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January 21, 2020

Feminazis Three Year Temper Tantrum Continues:  Women's March Full Of 'Nasty,' Whiny Snowflakes Who Are Abusing Their Children


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Three years after the first "Women's March," which began the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated, women across the nation once again created their handwritten signs, some of which were so ridiculous one would think a child made them, and gathered to "march," and protest, yet everyone asked, every story written seems to offer a different reason for the protest, making it clear, they truly do not know what, as a group, they are collectively protesting.

Despite the fact that each year since the first "Women's March" in 2017, the numbers of attendees have dwindled, because frankly, the whole thing started as a protest against President Trump being elected in a constitutional, Democratic election, and only diehard whiners and "nasty" women have the incentive or energy for a three year temper tantrum.     

Washington Times gives us some context on the numbers:

The upheaval has taken its toll. The crowd that braved frigid temperatures Saturday at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., was estimated by media outlets at fewer than 10,000 participants — the National Park Service permit projected between 3,000 and 10,000 — a significant drop-off from previous years.

Last year’s gathering in Washington, D.C., which was also hit with bad weather, was estimated by the Crowd Counting Consortium at about 100,000, while the landmark inaugural 2017 march drew more than a half-million.

These marches have accomplished nothing and it appears that more women understand that than don't because more stopped showing than continue to attend.

(Signs for the 2020 Women's Temper Tantrum protest)


Interestingly, according to Washington Times, Women’s March organizers identified four top issues for feminists still marching and protesting, being "reproductive rights, immigration and climate change — and against President Trump."

First, by protesting against President Trump, one has to wonder what on earth they think they are accomplishing, other than making complete fools of themselves?

Will he suddenly decide resign because a bunch of women invade cities and create nutty signs, make a huge mess leaving their filth and trash all over the streets, and scream a lot?

Nope, don't see that happening.

Also, protesting against President Trump, which they first did starting on the day of his inauguration, and then officially started the Women's March," the day after, before he ever made one presidential decision, all because the candidate they wanted to win the election didn't, and he did, cannot be described as anything other than a major temper tantrum from "women" who should be old enough to already understand that we don't always get what we want in life.

Last but not least on the protesting President Trump topic: Do these "women" not understand that since he was elected president in a constitutional and democratic election, their "protest" is actually against half the country?

Trump didn't elect himself, we the people did.

Just imagine the temper tantrums they are going throw should we re-elect President Trump in 2020.... it will be glorious!!!

Next up, immigration and climate change? How on earth did they become feminist issues? Feminism started as an equal rights issue, and should have stayed that way, but feminists today claim they never obtained equal rights, yet they have to hunt for other issues to champion, because OH YEAH, they do have equal rights already! 

Which brings us to the last "top issue" organizers identified.... reproductive rights.

That is the biggest lie told by feminists in the history of the movement.

Absolutely nobody is limiting their reproductive rights, they can "reproduce" any damn time they want to.... and for some, as the images below show, that is extremely unfortunate.

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(Child holding a F*uck Trump" sign, LA 2020 Women's Temper Tantrum protest)
What kind of parent brings their child to this type of protest holding a sign saying "f*ck" anyone? 


Over at PJ Media, who has a piece with some of the nuttiest signs, shows more children dragged out into the cold to "protest" things they don't even understand, while they should be home playing with their toys.

The website SheKnows actually encouraged women to bring their children because they claim it "normalizes feminism & what it’s truly about," which is highly amusing since when asked, attendees don't even seem to know what it "truly about."

Let me tell you what these parents are really doing by bringing their children to protests like this.... they are terrorizing their children by teaching them that being born a woman makes them an automatic victim, that temper tantrums are good, and that running around saying "f*ck,," it quite acceptable as civil discourse. While doing all that they are making them march in freezing cold weather about issues they have no understanding of.

How is that not child abuse?

The actual "right" these women want has nothing to do with "reproducing," but instead they are demanding the right to unlimited abortions no matter how far along the mother is, even up to the point of birth, which many including myself, consider infanticide. 

Calling it reproductive rights rather than what it is, the right to murder babies, sounds better, which is why they continue to mislead by calling it that.

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Taking a look through the photos on the Twitter hashtag for the 2020 Women's Temper Tantrum, brings up signage that truly makes no sense, are completely crazy and/or  shows some of these people might benefit from a rubber room with a pretty white coat!


Replace the W with a B and I could agree with that!




Not sure what their menstruation has to do with feminism, but ok. 


What the heck does that even mean???


The one above needs to go back to school and have her mouth washed out with soap.


I have never seen so many, so proud of being "nasty." 


Not sure what is more disturbing, the signage showing there is no organized reason for protesting or the man (I use that word very loosely)  bottom, middle, wearing a p*ssy hat.


Racist against whites much? Guess a white woman cannot be a feminist anymore. 


Elijah there said it all!!! 


I have no words for that last one.

See many more images over at Twitter.

ANP readers that want to have a little fun with the images above or those at the Twitter link, allows you to drag and drop a picture, or upload it from your computer, and add your own caption within the image. After adding the caption the free program allows you to place it where you want.


Protests are supposed to have an actual purpose, like the Second Amendment rally in Virginia yesterday. One topic, one goal, one message.

As the signage above shows clearly, those still throwing their three year temper tantrum have no common message, goal, and in some cases, can't even explain why they are there other than "I am woman and ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!"

More signs shown in the 2nd video below, but first, a video from 2017 that never gets old, and perfectly represents the feminazis that are still having a temper tantrum, three years later, all because they can't handle how an election turned out.

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