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September 15, 2016

Dems Plan B Revealed - They Do Not Expect Clinton To 'Serve' As President, Just To Be Elected


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

September has been a complete disaster for the Hillary Clinton campaign, her "deplorables" remarks having backfired, then her serious health condition being put on full display before the American public after she passed out at the 9/11 memorial and had to be carried into her vehicle, all of which was caught on camera, and then Wikileaks dumping yet another round of hacked emails.

The leaked emails will be discussed in-depth in the video at the bottom of this article, there are some real shockers, but one specific email shows that while the Clinton campaign, the MSM and Democrats across the board were publicly calling any talk of Clinton's health  a "deranged conspiracy theory,"  Colin Powell and a Dem Donor were seriously worried about Hillary Clinton's health back in 2015, noting "She could barely climb the podium steps."


While reports are coming out about a polling shift in favor of GOP Nominee Donald Trump, it is noteworthy that according to Real Clear Politics, who has Clinton ahead by an average of 1.8 points, not one of the polls listed were fully conducted after Hillary passed out, each one including survey results from days before the game changing incident. 

Note- As I have said before, it will be at least next week before poll numbers come out that encompass only dates subsequent to the 9/11 incident, and even longer before the RCP average is representative of polling conducted after 9/11/16, as we see that they still have one being used for their average that was conducted from 8/26 through 9/1/16.

The point being, polls are a good indicator of a pattern of movement, but until all polls only represent dates after the 9/11 incident we truly have no way of knowing how much damage that video of seeing Hillary Clinton sway, knees buckling and then passing out cold, truly did to her numbers.



We have all seen the speculation and news reports that Democrats are lining up possible replacements for Clinton should she drop out of the presidential race, but given how Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton are still out on the campaign trail pitching a Clinton presidency, while she supposedly recuperates from the claim that she only has pneumonia, it is highly unlikely that Clinton will willingly drop out.

The real Democrat Plan B has practically been thrown in our faces by none other than former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland at a campaign event in Ohio, when he was talking about Democratic Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, where he stated that Kaine is "a wonderfully prepared person to be vice president, and to be the president if that ever became necessary."

Not only does the Democratic leadership know Clinton is not physically able to serve four years as President of the United States, but as Powell's email from 2015 shows, they have known for some time that Clinton is seriously ill, but they made a calculated decision that Clinton was the best bet they had to win the general election and planned accordingly to get her elected, then have Tim Kaine take over as president when she could no longer maintain the illusion of having the physical or mental capacity of doing so herself.

Passing out cold on 9/11 and the subsequent chaotic "damage control" attempts, were most definitely not part of the Democrats' Plan B,  which is why we are seeing panicked headlines now like "My gut worry about the polling shift toward Donald Trump," and "Trump's Path to Victory Is Starting to Look Very Real," even before polling data is representative of polls conducted after the 9/11 incident.

Mainstream media is already laying the groundwork to help Hillary Clinton avoid having the participate in the presidential debates if she doesn't feel up to it by floating the storyline of it possibly taking until October for her to recover, but all eyes will be on Hillary as she attempts to get back onto the campaign trail and now, it isn't just those "deranged conspiracy theorists" that will be watching her, but the general public that has suddenly taken an acute interest in Hillary Clinton "seizures" and "age."


As Clinton heads to North Carolina on Thursday, we can fully expect the mainstream media, who has just sunk to a new low in the latest polling on Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media to "report the news fully, accurately and fairly," to coordinate their narrative to how "energetic and upbeat," Clinton is, but behind the scenes, her personal medical crew, gurney and ambulance will be waiting at the back door.... just in case.


Democratic operatives do not really expected Hillary Clinton to serve a four year term as President (which was plan A), they just expect her to win the election for them, while being propped up until the swearing in, then for Tim Kaine to actually perform the duties of president.

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