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February 9, 2018

FDA Tyrants Declare War Upon The 1st Amendment And The American People While Promoting 'Big Pharma Mafia' And Their Deadly Poisons That Have Killed Millions Of Americans

- QAnon Drops Bombshell: Are Big Pharma/FDA Thugs Murdering Holistic Doctors, Too?†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As if the FDA and their head Scott Gottlieb needed to give the American people any more proof how corrupt that they are while being joined at the hip with the 'big pharma mafia', we get it in this new story over at Yahoo News which the Drudge Report recently linked to. Reporting that the Food and Drug Administration has just launched what is akin to an all-out terror attack upon the free people of America with their latest attempts to ban an herbal product that millions of Americans use daily in place of big pharma's deadly poisons to safely manage pain, should we be surprised?

While President Trump recently stated at the State of the Union that he was in favor of expanding the options of experimental treatments for those who are dying, our own public servants, the FDA, have instead decided to take it upon themselves to further tyrannize those same suffering Americans to benefit their criminal cronies at Big Pharma who are making millions off of the opioid crisis and the deaths of millions of Americans.

As we reported on ANP back on February 1st, a shocking story out of a small West Virginia town PROVES that 'big pharma' is the biggest drug pusher in America, pushing over 20 million painkillers into a town of just over 3,000 people over several years. Why will the FDA allow big pharma terrorists to push their deadly poisons while trying to ban all-natural products?

And now we learn in this recent story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan that the very same FDA tyrants are attacking the 1st Amendment itself, the very base of our Constituion, leading us to ask, has the FDA exposed themselves as another 'enemy of America within' as they launch war upon the 1st Amendment and the American people? From Slavo's story:

Is The Constitution Going Up In Vapor? According to the Pacific Legal Foundation, it most certainly is, literally.

PLF has filed a lawsuit against the unconstitutional Food and Drug Administration over what is being promoted as a healthy alternative to smoking. Itís a product that has been sweeping the nation for a couple of years now, and it called vaping.

Part of the claim is that the FDA devised a rule against vaping that appears to clearly attack the First Amendment by regulating what can be said about a product, even if those claims are true.

How in the world is a product that produces water vapor a tobacco product? On what planet does that fly? The same one that the same Communists tell us we are in the midst of global warming, over population and need a nanny state to tell us what to eat and drink.

Itís unconstitutional because only Congress has legislative authority under our Constitution. Our Constitution doesnít even mention an FDA, which has actually been the promoter of numerous drugs that have killed hundreds of thousands of people, according to its own website.

POLL BELOW: Should the FDA and every other US government agency that terrorizes the American people be disbanded?


As we also reported on ANP back on September 1st of 2016, the last time the FDA prepared to terrorize the American people by attempting to ban kratom, "the same 'elements within the US government' who are preparing to terrorize Americans by banning Kratom ALSO corrupted veterans' health care"†as even 'far left' Salon reported back in 2016:

Veterans are losing the war at home: Making America pain-free for plutocrats, Big Pharma.

Those who profit from this country's endless wars are one and the same - the 'war criminal plutocrats' in Washington DC and 'big pharma'.

As we hear from the Daily Sheeple in the first video below, the war that the FDA has declared upon free Americans should be an outrage to EVERY American, regardless of whether or not they agree with prohibition. Just like the FDA attempting to ban homeopathic medications, we're witnessing government tyranny unfolding before our eyes.†

The Government...ANY GOVERNMENT, doesn't have the right to go through your mail in search of a LEGAL product and then seize/destroy said LEGAL product....but trust the Government because they have our best interest at heart.... yeah right!

And while the Yahoo story reports that there have been a whopping 44 deaths involving the herbal supplement kratom since 2011, less than 7 people a year, and even those numbers are totally skewed as the dead had other 'big pharma' poisons in their system, Food and Drug Administration head Scott Gottlieb is the very face of corruption as he has received nearly a half-million dollars from Big Pharma according to Pro Publica and has a direct working relationship with the manufacturer of fentanyl, Cephalon, according to United States Senator Ed Markey.†

For those who haven't been paying attention, opioids that the FDA and Scott Gottlieb approve of are now the LEADING cause of death among young Americans with big pharma's opioids killing over 64,000 in 2016†alone.†So, WHY do they really want to ban kratom?†And why does FDA Head Scott Gottlieb WANT Americans to die while he enriches himself and helps to enrich big pharma's mafia off of their deadly poisons?


While not directly tied to the tyranny that 'big pharma' and their 'cowardly whipping boys' over at the FDA are preparing to unleash upon the American people, in an interesting series of posts recently made by QAnon over at 8Chan, Q goes directly at not only big pharma†but also the mysterious deaths of medical researchers going back at least 5 years and the billions and billions of dollars being made by big pharma terrorists.

As he mentions in this first post below, our minds will be blown by the chain of command.†

What should Americans know about the abuses of our pharmaceutical system and its ties to government agencies such as the FDA and why are people such as Scott Gottlieb permitted to enrich themselves while Americans die off of Gottlieb and countless other government dregs just like him profiting?†


And there we go again...the mention of dead medical researchers in the past 5 years.†Is this another hint that 'big pharma' or their cronies over at the FDA are 'taking out' medical researchers or holistic health care practitioners?

As Erin Elizabeth has been reporting over at Health Nut News for several years now, there has been an extraordinary number of alternative medical doctors who have met their mysterious and untimely ends.

Is 'big pharma' the very head of the globalist beast that has long been working to 'take down America'? We'll totally agree with 'QAnon' and his statement: "These people are sick!" How 'sick' are they? Are they murderers?†


Is it time for President Trump to disband the failed FDA? While approving poisons from Monsatan, nutrasweet, and the list goes on and working 'hand in mouth' with big pharma terrorists who are murdering Americans with their poisons, ANY government agency that attempts to tell free Americans what helpful foods or herbs that we can put inside of our own bodies is doing the work of tyrants.†

The mere fact that the FDA claims that kratom is dangerous while allowing big pharma's poisons to continue to murder countless Americans every day tells us everything that we need to know: The FDA and particularly FDA Scott Gottlieb are corrupt to the core and the perfect example of a useless government agency that Americans can do without.††

And with the FDA proving they've gone all out tyrants by attempting to ban the 1st Amendment as well, we can firmly say that the FDA is another 'enemy of freedom and America within'. As Mike Adams reported over at Natural News back in 2007 in this story titled Tyranny in the USA: The true history of FDA raids on healers, vitamin shops and supplement companies", the FDA has long history of tyrannizing Americans.

Is the FDA also doing the dirty work of 'big pharma terrorists' and assassinating American healers of today, the 80+ alternative health care practitioners who have met their untimely ends? As 'QAnon' mentions, we'd love to see the 'chain of command' of the big pharma mafia and their 'terror enablers' within the FDA.

In closing, should the FDA and every other US government agency that terrorizes the American people be disbanded?†

Should the FDA and every other US government agency that terrorizes the American people be disbanded?
No, they are heroes to us sheeple...
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