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April 27, 2021

Fem-Men And Feminism Are Destroying America -  Feminizing Men Is Societal Suicide And Part Of The Depopulation Agenda

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have all seen the propaganda that claims that to speak out against "kid trannies" means you are "transphobic," or to speak out against feminism means you are sexist, or if you defend masculinity from a constant litany of attacks, you are supporting the "patriarchy."

Frankly it is hard to keep track of what we are accused of if we disagree with the media/liberal narratives on any given topic being pushed into American homes.

The chemical castration of men from household products used daily, along with the attempts by feminists to turn every man into a beta-male while screeching that masculinity is "toxic," while the media continues to hype "gender"  changes for children by using body altering drugs before or during their teens, has led us to a nation where the image below and above, are treated as "normal."

No it is not normal....there, I said it.

CEO fired for telling teen in a dress, shown above "You have hair on your chest, you shouldn't be wearing a dress."  

If war, disease and famine do not destroy America first, the feminization of the American male, certainly will. 


Feminists are quick to claim that "we can do anything men can do," yet now that opportunities in all fields for women are available, they are still choosing to do work that while necessary,  does not equal the "building of America" that men still apply for and work at every day.


• Constructions workers: Women compose 9.9 percent of construction industry trades.

•  Aerospace engineers: Less than 8 percent of aerospace engineers are female.

• Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: In these traditional male jobs, only 5.2 percent of pilots and flight engineers are women.

• Firefighters: Women have yet to make headway in this male-dominated field; they represent only 3 .5 percent of today's firefighters.

Other occupations such as carpentry, architects, truck driving and automotive services remain some of the most male-dominated.

Those are just a few examples showing that men are who builds this country.

Make no mistake, I am not claiming that women are not just as important in other areas, teachers, nurses, personal assistants, etc.... all part of making the world go round, but the attacks on masculinity and the feminization of men, are leading us to a time where building homes and offices and other infrastructure will not move fast enough to support population growth and keep Americans safe.  

Who protects lives when a building is on fire... men. Same theme with engineers. Who keeps our vehicles running so we can live our lives... men. Who literally designs the building of a nation..... men.

You get the point.

Men do far more work that requires more physical strength because, and yes I know this is heresy to feminists, but men and women are physically different.

Rather than celebrate those differences, there are groups trying to erase them. 

That will not be the case if feminists, LGBT, the trans movement, liberals and the media have their way, as they are the primary promoters of the feminization of the Alpha male.

It is getting to the point that in many cases, one cannot even tell if the person was born a man or a woman.

Offering up an example to prove I am not just making this claim, but that it truly difficult to tell the difference, is a image of mugshots ANP posted the other day, and one of the people is named "Michael,".

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Note - I am not mocking these people, I am pointing out that as a nation, we are destroying the core of reproduction by chemically castrating and feminizing men, while attacking their masculinity as "toxic."


If an adult man wants to wear a dress and make up, so be it. If a adult women wants to dress as a man, so be it.

I don't care what adults do, that is there business, but many didn't "naturally" make up there own minds, they were pushed by overly "woke" parents that want their young children to "decide their gender," rather than explaining that biologically a person is born with a penis and women are not.

The proof in that is by how many are not trying to "de-transition," and trying to go back to the gender they were born, but to which have already had their bodies altered irreparably. 

The following chart speaks volumes about children being pushed or allowed to decide to alter their bodies to "transition."

Related: From trans to detransitioner – what can we learn from this growing trend?


Looks at the ages where "identifying" as transgender or nonbinary begins, where people over 26,  only do it in single digit percentages, because adults see things far differently than children do.

A female child transitioning to a male are given drugs to make birth unlikely. A male that is given hormones to feminize themselves, and decides to surgically change their appearance (cutting of their penis), cannot procreate.

It is literally a depopulation agenda, and yet "woke" parents, along with the media continue to encourage this type of societal suicide.  

 Below we see a couple, who obviously has been in lockdown for far too long, but somehow thought it a good idea for the wife to totally feminize the husband.

This is not normal.

Exit Question: Gentlemen, would allow the woman in your life to do this? Ladies, would you do this to the man in your life?


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