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October 12, 2015

Mannarino Warns 'Get Ready!' - Are We On The Precipice Of The 'Big One?'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Gregory Mannarino is back after a weeks vacation with some potentially huge news, backed up with a chart that as he explains, could be read by anyone, evn those that have never uderstood charts and graphs to begin with. The chart shows patterns, specifically stock market patterns, where following each highlighted high there was major drop.

In the video commentary that accompanies the chart, Mannarino says we are possibly at the 'precipice' of a major plunge and he asks whether ths will be the "big one?"

As many may remember, Mannarino was one of the first to predict the downward spiral that has accumulated over the last months and by tracking recent trends and patterns, he tells everyone to "get ready."

With the volitility in the markets in conjunction with the dire news recently acknowledged by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as the UN, BIS and Citibank all warning that an economic crisis could be imminent, Mannarino's warnings should be taken seriously.

The chart below taken from Mannarino's website


Side Note - As is explained below and we find it important to highlight since ANP has been covering censorship across the web that has been increasing in frequency, Mannarino is no longer writing for the Seeking Alpha blog network, interestingly enough the reason cited is because they have started "moderating" the writers or as he calls it "censoring" their writers.

Therefore when he references specific charts or graphs that he believes viewers should be able to see for themselves, he will now be putting them at, which he has full control over.

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