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May 22, 2019

Is This Why Online Liberals Are Getting Crazier Every Day? Social Media Addiction Causes A Slew Of Negative Mental & Physical Effects And More Social Justice Warriors Use Social Media For Activism 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While not a fan of Big Pharma, at least the government regulates them to the point where they have to inform users of their drugs of the long list of side effects are, in their packaging and on their advertisements. Social media giants, like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, do not, yet the symptoms and dangerous side effects of social media addiction are far worse on the mental and physical health of Internet users.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri recently wrote an op-ed over at USA Today titled "Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are parasites. Maybe they should disappear," where he provided a very persuasive argument as to the detrimental physical and mental health effects of "digital addiction," specifically regarding social media websites.

While Senator Hawley provided a number of links showing studies of how social media addictions leads people to be more "impoverished, lonely, and despairing," further research into more recent studies show the severe mental and physical effects are even more dire than even Hawley describes.

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First and foremost, a user that visits a social media website to catch up with family, or grab pictures of family or friends, but does not actively spend a lot of time on the social media platform, nor interact much with strangers, that "follow" on Twitter or "friend"on Facebook, are not those that suffer these type of ill-effects.

Those that spend a considerable amount of time on social media, using it for activism, long debates sessions, and attacks, are the ones that cause themselves long-term health issues, physical and mental.

Hawley compares social media to a drug, a digital drug, and asserts that as with many drugs, it is addictive, and the social media leaders use that addiction for one purpose, to make money.

Here is how Hawley describes it:

Social media users understand this intuitively. You don’t go on Facebook to connect with a friend when you can just as easily call him or send her a text on your phone.

You don’t log on to find an article you’ve been meaning to read when you could just as easily find it yourself with a different service designed for that purpose, like online search.

No, you log on to Facebook to be on Facebook. Just for a minute. Or maybe a few. Or maybe an hour.

Let’s be clear. This is a digital drug. And the addiction is the point. Addiction is what Mark Zuckerberg is selling.

Like other drugs, this one hurts its users. Attention spans dull. Tempers quicken. Relationships fray.

And those are the benign effects. The Journal of Pediatrics recently noted a surge in attempted suicide: more than double the attempts over the last decade for those under 19, with a tripling among girls and young women 10 to 24. The study’s authors can’t prove social media is to blame, but they strongly suspect it plays a critical role. Congress has a duty to investigate that potential link further.

What Hawley doesn't mention, most likely because of the word limits most news outlets apply to op-ed contributors, is that there is an actual chemical reaction in the mind/body when someone who uses social media gets a "like" for a post, or a "share" of their comment or statement, as well as interactions of others commenting on a post.

When a social media post is shared, liked or otherwise receives positive attention your brain sends a chemical messenger called dopamine along a reward pathway, which makes you feel good, much the same as it does for someone that gambles or uses recreational drugs. Conversely, if a post is not liked enough, or shared or interacted with, users suffer depression, anxiety, loneliness or feelings of isolation and are miserable.

According to an article by Harvard University researcher Trevor Haynes, when you get a social media notification, your brain sends a chemical messenger called dopamine along a reward pathway, which makes you feel good. Dopamine is associated with food, exercise, love, sex, gambling, drugs … and now, social media. Variable reward schedules up the ante; psychologist B.F. Skinner first described this in the 1930s. When rewards are delivered randomly (as with a slot machine or a positive interaction on social media), and checking for the reward is easy, the dopamine-triggering behavior becomes a habit.

According to the website Addiction Resource, the symptoms associated with social media addiction include; 

• Sleep disorders
• Being overweight and obese
• Lack of physical activity
• Low success in school and work
• Feelings of guilt
• Anxiety
• Dishonesty
• Depression
• Low self-esteem
• Loneliness
• Headaches
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



We have often called online liberals the party of hate, death and perpetual outrage, because we consistently witness liberals forming online mobs to attack conservative users, organizing boycotts for any company that doesn't comply with their political and ideological demands, and demand unrestricted abortion rights up until the moment of birth, but further research indicates that social media addition and overuse, may very well have much to do with why so many online liberals act insane so often.

Examples can be seen from liberal Hollywood activist Cher, or Alyssa Milano, both constantly "screaming" in anger and angst, and typing in all caps while ranting and raving about their outrage of that particular day, or the death threats and rape threats by some of their followers sent on social media to conservatives or anyone that dares disagree with them. 

The examples are countless, seen each and every day.

So, why do we see more of this type of constant outrage and meltdowns from online liberals than any other ideological, political or partisan group?

November 2018, Pew Research published their findings on the types of activities that liberal Democrats use social media for, compared to other ideological and partisan groups. They found liberal Democrats are more likely to use social media to encourage others to take action for a cause; take part in groups that share interesting in an issue or cause; look for information regarding rallies or protests; change their profile picture to show support for a cause, and; use hashtags related to a political/social issue.


"Key civically minded activities" being a euphemism for "social justice warrior" activities and perpetual outrage. They gather in like-minded groups, then foment outrage, organize their boycotts, or simply target another user for the online "mob" to attack.

Via Pew Research:

These differences are present among younger but not older groups. For example, 74% of liberal Democrats ages 18 to 49 have engaged in one or more of these activities. That is double the share of conservative Republicans in the same age range (37%). But among those 50 and older, similar shares of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans use social media in this way (55% vs. 48%). Beyond age, there are other factors – such as educational attainment or race and ethnicity – that may influence whether Americans are politically active on social media. And it is worth noting that while majorities of Republicans and Democrats use social media in one form or another, Democrats are more likely to use multiple platforms.

Emphasis mine.

So, Democrats are not only getting their dopamine fix for the 'feel good factor', or lack of the fix which leads to anger, anxiety, depression, etc.... but they are getting it from multiple platforms, more than other ideological and partisan groups are.

Which brings about the never-ending posts like "WE SHOULD BE SCREAMING ABOUT THIS!," from people like actress and liberal pro-abortion activist Alyssa Milano:


The week before that Milano and other liberal activists on social media were outraged over Wendy's spicy nuggets. Each week, something new to be angry over, or someone to be mad at, or a boycott to organize.

One really has to wonder how these people stay so mad, so often, without imploding in on themselves. It is exhausting just watching them while doing research for articles like this one.


There are multiple studies that show a direct correlation between negative physical and mental health effects from those that are addicted to social media, and other studies that show that liberal Democrats are far more likely to use social media for their "social justice" activism, and to use multiple platforms for that purpose.

It can't be a cooincidence that liberals appear to be getting crazier every single day.

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