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February 13, 2015

NY Times David Carr's Interview With Edward Snowden Hours Before His Death - Is This Video The Reason Why David Carr Died?


By Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline
David Carr on CITIZENFOUR shortly before his death: "There's something about that film that makes it a little hard to sleep"

As a former cocaine addict who 'wiggled away from the demon', New York Times columnist David Carr was known to 'shake things up a bit'. Unbridled by fears that might hold other reporters back, Carr hit hard and had the ability to 'strike the right chord'. David Carr is no longer with us, having died last night, shortly after interviewing Edward Snowden.

The theory is already out there (as shared in 2nd video below); was New York Times' columnist David Carr 'taken out' soon after the interview, seen in full below, with Edward Snowden about the movie CITIZENFOUR, detailing the National Security Agency's worldwide electronic surveillance program? Carr hosts Snowden, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras in this 57+ minute video that 'conspiracy theorists' believe may hold the answer to why columnist Carr was taken from us, similar to Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart, and possibly the latest 'hit' upon the 1st Amendment here in America.

At the 2 minute 30 second mark, Carr tells Greenwald and Poitras that, after watching the documentary CITIZENFOUR for the 2nd time, he tried to go to sleep...but couldn' he turned the lights back on. We're told that after seeing CITIZENFOUR, we'll never look at our phones, emails, credit cards, web browsers or online profile's the same ever again. After watching this, we have to warn you, you may soon want to run off to the mountains and leave everything else from this evil world behind.

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