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August 26, 2014

Expert Expects 9.2+ Earthquake Triggering Up To 15 Parallel Faults! 

By Susan Duclos

David Knight is joined by computer programmer and seismology expert Stan Deyo, who correctly predicted the recent immense earthquake that hit California, doing up to a billion dollars in damage. According to reports Deyo has an almost 90 percent accuracy rating using Naval data in making his predictions, and he drops a few bombshells in the interview below.

Deyo and Knight discuss the recent strange earth seismic activity we have been seeing across the globe in places like Iceland, Japan, Peru. With "bottomless" sinkholes reported in the UK, massive cracks in the earth showing up in Northern Mexico, among the variety of reports, Deyo's assertion that should the Juan De Fuca stressed plates, which are well overdue to release, we are looking at a 9.2 - 9.3 PLUS earthquake which would trigger up to 15 other parallel faults, including the San Andreas Fault,  is well worth listening to.

He explains in detail what he is seeing by looking at the data, talks about the ring of fire all the way to the San Andreas fault in this must-see segment.


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