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September 1, 2021

Distractions And Deceptions Being Used To Keep The Masses Blinded As Globalists Position Themselves For More Endless War And Their Satanic 'New World Order' Is Rushed To Completion

By Alan Barton for All News Pipeline

What is behind this curtain? Can you determine what shell the pea is under? Where did that rabbit come from?

Global cooling, the next Ice Age – Global warming, we are going to melt all the ice.

Al Gore has used them both. We need immigrants to fill in the vast Western plains and further on past them, to tame the west and feed the Nation (and subdue the Native Americans). Stop immigration, especially the Irish and Italians, we are creating ghettos in our cities. Birth control, slow the growth, kill the unwanted children, they plug up the schools and use too much energy and time to educate and rear to adulthood. 

Allow the illegal invaders to pour over our borders, we need the workers, import Muzlim terrorists to keep them safe from umm, something. Build more Industry, we need the machines, mine the riches, smelt the ores, drill for petroleum we need the energy. Stop the factories, too much pollution, stop destroying the Earth with overburden and slag and such, petroleum byproducts are poisoning the air, water and land.

And keep murdering the children, especially the black ones. Times do change, and what was once the thing to do may not now be that thing to do any longer, but in the mean time, other things are brought to pass that are not seen nor noticed because there is always some other distraction to hide it from our view and minds.

The Great War is over and the world and our nation falls into a bit of a down turn, so cut the massive taxes and get our industry back so we can get people going to work again, an excellent idea that works better than expected. Thank you President Coolidge. Oh - Look over there, some drunks and some women that want to stop alcohol production, sales and use. Hello organized crime and massive profits and great underground “speak-easies”. Isn’t private enterprise great? Nope, shut it down, form a Federal Department to go to war against it and above all, raise the taxes to slow down those that want to actually make money and increase their businesses. But the end result is much higher control over our lives, the distractions worked well enough for the time being. 

Oh look, over in Europe, some fascists in Italy, some Socialists Germany, some communists in Russia – all of which the American and the British central banks along with major industrial giants have funded - and oh my, what to do? Oh, look over there, did you see that ship, the Lusi—Luci something or the other, sink with Americans on it? My oh my, what a coincidence, the Industrialists and Bankers, especially the bankers, need an excuse to make a major investment, so what to do?

We pay Germany to build their war machine, even though we mandated it not be rebuilt in a treaty just a short while prior; we pay the communists to build up a Marxist dictatorship in Russia so we can sell them war equipment. Don’t get distracted, but perhaps a Blitzkrieg against Poland might distract from our funding and arming the world through our industrial billionaires and their funding bankers. It is all pre-planned and executed according to plan, so what can we do to distract from the truth? Lets attack England, and maybe have Germany invade, but not really because the Central Banks (read as Rothschild enterprises) do not want too much change on their own turf, so help arm England and fill that nation with US troops to distract from the Satanists wanting to protect their little kingdoms of stolen wealth. Wow, did you see that over there? Germany bombed London! Let’s bomb Germany into total submission; we can rebuild them later on. 

And Italy, and France, and let’s not let the peons see that we are really protecting the Rothschild’s enterprises. And we did so, quite effectively I might add. It all distracts from who it is that is gaining more power over the world as a whole. We are not in China or Japan, so what to do? Irritate Japan by shutting off their oil supply, forcing them to invade other lands to obtain it. What distraction? Didn’t you just see Japan invade China and destroy our Navy in Pearl Harbor? They tried to take out our forces and presence in the Philippians too, eh? My oh my; they surrendered to us and we rebuilt them, except not so much in China except Taiwan and Hong Kong, some upstart communists ruined that plan, just don’t let it out that we also funded and led the communists there too. Let’s take advantage of this situation and build yet more reasons to arm nations and start more wars; it keeps the population down a bit and creates yet more lucrative production of war equipment to happen. So the War that included almost the whole world is gone, what to do now? We already have things in place to move into Korea, so yeh, now we’re talking, that might work; but let’s not let it climb too much and let it get out of control this time and just call it a “policing action” instead but don’t fight too hard and actually win. People are mumbling and protesting, so let’s move that war and start one in Cuba. That damned idiot Kennedy, look what he just did; he stopped the invasion of Cuba we had so carefully planned including false flags and everything. Let’s assassinate him for that indiscretion, and create some distractions to take the heat off of our little scheme.

And things go on and on; we fight in Viet Nam to get the war production up again (– hey lookie there, see what these damned hippies are doing? What the hell is “acid”?), then create some bad guys out of the muzlim populations in the Mid East, let’s use them to start some wars to fund and arm, both sides as always. That is a great plan, we can leverage all sorts of situations from that with some great false flag events and maybe even some kind of massive hit against our Mainland, like maybe bomb some buildings and blame it on some muzlim terrorists or the other. We can find some prominent buildings that the owners want torn down anyway. We can start all kinds of war actions from that little trick, can’t we? We can use it to distract from actions we are taking like in Africa and drug running in Central and South America, and maybe use it to get Russia out of Afghanistan so we can better control the worlds Opium crops and trafficking. Wow, now that is a nice way to replace the loss of Viet Nam sourced drugs and makes a larger profit to boot. 

