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July 14, 2020

With The Depopulation Agenda In Full Swing, Democrats Have Fully Unveiled Their Plan To Steal The 2020 Election And Get President Trump Out Of Office 'By Any Means Necessary'

- Left Will Resort To Chaos, Violence & Civil War Should President Trump Win In November

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We've been warning for 4 years on ANP, dating back to the sad aftermath of the 2016 election, that Hillary Clinton would likely throw her witches hat into the 2020 ring once Democrats realized how wounded Joe Biden is and how disastrous a debate candidate 'brain dead Joe' would likely make against President Donald Trump and sure enough, in a front page story over at the Daily Mail, Hillary has decided to give a dire warning that President Trump likely won't go silently into 2021 'following his loss' while hinting at the Democrats plans to steal the election themselves in November.

With the Democrats 'steal' heavily written in covid-19 lies over the past several months that have completely taken down a once thumping US economy and set up America for a depression era election in November,  as Conservative game show host Chuck Woolery recently pointed out, there are plentiful signs that this entire covid-19 mess was written up as a way to take down President Trump and his America 1st presidency with impeachment and the Russian collusion hoax having firmly blown up in Democrats faces for nearly 4 years running now.

And while ANP will not argue within this story that no 'planned-demic exists' that we need to be taking precautions for, we'll instead argue once again that all of this is a part of 'China's silent war' upon America, with a likely intentionally released virus/bioweapon that has hit America harder than China or any other country and, as ANP reader 'Mike' recently pointed out in a comment, clearly part of the democrats/globalists long-running 'depopulation agenda' as we race towards 2025 and the mind-shattering US population numbers being forecast for America by Deagel for that year of less than 100 million Americans living here; down over 227 million from 2017. Mike's comment first.

The Covid 19 "thing" is, in my mind, part of the massive depopulation agenda. It will only get worse as time marches on. The ONLY protection from this is The Lord Our God and His Son Jesus Christ. Psalm 91 comes to mind. Please try and keep the faith.

From this Yahoo News story before we continue.:

“The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19,” wrote Woolery in the message promoted by Trump. “Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.” 

Asked about the retweet at a briefing later Monday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the “notion of the tweet was to point out the fact that when we use science, we have to use it in a way that is not political.” 

A key problem keeping the economy from coming back is the 135,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus, per tracking by Johns Hopkins University, which reported 61,352 new cases and 685 deaths on Saturday. Woolery didn’t say whether he thought the death toll was faked. 

Florida set a record for most single-day cases of any state so far with more than 15,000 reported Saturday, the same day Walt Disney World reopened in Orlando. Arizona, California, Florida, Mississippi and Texas have all set record highs for daily deaths over the last week. ----- 

Yet all of this is also happening as the left attempts to erase history, tearing down long-standing monuments to America's Founding Fathers and everything that's happening in 2020 looking more and more like part of the devil-crats pure evil plans to get President Trump out of office by 2020 by 'any means necessary', we'll agree with RX Kendrick's argument in July 5th ANP story titled "This 'Planned-Demic' And The Events Of 2020 Are The Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Carried Out By The Globalists To Complete Their 'Depopulation Agenda'- Is It Time For The American People To Carry Out Mass Citizen Arrests Of The 'Enemies Of America Within'.

Before we continue with a look below at Hillary's latest warnings about how President Trump may try to steal the election, let's take an important look at this new story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog which further illustrates the points made by Chuck Woolery and President Trump. 

Another wave of lockdowns has begun, and that is really bad news for the U.S. economy. The first wave of lockdowns resulted in the permanent closing of more than 100,000 U.S. businesses, colossal lines at food banks around the nation, and the loss of tens of millions of jobs. Needless to say, this new wave of lockdowns will make things even worse, and some are speculating that this is precisely what Democrats want. 

If the U.S. economy continues to fall apart as we approach the election in November, the thinking is that this will make President Trump look bad and will make it more likely that people will cast votes for Democrats. But there is also the possibility that this could backfire in a huge way for the left. If millions of Americans start to identify the Democrats as “the party of the lockdowns”, that could actually greatly help President Trump in November. 

At this point, the battle lines are becoming quite clear. President Trump and other top Republicans are strongly against more lockdowns, but Democratic politicians in many areas of the country are starting to institute them anyway. In fact, we just learned that all schools in Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta and Nashville will be closed at the beginning of the new school year… 

Resisting pressure from President Donald Trump, three of the nation’s largest school districts said Monday that they will begin the new school year with all students learning from home. Schools in Los Angeles, San Diego and Atlanta will begin entirely online, officials said Monday. 

