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March 14, 2019

The Endgame Is Upon Us: Destroy The Children By Indoctrinating Them Into Deviancy And Socialism And You Destroy The Future Of The Nation


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

One guaranteed way of destroying not just a nation, but the future of a nation, is by destroying the nation's children. From abortion to infanticide, to indoctrination of marxist/communist/socialist policies in our educational institutions, to parents and groups creating generations of "gender confused" children, to finally producing literal morons, then getting them elected into congress for far left liberal states.

Over the past few months we have seen the evil within the democrat/socialist party exposed as states have passed abortion laws that allow the murder of a baby right up until the moment of birth, with some discussing what to do after a baby has survived the brutal abortion attempt, but as we look around at the increasingly concerning news, we see that those determined to destroy America are closer to their ultimate endgame goal than many would believe.


Look to California to see how children as young as elementary school ages are being targeted by LGBT activists, creating programs and proposals to teach kindergartners that there are 15 genders, with some school districts refusing to allow parents to opt their children out of LGBT sex ed classes. These types of programs are being inserted into schools across the country.

Look to colleges across the U.S., and we see indisputable proof that America's universities are full of communist professors who are training students to become full-out socialists. SHTF Plan published a piece from Michael Snyder of End of the American Dream website, which put together a list of "50 actual college course titles that prove that America’s universities are literally training our college students to be socialists…"

I'll list just ten from their list of 50, so please click on over and read them all.

#1 Harvard University: FRSEMR 62O—Who is a Fascist? Culture and Politics on the Radical Right

#2 Princeton University: FRS 139—Marx in the 21st Century

#3 Yale University: AMST 469a—Progressivism: Theory and Practice

#4 University of Alabama: SW 351—Oppression & Social Justice

#5 University of Florida: WST 3349—Ecofeminism

#6 University of Florida: POT 4053—Great Political Thinkers: Machiavelli to Marx

#7 University of Kentucky: SOC 235—Inequalities in Society

#8 University of Missouri: PSYCH 4984—Promoting Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Capstone

#9 Middlebury College: AMST 0269—Beyond Intersectionality: Developing Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist Feminisms

#10 Middlebury College: ECON 0405—Economics of Discrimination

Make no mistake, the indoctrination is not just occurring in schools across the country, much of it is coming from within the home from the previous generation of indoctrinated socialists and gender confused parents.

The Daily Caller reported on Wednesday about a Facebook Group called Parents of Transgender Children, where parents discuss everything from prosthetic penises for their young girls, to teaching how to "pack," and "tuck." 

We are talking children as young as five years old.

One section caught my eye as they described what one parent was confused about.

Some conversations involve parents expressing confusion at their child’s lack of interest in prosthetic penises.

My kid doesn’t seem that miffed about not having a penis, which frankly throws me off a bit,” one reads.

Others simply ask for recommendations for the best “age appropriate” fake penises for their young children, as well as for “stand-to-pee” (STP) devices.

“The peeing upright is more important than the bulge for my 6 year old,” reads another.

The child isn't "miffed." In other words the child doesn't care that she doesn't have a penis. So, why is the parent trying to force her to care if she is comfortable exactly as she was born?

How is this not child abuse?

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I ask that question quite literally, because according to statistical data, the suicide rate among transgender teens is shockingly high in comparison to the national average, so these parents are pushing their young children,  as young as five years old, into a lifestyle that puts them at risk for a high rate of suicide.

• Nearly 14% of adolescents reported a previous suicide attempt; disparities by gender identity in suicide attempts were found.

• Female to male adolescents reported the highest rate of attempted suicide (50.8%), followed by adolescents who identified as not exclusively male or female (41.8%), male to female adolescents (29.9%), questioning adolescents (27.9%), female adolescents (17.6%), and male adolescents (9.8%).

• Identifying as nonheterosexual exacerbated the risk for all adolescents except for those who did not exclusively identify as male or female (ie, nonbinary). For transgender adolescents, no other sociodemographic characteristic was associated with suicide attempts.

As shown above, the lowest suicide rates are male adolescents, who are not gender confused, and then female adolescents, who are also not gender confused. 

Look, if a grown man wants to put on skirts and dresses, earrings and makeup and parade around, or a woman wants to cut her hair short and dress like a man, that is their business, but it is not right, nor healthy for parents to push children into confusion about their very identity just because the parents want people to think they are "woke."



If one wants to see the state of our "future," just visit Campus Reform or College Fix, where they provide daily updates on the absolute idiocy occurring across our nation's college campuses, because those students are the next to enter the "real world," which they are woefully unprepared for

I don't write much about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the NY congressKid, and a self-described Democrat socialist, because frankly going through her Twitter feed, and listening to the absolute lunacy of her UNresearched questions while in session, could keep a dozen writers busy all day and night, just to correct all her flubs and mistakes, but she is the perfect example of the type of misinformed, economically illiterate, dumbed down, person that is being pumped out of colleges these days.

In January 2019, The Daily Caller put out yet another 3-minute compilation clip of how often Ocasio-Cortez flubs and gets almost everything wrong. Not only did she graduate college, but she is also in Congress.

If more like her are part of the "future" of our nation, we are already well into the endgame. 

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