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November 5, 2016

With 'Election Night Doomsday' On The Minds Of Millions, America Prepares For Chaos As Insider Warns 'False Flag Of All False Flags' May Be On The Horizon


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The brand new story from NBC News that Steve Quayle linked to Saturday morning tells us that all across America, Americans are urgently getting prepared for an event that we pray never comes. Not only those 'digging a hole on their farm and filling it with MRE's' but schoolteachers, moms and very successful financial planners are getting ready. And not just in rural areas but in suburbs and cities all across America, Americans are preparing for post-election unrest that many are afraid could involve massive riots, power grid outages or a total collapse of our financial system we are told.

Reading almost like a survival story on ANP, the NBC News story actually offers their readers some very sound advice, reporting correctly that in a time of such devastation, food instantly becomes currency and in fact, becomes much more valuable than paper currency as paper rapidly loses its value while healthy food never will.

While we think it's absolutely fabulous that millions of people are getting prepared since we all know that the government won't 'take care of us' when everything comes crashing down, the fact that so many people are all getting the same ominous, foreboding feeling of danger ahead helps to confirm we're reading the signposts of history correctly.

In the video directly below, we hear all about Americans fears of 'election night doomsday' as millions across the country prepare for chaos by stockpiling food with worries that a Trump win could bring riots to cities across America while also being concerned that a Hillary Clinton win could bring World War 3 with Russia to US soil in 2017.

Much more below this video including more proof that Hillary and the globalists will stop at absolutely nothing to steal America away from the American people as well as a warning from a political insider that the globalists likely have the 'false flag of all false flags' now on the table with a legitimate Clinton win looking less and less likely every day. 

With ISIS recently threatening an epic attack upon American soil that will be facilitated by our wide open southern border, it's wise for Americans to remember that Clinton and ISIS are being funded by the same money and as we read in this new story from Infowars, the elites are getting desperate and with more and more signs pointing to Hillary losing the election.

And as we learn in this new story from Political Ears, according to 'Anonymous', the S is about ready to HTF for Clinton's campaign with potentially thousands of new email documents allegedly ready to be released in the next few days before the election. With Americans now having 100% proof that our political system is totally rigged while Clinton supporters remain in a state of ignorant bliss and denial, this new story from The Burning Platform warns we're already witnessing a sort of 'civil war' in America with a very real opportunity for peaceful 'regime change' in only days. We pray this 'regime change' remains peaceful. 


However, as this recent story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan tells us, there's a good reason the US government is now preparing for post-election chaos. Warning us that civil unrest and rioting in America after the election could quickly turn into open warfare on US streets between lunatic leftist Hillary supporters and armed Trump “Second Amendment” supporters, we pray that America remains strong enough that we never go down that road again. Americans fighting other Americans is something we should never want in this country - Americans working together across party lines may be the only way to take down Hillary and the criminal elite.

Should Hillary and the globalists outright steal this election, and it's quite obvious to the masses of American people, it's quite easy to guess that this country will never be the same again.

While there's no place for a 'banana republic' America with a completely corrupt leader who most Americans dislike, such a situation would also prove to the American people and the world we no longer live in a country 'under the rule of law'.

If America's 'dear leader' is able to get away with crimes of treason that have led to the deaths of American heroes, exposed a countless number of loyal public servants to danger via her careless handling of email not to mention all of her satanic behavior that has emerged in the last few days, 'America' is done. 


With such a 'steal of the US election' giving 100% proof to Americans that the will of the American people means nothing, we'd expect such a result might lead to immediate impeachment proceedings launched against her by Republicans in Congress, an attempt at a military coup to remove her and her sick band of satanists from power or God forbid, a bloody civil war on US soil.

Every day it's easier to see, if Hillary steals the White House, this will not end well for America.

With such a situation also absolutely destroying any remaining integrity within our government and America, we're not surprised that so many good men and women who work within our intelligence and law enforcement fields are working double time to make sure Hillary goes down before America does. For if she doesn't and ends up in the White House, the rule of law will be forever thrown upon its head in America - and our country will be made to pay for our decisions.

Just as the people of Germany were held responsible for the actions of Adolf Hitler, so Americans will likely be held responsible for allowing pure evil into the highest office of our land. In such cases throughout history, God has then cast His own judgement upon such lands and as we've seen throughout history, corrupt nations such as what we're seeing in America with Hillary Clinton have been completely destroyed for turning their backs upon Him.


Whether the destruction of America comes by nuclear war with China and Russia that leads to the deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans or a total economic collapse that leaves hundreds of millions more Americans without jobs, homes, food or hope for the future, it's clear to us that a Clinton presidency will leave America in shambles.

As we hear in the first video below from Infowars, political insider Roger Stone expects that we may see a massive false flag attack in America initiated by Clinton, possibly to be blamed upon ISIS, both clearly playing on the 'same team'. And as we hear in the 2nd video below, militia members in Georgia and elsewhere across America are getting ready for possible unrest following the election no matter who wins.

And as the NBC News story referenced at the top of this story tells us, millions and millions of Americans see the danger that faces us ahead and are taking very sound steps to prepare for it. And while the millions and millions more Americans who have no clue what's going on outside of Pokemon Go or their fights for same sex bathroom rights will likely end up in 'hillary fun camps' once this all comes crashing down, the fact that school teachers and moms are stocking up, ready to secure their own futures and the futures of their families, gives us hope America is prepared for the worst.

Here at ANP, we pray that moment never comes and through a Donald Trump victory on Tuesday, America's integrity as a great and free nation, not a lawless banana republic, remains peacefully intact for the future of all free humanity.

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