Schools in Nashville plan to do the same, at least through Labor Day. Other major cities are expected to follow suit. Of course considering the quality of the education in most of our public schools, most of those kids won’t exactly be missing too much. Ultimately, closing the schools won’t have too much of an economic impact, but shutting down most of the businesses in our largest state certainly will. On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a comprehensive lockdown for 30 California counties which account for “about 80 percent of California’s population”…

Newsom, a Democrat, announced during a press briefing that all bars across the state must close up shop and that restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms must suspend indoor activities. 

The governor also announced that all gyms, places of worship, malls, personal care services, barbershops, salons, and non-critical offices in counties on the state’s “monitoring list” had to shut down under the new order. The order affects more than 30 counties which are home to about 80 percent of California’s population. 

Newsom is a political opportunist, and I guarantee you that he wouldn’t be doing this unless he truly believed that it would help Democrats in November. 

Yet as Snyder also points out, Democrats could be HUGELY underestimating the damage that these lockdowns are doing to their own chances of winning in 2020 as Americans grow angry.

But I think that Newsom and other top Democrats have greatly underestimated how much the American people detest COVID-19 restrictions at this point. We have been witnessing a huge backlash all over the country, and even though California is far more liberal than most other states, a backlash has been brewing there as well. 

If the Democrats are not very careful, they are going to lose an election that they could have very easily won. First of all, they should have never nominated Joe Biden. It is obvious to everyone that he is physically and mentally declining at a very rapid pace, and videos of him “acting creepy” will be viewed millions upon millions of times over the coming months. Democrats have known about Biden’s creepy behavior for many years, but they decided to give the nomination to him anyway

Secondly, most top Democrats have refused to strongly denounce the rioting, looting and violence that have happened around the nation, and this is going to push a whole lot of people toward the Republicans. 

Thirdly, the backlash against these new lockdowns is going to be directed primarily toward Democrats. If Democratic politicians push too far, this will be an issue that deeply hurts them in November. 

Which brings us straight back to the architect of the attempt to steal the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, and her deciding to throw her big mouth into the ring about how she believes President Trump will try to steal the election. You cannot make this stuff up! From the Daily Mail.

Hillary Clinton says the United States must 'be ready' for the possibility that Donald Trump will not 'go quietly' from the White House if he loses in November and may blame mail-in votes.

Hillary Clinton has said the United States needs to 'be ready' for the possibility that Donald Trump will refuse to leave the White House if he loses in November's election.

Speaking to Trevor Noah on Monday night's episode of The Daily Show, Clinton said she could not rule out voter suppression and foreign interference in this year's vote. 

Noah asked whether he may attempt, if he loses, to claim that the election was illegitimate and blame mail-in voting. Clinton said that Trump's repeated warnings of mass voting fraud, if mail-in ballots are in widespread use in November, did not stand up to scrutiny. 

'There have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it's just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim,' she said. 'There isn't that problem. All the games that are played ... to try and keep the vote down - that's the real danger to the integrity of our election, that combined with disinformation and misinformation and all the online shenanigans we saw in 2016.' 

She continued: 

'Republicans have two prongs to their strategy to try to win. 'The first is: try to prevent many people who they think won't vote for them from voting. So, make the lines really long, where young people vote of African Americans vote, or Hispanics vote.'

'Try to make vote by mail as difficult as possible, when in fact that is how Donald Trump votes, and everyone who knows vote by mail understands that.' She said she works with Democracy Docket to support lawsuits 'to make the vote available'. 

Clinton said there remained however 'real danger' of an election rigged to lower the turnout, or meddled with from abroad. 'Look, I want a fair election,' she said. 'If people get to vote and they, for whatever reason, vote for Donald Trump, OK, we'll accept it. Not happily. 

'But I don't think that's what will happen, because I think the more people who can actually get to the polls, whether by mail or in person, and get their votes counted, then we are going to have the kind of election we should have. 'And then it will be a win both in the popular vote and the Electoral College.' 'Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.' 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so do the calls from Democrats to allow for as much mail-in voting as possible in November to cut down on Americans standing in long lines to vote. Poll workers tend to be older Americans, who are also at the most risk if they contract the virus.

In the first video below we get to hear Hillary putting forth her propaganda on how she believes President Trump will try to steal the 2020 election while giving hints that very difficult times may be ahead with President Trump refusing to step down even if he loses. And in the 2nd and final video below, Mike Adams argues that President Trump will likely win re-election in 2020, setting the left up to cause mass violence and unrest across the country possibly leading to Civil War. 

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