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March 13, 2021 

An Entire Generation Of Young Americans Being 'Indoctrinated' To Give Up Freedom And Accept Tyranny Is Another Sign We're Being Herded Towards 'Extinction'

- Never Forget, Governments Are The All Time Leader In Mass Killings

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the third month of 2021 bringing somewhat warmer weather to parts of the country and glimpses of summer fun as 'covid' slowly goes the way of all 'globalist contrived events' once their 'usefulness' has worn off, we're not surprised of a return to same-old, same-old, with antifa attacking a federal building in Portland, Oregon, and that attack being largely ignored by the mainstream media. 

While the demonization of President Trump and his supporters continues, with talk of President Trump's future arrest filling the leftist/mainstream medias, this important new story over at Liberty Loft that the Liberty Daily linked to on Friday is but one warning of the challenges America faces in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, with an entire generation of Americans being 'trained' to give up their freedoms

And with the globalists clearly using Covid-19 as a bludgeon against the US Constitution and the American people to hammer away at our God-given rights that are merely protected by the Constitution, as Steve Quayle and his list of distinguished guests will warn us in an upcoming streaming podcast event called "EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS", the destruction of the human race has kicked into high gear, with the Globalists plotting the deaths of 90% of the Earth’s population

While long called 'conspiracy theory' by the mainstream media, the 'depopulation agenda' that Steve Quayle warns us of can be seen 'written in stone' upon the Georgia Guidestones, a granite 'monument' erected in 1980. With the Guidestones specifically calling for 'maintaining the population of humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature', (a HUGE DROP of more than 7 billion from our 2020 7.8 billion population!), we also can't help but keep coming back to and their 'forecast' that the US population will be only 99 million by 2025, a drop of nearly 230 million from our 328 million population back in 2019.  

So we're going to be taking a look at that June 11th and 12th 'EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS' conference in the next section of this ANP story, a conference that will feature presentations from Steve Quayle, Catherine Austin Fitts, Gary Heavin, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Egon von Greyerz, Mike Adams, Lisa Haven, Paul Begley, Dave Hodges, Daniel Holdings, and more.

As Steve Quayle warns us in his Conference introduction, we the human race are currently facing an unimaginable list of haunting challenges: Forced Vaccinations, Alien Disclosure, Geological Upheaval, AI Terminator Robots, Solar Storms, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Loss of Freedoms & 2nd Amendment Rights, the End of Paper Money, and the Explosion of Crypto Currencies and Precious Metals among them

And while some of the challenges ahead might seem daunting, we've always believed that the best way to prepare ones self for anything is to be encouraged that one can beat what one is facing by being equipped with knowledge, for wisdom always helps to alleviate and dispel an unknown future.  

From EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS: This panel of expert speakers will encourage, equip and warn you for the days of darkness ahead. Tribulations are unfolding, minute by minute, and time is running out. We must all be prayerful and prepare to overcome the most perilous time in Earth’s history. Virtually join us for Extinction Protocols 2021!

And we see in today's headline stories those warnings now playing out. 

From Democrats pushing for an 'assault weapons ban' in their new 'gun control bill' to warnings of mandatory vaccinations being required for Americans to 'do certain things', as leftist author Naomi Wolf recently warned, Covid-19 will lead America to become an 'authoritarian nation' if we let it. 

But thankfully, people all across the country are now saying NO to the tyranny and making their voices heard loud and clear. From 'mask burning parties' across the country to 300,000 mask-less, leather clad bikers 'flexing their defiance' in Daytona Beach, Florida, telling Joe Biden "This is America. You can't tell us what to do", our politicians in Washington DC and across state houses in America are being reminded they are but 'public servants'

So while we fully expect to see the globalists using that 'public defiance' against the public by bringing in some kind of new false flag like they're now seeing in Brazil where they face their 'deadliest Covid-19 chapter ever', we continue to serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for absolutely anything in the days and weeks ahead, fully knowing and understanding that the globalists are pushing their 'end game' to 'the end'

And as this previously mentioned story over at the Liberty Loft points out, they're getting a huge helping hand ushering in their tyranny from the younger generations who are being 'trained' to simply accept medical tyranny. From that story.

As I scrolled through some news articles on Thursday, one particular article caught my attention. CNN ran the article and it was talking about a new generation that is being referred to as Gen C or Generation COVID. 

The concept is that the global pandemic which has struck our world is creating changes among a generation of kids that are growing and developing through all the craziness. Throughout the article, several examples were shared of how this pandemic is affecting this ‘Gen C’ in ways that others may have not experienced in the past. It spoke of canceled birthday parties, the inability to see family, and more. Images filled the page showing kids that were in masks, in contact with other people behind glass doors, and images of a child where the parent was creating a TikTok video explaining how the child had yet to know what a playdate was really about. 

Now that they have the idea in everyone’s mind that things may never be the same, everyone will be more accepting of what their ultimate goal is. That’s not to push us into universal income or housing necessarily. Those are part of the plan, but it’s not the ultimate plan. The ultimate plan is that Democrats across the country realized they needed to take the indoctrination of young people a step further than simple “socialism.” 

For this exercise, they went directly after American freedom through public health. They convinced Americans that they must give up their rights to free enterprise, religion, speech, and more amid this “health crisis.” They convinced them they were safer at home, relying on government intervention. They convinced them that they were better off relying on the government for income, food, housing, and more. They have worked to convince Americans that the government must be trusted and that anyone who is not focused on their health is spreading disinformation and cannot be trusted. 

Enter Gen C, a generation that may never know American freedom. These children have witnessed Americans that willingly gave up their freedom for a bit of personal security. They have heard the stories about how a former President and his supporters were crazy to say that lockdowns, mandatory orders, and more were unconstitutional. They have heard that if someone is not interested in your personal health and willing to sacrifice for your comfort, they are not religious, concerned, or perhaps they deserve to be silenced and cut off from society. 

We have a generation that is coming up that has been conditioned by the Left that government intervention is the best. They are convinced that “experts” always have the best ideas and that you simply should not think for yourself. They are convinced that they should willingly give up their freedom, for a little comfort.

And why should that generation give up what they now have? As ANP reader 'The Future Past 1' mentioned a short while ago in an excellent comment on this story: "This young generation are loving their socialist scraps from their government masters. Will help them pay for their sex changes while they sit on their @sses and draw welfare and have more kids so they can get more benefits. Over 60% of this country is on some type of government handout......we are screwed."

So with convincing 'Generation C' that 'freedom' is a good thing to be widely appreciated and widely spread just part of the huge challenges that Americans face in the year ahead, as we hear in the only video below from the Hagmann Report featuring Steve Quayle, nothing less than the complete takeover and total takedown of America is the globalists 'end game'. Something that every free American should prepare to 'resist' with governments the leading mass killers in all of history and the US government certainly not 'immune' from falling into a behavior we've seen repeated over and over again.

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