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August 19, 2021

Exclusive ANP Images Show The Truth Of The Food Shortages That The Media Are Keeping From The American People - Shelves Of Meat, Eggs, Cereals And More, Depleted

Eggs aisle, Walmart in Vestal, NY.

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we note periodical national news stories abut food shortages and price increases, they are generally individual stories that have been shared and highlighted by Independent Media to the point where the MSM must at least address it, even if just to downplay it.

While the media has their "sources" for information, what Independent Media, including ANP has, are people from coast to coast willing to send us firsthand accounts as well as images taken at local shopping establishments, which tells a far more disturbing story than what the establishment media will acknowledge.

Stefan Stanford used a number of the first set of images and emails sent to us on an August 15, 2021 article, and since then we have received, via email and in the comment section, a number of other accounts and images, showing emptied sections in grocery aisles, accounts of limits placed on water in one local establishment, along with a number of other observations.

Those include but are not limited to; Far earlier expiration dates on canned goods; Produce seeming to go bad much quicker than previously; Including milk that sours far faster than it used to; shelves that seems to be increasingly full of products other than food, and; more shrinkflation where items have begun to be packaged smaller, but the prices remain the same or increased by a smaller margin.

Note To Readers: This will be an ongoing series as food becomes more sparse and prices rise faster than consumers can afford, so if at all possible, please continue sending us images and observations.

Giant Eagle, Edinboro, Pa. Lunchable rack  8/13/21


In the images sent, from a variety of different states, we have noticed that some items are missing from the store shelves in different sets of images, sent by different individuals, indicative of a supply chain issue on that particular product that will most likely start being seen throughout the country.

For example, images sent to us on August 15,, from Vestal New York, shows a seriously depleted cereal aisle. Images sent on August 17, from Colorado Springs shows cereal depletion on the aisles as well.

Vestal, NY.

Colorado Springs, CO.

From one end of the country towards the other, cereal is an issue, and as things worsen between price increases and supply chain issues, we should expect this to start being noticed by more people sooner rather than later.

Amazon search page for breakfast cereals 

One of the messages left with the Colorado images, includes the following observations, along with more images that will be shown below.

Also attached are some pics from my local Walmart just out side of Colorado Springs. These pics I took Monday August 16th. What I observed are a couple of things. some canned good have "Best buy dates" earlier than the cans I have had for almost a year. (green beans bought yesterday BBD is June of 22, those purchased almost a year ago have BBD of 2024) This would indicate that they are cleaning out the main warehouse. Over the past few weeks i have noticed milk that is expired by several days being left in the coolers. 

I was there Monday about 5pm and the weekend makes some things scarce normally, by later afternoon on Monday things are restocked. For example Frito Lay, bread, Little Debbie or soda companies usually restock early morning but that was not the case yesterday or the 3 previous weeks. 

Today I was in Costco and noticed they are completely out of bottled water and a sign indicated limits of 5 cases per person. 

Portions of Colorado have been under a water conservation order, which helps explain why residents are stocking up on water.

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, 16.9oz Bottles (Pallet of 78 Cases)

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Amazon water search page.

Costco is also reportedly suffering shortages of chips, oils, canned dog food and breaded chiken breast chunks.

More images from New York and Colorado, below. Links for the items shown to be depleted in the images below, will be added beneath the picture. 


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Vestal, NY.

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 Powdered Milk

Vestal, NY.

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Powdered Egg Bucket, 144 Servings

Vestal, NY.

Fruit Juices

In the comment section, reader What The Heck offered up an images along with some observations.

Went to town to shop was really crowded for a Tuesday morning....people buying large quantities of non- perishable foods. The shelves weren't empty, but they sure weren't stocked fully. The paper plates section was nearly bare.

This was at the Wee-Mart (Wal-Mart) in Polson, Mt. The shelf in Safeway for paper products was the same. Of course these stores are on the route to and from for Glacier Park, and it is tourist season. Safeway was the same as Wee-Mart as in the shelves weren't fully stocked. Not too many people with masks on.


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Colorado Springs, CO.

Canned Foods

Colorado Springs, CO.

Pasta search page.

Colorado Springs, CO.

Fruit Snacks and Roll Ups

Walmart in NY.

Variety, 15-Year Shelf Life, 60 Servings

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Other items in images sent to us include a depletion of laundry detergent, towels and other non-food items and lots of empty spots on the children's toy aisles.

Another point made via email is a slight rise in price on canned chicken, but as the reader points out, it equals an 11% increase from one Friday to the next.

Today Monday 08/16/21 they are now selling them for 1.60 a can.

Yes, the nominal increase is .16 cents however when one converts this to a percentage.

We are looking at an 11.1% price increase for the same item.

I know I am not making 11.1% more now than I was since Friday.

That is an important point many don't look at when seeing a simple .16 cent increase. 

If you are paying an 11% increase, but not making 11 percent more money, then you are either spending more or getting less. In some cases, both spending more and getting less (in the case of shrinkflation).


As the droughts continue, more states lockdown, and people refused service for not having a vaccine passport, we can fully expect more supply chain shortages.

On top of attempting to recuperate from the last wave of shortages, this time is guaranteed to be worse.

Stock up, replace anything used, or top off your present preps.

Be prepared for what is coming.

NOTE: A thank you to all that have emailed images and shared your experiences. Images can be sent to or Images and observations emailed will be used in follow up pieces in this ongoing series.

The full Spectrum Survival audience also sent in images to him, and many of them from all across the country are seen in the video below.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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