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July 28, 2021

Damning Evidence Hidden In Plain Sight The Left's Power Play Towards Tyranny And Nuremberg Level Crimes Against Humanity Were Planned Out Long Ago To Usher In A 'New World Order'

- Everything Happening Now Pushes Forward The UN's Agenda's '21 And 2030'

Story by William Dunn for All News Pipeline

As "Event 201" (held in October 2019), and the "SPARS Pandemic" document published in 2017, laid out in detail long before the arrival of Covid, this 'SCAMDEMIC' was well planned in advance. 

This entire pandemic, referred to by its proper name, THE EUGENICISTS DEPOPULATION PROGRAM, is an obvious attempt (to those who've been paying attention) to cull the world’s population and to install a 'NEW WORLD ORDER'

With the globalists depopulation program via 'scamdemic' all hidden in plain sight, you can see the 'Event 201' document at the very bottom of this story. While that document in itself is damning, the signs this thing was planned long ago surround us and are largely hidden in plain site. 

One thing is certain; this scamdemic is not a natural occurring pandemic derived from a wet market bat in China. Dr. Fauci’s gain of function work has laid this assumption to rest – and seemingly the only issue regarding this is that HE GOT CAUGHT! (ANP: Bank robbers, murderers and spouse beaters also hide their crimes, think the guilty would admit to Nuremberg level crimes upon humanity?) 

This incident should be a lesson to everyone. We have been locked away for a year and a half, and the economy DESTROYED, and many lives FURTHER DESTROYED (suicides are WAY UP), over what is proven to be based on LIES. 

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Among the never-ending series of lies that the American people have been told include the following.:

- The rt-PCR test, which stands for a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test is the standard COVID-19 test. It is run at “cycles”, which are degrees of amplification. The “cycle threshold” is the cut off which is run in order to determine if a sample fragment exists. Running it at an excessive number of cycles will amplify anything, so that false positives are rampant. 

There are many estimates that at a cycle threshold above 30 results in 100% false positives. This test is typically run at 40 cycles or higher, in fact the CDC states 45 cycles, thus almost guaranteeing FALSE POSITIVES. These false positives, known throughout the world as “cases” are then used to justify lockdowns, quarantines, etc., etc., etc.

(ANP: Not surprisingly, the rt-PCR test has been nixed by the CDC due to far too many false positives!

- The lockdowns, based on the above false positive PCR tests, have been used to kill off small businesses so that their larger competitors can thrive (bog box, Amazon, etc.), all the while enriching a small cabal. Is this the “new world order” that WE want, destroying individual actors and businesses in favor of a few of the cabal? Well, this is what we have, like it or not. 

- The “vaccines”, which are NOT VACCINES but rather mRNA genetic engineering shots, result in in an absurd amount of wealth for the Medical-Industrial Complex (remember the Military – Industrial Complex? This is that on steroids). Is this what we want? Well, again, this is what we have, like it or not. 


And the lies to the American people continue.:

- The “vaccines” churn out millions of spike proteins, which we know cause myocarditis, among other ailments, INCLUDING DEATH (I would suggest checking the CDC’s VAERS database but that only reports an estimated 1% of the actual data). 

We also suspect that the spike protein causes infertility as it accumulates in the ovaries. It is still too early to tell for sure, however this is suspected. Is this what we want? Well, you guessed it, this is what we have, like it or not.  

- The largest objection I get is: “what about the people who died of COVID”, or “my aunt died of COVID.” Well my heart goes out to anyone who has suffered, BUT THEY DID NOT DIE FROM COVID!! 

Unfortunately, they probably died from one or more of several “comorbidities” and were “diagnosed” as having COVID via the same “false positive generating” rt-PCR test mentioned above. 

It is the same scam, however conducted on the dying or dead. The people behind this are EVIL. 

But….. aren’t we ALL supposed to ‘stop the spread”, and “flatten the curve”?? Wasn’t that our marching orders? Oops – I guess we forgot about that sideshow. 

This PLANdemic has some answers to provide, doesn’t it?? I could go on and on. The objective of those running the show is progressing nicely, thanks to the blinded fellow travelers and useful idiots. Just as planned.


Thankfully, many people are fighting back as seen in the linked stories below. 

1. Dr Reiner Fuellmich is launching a Nuremberg II – his web site is very complete Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity at ( 

2. American Front-Line Doctors has filed suit to prevent vaccinations in children however their filing list a complete summary - Alabama TRO/Complaint/Preliminary Injunction - America's Frontline Doctors (

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