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June 5, 2019

Toxic Femininity Strikes Again - Gender Neutrality Hits Restaurants While Common Courtesy Is Now Considered 'Benevolent Sexism'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The liberal organization Vox Media has a food website called 'Eater' that published a lengthy piece about how the whole "Ladies First" thing is somehow sexist and how "restaurants are redefining what 'good manners' means for a new generation."

Here is just a sample of the type of LGBT & feminist-think that can found almost every day on some liberal website, where gender is all the rage, or rather the lack of being able to address gender because it is sexist to actually acknowledge the differences between men and women... or something like that.

But at Chicago’s Tied House, which opened in February 2018, general manager Meredith Rush says there’s a way to provide thoughtful service without relying on those measures of old-school etiquette: Essentially, it’s omitted the idea of “ladies first.” The staff has eliminated language like “ladies and gentleman” from its vocabulary, and no longer serves guests in order of gender performance. “We’ll do our service as elegantly as we would if we were adhering to the classic standards,” Rush says.

Tied House is the latest in the trend of upscale restaurants implementing gender-neutral service standards, joining Chicago favorites Bad Hunter and Lula Cafe, among many more. Bad Hunter waitstaff is trained to pour wine and water clockwise around the table, regardless of guests’ gender, and both restaurants have removed gendered titles from their service vocabulary. You might notice these changes as a guest, or you might not. But in scrapping certain customs, these restaurant staffs — among many nationwide — are both reacting to and redefining what having “good manners” means for a new generation.

Gender neutral.... "not referring to either sex but only to people in general." Merriam Webster has a definition for gender neutral, as do other online and physical dictionaries, because obviously feminism and the LGBT agenda has made it a bad thing to be able to tell the difference between a man and a woman.

Apparently turning men into women, or feminizing them, is also all the rage as we see the latest in men's fashion, via USA Today.... the man's "crop top."

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Note to men: That is never, ever a good look.

Opening a door for a woman is also taboo according to these angry feminists because it appears that common courtesy is now called "benevolent sexism," and should be avoided at all costs because it may offend the perpetually offended, and don't dare, ever compliment a woman in the vicinity of a feminist because it is "hurtful."
You might think a man opening a door for you, or offering you his jacket if you're wearing an LBD and freezing your ass off, is simple manners. But new research from the US says actually, these are examples of 'benevolent sexism.'

That was from Cosmopolitan, 2015.  Doing a search for "opening a door for a woman is offensive," brings up a plethora of articles and discussions on whether it is or is not offensive, and seriously makes me wonder what on earth has happened to society when a simple act of kindness is now considered sexist and quite literally has women "lashing out," in a "blind rage."

Long story short, the link above is a woman's story about how she lost a ton of weight, became more attractive and men started *GASP* doing nice things for her until she simply lost it on some poor guy that simply opened a door for her.

It was July 2014, Nashville Tennessee. I was walking into a gas station for a bottle of water when the man behind me stepped up to open the door for me. With that act of kindness, something inside me snapped and I flew into a blind rage. I began screaming at him at the top of my lungs.

“No, you can not open this door for me! You wouldn’t have opened it two years ago, so you damn sure can’t open it now!” I scowled and stormed away, completely enraged.

It was the third time that week that a man had done something polite for me. First a man had bought me a drink at a concert, and then there was the nice man who had helped me scoop up my groceries after I dropped my bag, and now this man with the door.

The things I run across when researching for articles like this simply astound me, especially when I see a story like the one quoted above, written in 2017, then I see a female speaker at Tedx Talks (2019) giving a 13 minute lecture about feminism and wondering why feminists are seen as angry, aggressive man-haters, claiming the definition of feminism isn't negative, and the studies by other feminists aren't negative, so it must just be the "opponents" of feminism that are trying to make people think that feminists are angry nasty shrews.

Perhaps the young Tedx Talks speaker should look at a few triggered feminist compilations to understand that it isn't "opponents" of feminism that give feminists a bad name, but it the feminists themselves, screaming, yelling, attacking random strangers, that do the job.

The media continues to push the "male toxicity" nonsense, but truly the most toxic segment of population today is modern day feminists that treat men as if simply being born with a penis is a crime, and automatically makes everything they do "sexist" in nature.


It is because of toxic feminists that there is a relatively new movement among men called the MTGOW movement, which stands for "Men Going Their Own Way," which of course is being called a ...... you got it.... sexist movement because these men want nothing to do with women anymore.

The media claims they are misogynists, and to a point they are, they do seem to hate women, but their reasoning is examples like those shown above, which is indicative of simply saying enough is enough, we don't have to take this abuse anymore.



While a majority of men and women believe in equality, more and more women do not want the label of "feminist," because of the negative connotation associated with modern day feminists. We do see many conservative women standing up to the toxic feminists, but not enough. Most just avoid the topic and that must change.

More women must stand up and speak out against it because it is destroying not only America, but this is a discussion we are seeing happening around the globe, as the Good Morning Britain segment below shows.

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