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July 13, 2016

Massive Communications Outages Coincide With Anonymous 'Day Of Rage' Protests On July 15th - Just A Coincidence Or Something More? Map Of Cities Where We Shouldn't Be On Friday Here

comcast_down_tuesday.jpg Comcast_down.jpg

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The charts from Down Detector for Comcast outages from Tuesday (above left) and Wednesday (above right) seem to show the recent widespread outages for Comcast originally reported upon by Local 10 News in Miami have been growing. Showing a huge swath of outages over much of the East coast and several large metropolitan areas of the West coast as well as pockets of outages throughout middle America, we see in additional screenshots below that Comcast isn't the only communications carrier now having problems and various carriers are having problems in nearly the exact same areas. 

Interestingly, ANP has also created a map of the Friday, July 15th 'Day of Action' protests in 37 cities across America and found quite an overlap between the 'protest cities' and locations where Comcast and other carriers have had service going out recently. Are these recent widespread outages part of a massive test of some sort? As this Zero Hedge story tells us, ''be aware but not there" in warning that violence may break out during these protests. You can see the two maps aligned below. 

Use this as a list of places NOT to be on Friday the 15th. While the video by Anonymous does specify non-violence and denounces the actions taken against police officers that were not involved in these deaths, with the tagline “Day of Rage” I think it’s safe to expect emotions to be running very high on both sides of the line. No matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives, these protests are not safe places to be. (You can see the Anonymous video ZH speaks of in the 2nd video below.)

First map shows cities across America where Anonymous' 'Day of Action' protests will be taking place on the 15th of July. As you can see, many of the cities where massive protests are taking place are some of the same cities where massive communications outages recently took place as seen in the 2nd map below. Should we consider this just a 'coincidence'? You can see the full list of 'day of action' cities embedded in the chart below videos. 


While ANP had no problems with our Comcast service on Tuesday, Wednesday morning began completely differently as we had to switch over to our back up satellite internet service as Comcast was down. While it didn't stay down for long, and has only stopped working once since then, we read in comments left on Comcast's facebook page and the Down Detector site for Comcast that this is an ongoing issue for many...and as you can tell by the comments screenshot below, there are many who are not happy about the situation.



We have reported on ANP that cutting off communications is a key strategy during times of war and we also know that such strategies can and have been used by members of law enforcement and the US military to possibly prevent the detonation of a bomb by terrorists who may be using cell phones as an instrument to induce their terror. Are we now watching preparation for something such as that in case the upcoming protests 'go south'? 

As ANP has pointed out in stories time and again over the past two years, there have been several times when cell phone service had been cut off in large areas mysteriously and largely across the board, with multiple companies suffering outages at the same time as was pointed out by Susan Duclos in this story.

As we see in the additional screenshots below from Verizon, Cox Communications, AT&T and Time Warner, many are now having outages in some of the same areas as Comcast. Is all of this some kind of test? The fact that most Americans now get their 'real news' from the internet nowadays is certainly one reason that the 'nwo' and 'globalists' might want to 'pull the plug' on the internet as many Americans awaken 'en masse' to the scourge globalism has heaped upon our lives. 

verizon_outages.jpg cox_outages.jpg

att_outages.jpg time_warner_outages.jpg

Outages for Cox Communications have in fact skyrocketed over the last couple of hours as seen in the screenshot below which show at least 846 reports just recently. Is there something going on with our communications systems that the America people don't know about? If this is all preparation to interupt terrorist attacks in America or something else entirely?

In the first video below we learn more about the nationwide Comcast outages while the 2nd video shares with us the Anonymous message for Friday the 15th. In the final video below we hear more about the protests on Friday in a major warning video. The full list of cities where we shouldn't be on Friday is embedded below videos.   


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