the gentleman who helped me check in and get the vehicle, was ...

U-Haul: Customer Reviews for Mohammeds Convenient Store ... Proxy Highlight Rating: Mohammed's attention to detail and overall friendliness were appreciated . ... Celan the seats and vacuum them, make sure they don't over charge you.

Moving Truck Rental in Windsor ON at U-Haul Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, U- Haul truck rentals in Windsor, ON will provide .... Mohammed A. on 9/16/2017.

Moving Truck Rental in Colmar, PA at U-Haul Moving & Storage Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, U- Haul truck rentals in Colmar, PA will .... Mohammed was kind and helpful!

U-Haul: Moving Truck Rental in Bellevue, WA at Techstream Auto ... Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, .... Mohammed and crew were friendly and helpful, very pleasant to work with.

U-Haul: Moving Truck Rental in Decatur, GA at Dollar Saver Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, U- Haul truck rentals in ... Mohammed was the most helpful I could've asked for.

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Pasadena Proxy Highlight Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, U- Haul truck rentals in Pasadena, TX will provide .... mohammed a. on 8/23/2017.

And while ANP is unable to absolutely prove that such a terror network exists, and we certainly understand that not all people named 'Mohammed' are terrorists, we found the connections seen here quite odd. And along with praying for all of the victims in Las Vegas, we hope that somebody reading this story within the law enforcement community will be able to properly investigate these stunning 'coincidences' to determine if there is something much more sinister going on behind it all. We pray for healing in America.


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