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November 3, 2020

Livestreams And Updates: Fraud, Legal Challenges And Shenanigans  Abound - Welcome To Election Tuesday 2020: All Day Updates And Open Thread

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Welcome to the November 3, 2020 presidential election Tuesday, where President Donald Trump is vying for re-election and Joe Biden is trying to unseat the president to become president himself.

Also at stake is one third of Senate seats, and all 435 House seats are in play.

This piece will be updated throughout the day and evening, most likely well into the night, since barring a landslide from either candidate, the final result most likely won't be known for days and perhaps even a week or two, due to the inordinate amount of mail-in votes vs in-person voting.

CBS has a result page, where hovering your mouse over the states informed readers what times the polls close, we will also link to multiple sites showing results as they come in, so readers can confirm the results updates we publish throughout the evening. 

Polling stations on the east coast close at 7 pm ET and 8 pm ET, dependent on the state, and as we work our way west, they close later, ending with the West Coast where polling stations close at 11pm. Hawaii closes their stations at 12 am, and Alaska at 1 am.

We are not making any predictions. Joe Biden has been leading in the polls, but according to Real Clear Politics averages, the momentum heading into election day has been favorable to President Trump.

What we can predict with a high level of confidence is there will be challenges in certain areas which will end up in the courts. Both campaigns have a bevy of lawyers on hand to deal with any critical issues that aris thorughout the nation.


When states have a projected winner, which most likely will only be landslide states, we will list the state and the projected winner of that state, for those that do not want to keep clicking on the live result pages linked below.

[UPDATE] Different live result pages are listing different results, so we will list them when 100% of precincts are in, or tomorrow if the tallies are too late.

Fox News - Presidential Election Results - Live Results

USA Today - Live Results

NPR - Live Results

NBC News - Live Results


Each of those links, when one scrolls down, also shows the preliminary results for the Senate races and the House races.

If readers have a different online preference, please feel free to share it in the comments below, and/or email to to be added in this section.

We will not be focusing on the House and Senate votes, but when (if it is tonight or a later date) the results come in showing one party has taken either house of congress, we will report that here, in an "Update."

Update: Democrats retained control of the House, although Republicans did gain seats and it looks like Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

As of November 4, 2020, the map below is where the race stands now.

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As with every presidential election, fraud, problems, voting machine issues and other matters are reported on the day of the election. When we find new egregious events we will be reporting them and/or linking to reports of them, in this section., under the word "Updates."

Breitbart - ***Live Updates*** Election 2020 Results  

Problems still being reported after glitch caused major issues at polling places in Spalding County 

Pennsylvania Officials Warn of Election Result Delays Due to Thousands of Mail-In Ballots

When each state’s polls close and how many electoral votes they have

Shenanigans In Philly

Suspicious activity in Brooklyn

Trump 2020 EDO Director, Mike Roman: Election interference, fraud, etc... updates (Twitter)

Trump camp: Turnout models confirm momentum shift to president, belie Dems' 'red mirage' script

Election News Updates:

Google Is Still Erasing Breitbart Stories About Joe Biden

Polling sites in Jefferson County delayed due to difficulties with new equipment

Dead people caught voting in NYC, elections records show

 Voting Machines in Georgia County Back up After ‘Glitch‘

Twitter Censors Trump Post on Supreme Court‘s Pennsylvania Vote Ruling 


No matter who wins the election, we hope sanity will prevail. But actions, and scheduled "protests" in the streets have already been announced by anarchist groups and some federal employee activists that plan to shut down Washington DC should Trump look like he is winning, make it hard to see an uneventful and calm evening ahead.

Given the threats and planned unrest, we will also be adding a section above to document any violence and/or riots.

Readers are also welcome to help us keep track of everything going on, in the comment section below, or via email.


We are also be providing a number of livestreams below, some are live already, other will start this evening, so readers have a choice of which networks/liverstreamers they wish to watch. 

More will be added as they become available, and again, readers can share any other live streams or election vidoes to share with others in the comment section below. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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