That damned wayward irritant China is coming along nicely as we gain economic control over them said the Rothschild’s and their Illuminati, so we can work with them and Pakistan and maybe Russia to take over the extremely rich rare earth metals they have, perhaps even more than Bolivia and Alaska may have. And we can use some idiot stooges like some American political family to do so, and we can install whoever the hell we want in power in America because we control the elections system completely by this time. And distract who is doing it by having the DNC and the CCP work together to activate as we finesse the plans, the idiot populations will never know as we pull more distractions to keep them blinded.

We can take down the world’s population by massive numbers if we use some kind of pandemic, essentially a fake one as we have so sharply trained and practiced, so we can poison –errr - I meant, medicate a deathly product that we can make them fear the fake death totals from the flu --- err, I meant pandemic virus enough to take a deadly “vaccination”. I don’t see any distractions, do you? No Baltic invasions by Russia, no destructions and starvation and loss of life in Africa, no invasions and threats of invasions in the Western Pacific by China, no riots and burning down cities in America by NWO/Illuminate (CIA) owned terrorists directed by the DNC and FBI, no voting irregularities that installed an illegal regime by coup in the USA, nooo way kiddo - hey – wait, what is that over there? Those damned ISIS and Al-Qaida that we said were dead now and some friends that call themselves the Taliban that we started in Pakistan - look what they are doing now, and that should hide well enough our expansion of power into that region for the time being. What deception next? We do not want to see that the Americans have lost their Liberty and Constitution from our meddling in their elections just as we have planned out so very well.

Let’s start more riots and unrest as we amplify the lies of the pandemic and force worse controls on the idiots than we did on the Germans and Russians. They will never see what we are doing because we are so good at distraction and convincing them that their eyes and ears are lying to them yet again. (Didja see what that one gunman did in that Las Vegas shooting? Ignoring the fact that it was a well trained TEAM of PROFESSIONAL shooters.) Perhaps some fabricated food shortages and maybe some other shortages might do the trick for this time. Yeh, that sounds like a plan, let’s plan it out decades in advance as we have been learning to do lately. 

And let’s be sure to disarm those pesky little Americans so they do not become too ‘uppity’ and think they can restore their precious Liberties (and how many more planned false flag shootings will that take?). And do not let the aliens from those mysterious flying objects distract you from whatever as they are meant to do; take your attentions away from some other thing that you might notice. That scheme comes and goes as required to take attention away from something else, a great lie to use when needed. You can safely bet that they will be used as a major distraction soon enough through an incredible DECEPTION, they are just whetting the appetite of those to be subjected to it.

The lies used to take attentions away from what is really going on in the “-istans” region is amazing. The Afghan government will not fall for at least six or seven months at the soonest they said, the occupier of our White House will not leave any Americans behind he said, and they are all home now he claimed, and then says there might be a few here and there left; the “official” number is always changing, but flutters near 250~500 it seems at the moment, while outside sources including those on the ground in the arena say far more, perhaps in the many thousands trapped. Seven bus loads of girls along with many hundreds of other Americans are turned away from the airport even though the air lifts are mostly empty. We can take control of those checkpoints, but the idiot in the White House says NO. In many other tribal regions (they are a loose grouping of warring tribes, NOT a real nation), there are many hundreds more Americans trapped without any way to remove them from their doom. 

Terrorists are combing the streets and homes looking for Americans and assassinating them, anyone that helped us and our allies (and the pretender GAVE them the computers with all their identification and phone numbers and addresses), Christians are being slaughtered where they stand, the streets are filled with bodies and the MSM refuses to say anything even though the social media posts show photos and videos proving exactly the opposite. What kind of major distraction is being planned to take this fiasco, this well planned and executed fiasco, away from public attention? It is looking more and more perhaps like a major, a very major, war might be it. Not immediately, but let’s see what kind of distractions – deceptions is the better term perhaps - will be used to hide its inception and execution. China wants the income from those mines as well as Taiwan, Philippines and a number of other Asian Pacific islands, and they have many friends in that goal, including those Primary World Bankers and Illuminate friends.

Mirriam-Webster Definition of divert/distract attention

to try to keep people from noticing or thinking about something

Mirriam-Webster Definition of deception

1a: the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid : the act of deceiving - resorting to falsehood and deception

b: the fact or condition of being deceived 

2: something that deceives: TRICK

Satan does love a good lie; he is the Master of Deception and of Lies. His students are well taught ever since his first one, Cain.

Those Secret Societies are all associates in one fashion or another with the Primary Secret Society, that of the “Owners” of this Earth that work directly for the Evil One that thinks he is King of this Earth. His older brother, and ours, Jesus Christ has other plans for the end of this world that the evil ones running it right now think they can overcome. In actual fact, the Creator of this Earth is the Owner and King. But before His taking place as such officially here on Earth, there will be far more “distractions”, Deceptions and Lies, so stay aware, the cunning subtleness of the evil one is very believable to so many.

The Rothschild Family, how they got to be the wealthiest family in the world - video.

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