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September 13, 2020

'Color Revolutions' And 'Grey Terror' Are More Proof Globalists Are Bull-Rushing America Towards 'The Final Act' As Country Is Forced Down A Path Blazed By Authoritarian Regimes

In this recent story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog titled "If You Feel Like Something Really, Really Bad Is About To Happen, You Are Definitely Not Alone", Snyder warns us there are countless Americans who 'feel' that something quite ominous is ahead and are waiting (and hopefully preparing!) for “the other shoe to drop”. And we'll agree completely as Snyder warns us: "I believe that it could literally happen at any time".

Between 2020 election chaos that is already ramping up in Democrat-run cities across America to absolutely bizarre claims made in Bob Woodward's new book that General James Mattis had plotted to overthrow President Trump and the US government, to heavily pushed reports that Covid-19 is about to enter its most treacherous phase, it feels to us like the American people are just 'an audience' being 'played' by the devilish globalists, with every little 'event' that happens being 'used' to push us closer and closer to 'the final act'

As Susan Duclos had warned Friday in this ANP story titled "As Liberals Plan Violent Temper Tantrums If President Trump Is Reelected, President Trump And Conservatives Should Prepare To 'Drop The Hammer' And 'Fight Fire With Fire'", with America quite possibly going into January of 2021 still not knowing who 'won' the election, and Democrats sure to pull out all stops (and crimes) to make sure it is Joe Biden (or whomever replaces him) that 'wins', we're being pushed into a 'doomsday scenario' politically. 

And it's a 'doomsday political scenario' that Democrats are preparing for as Susan had also warned within this September 9th ANP story, with radical liberal organizations holding secret meetings to prepare for an election loss, promising 'mass public unrest' across the country at a time when many leftists are already going out into the streets and burning down office buildings and people's private property. 

And with all of this happening at a time when the kind of 'grey terror' written about years ago by Soviet defector 'Victor Suverov' is arguably already taking place across America, with reports that antifa terrorists have started West coast forest fires (though 'some officials' have called those reports false), we should all make sure we're prepared for absolutely anything in the days, weeks and months ahead with America about to enter completely unknown territory. 

With summer drifting towards its end and a possibly long and cold winter ahead for many of us, this recent story from CNN (saved at archive) reports that Americans are being urged to hunker down this fall and winter due to Covid-19. With Dr. Anthony Fauci claiming the pandemic will likely worsen and warnings that the months ahead will be challenging, their story reported that the 40% or so of Americans who have Covid-19 but aren't showing any symptoms will be unknowingly spreading the disease to others, warning of a potential tidal wave of new infections in the months ahead. 

Yet as Reason reported in this recent story, this pandemic is proving to be more and more deadly to liberty every day, (not to mention the US economy!) with 'formerly free' countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US "sliding down a path blazed by authoritarian regimes"

As we had warned September 11th in this ANP story titled "Evidence Democrats/Globalists Are Using Illegal Immigrants And Germ Warfare Upon 'The Masses' In The Streets Of The Western World To Bring In Their 'Orwellian Hellscape'", the 'globalists' are happy to push 'security' onto the masses in exchange for their 'liberty' and the 'masses' have taken that trade and are swallowing it up whole. 

But as Paul Joseph Watson had warned within this September 11th story over at Summit News, we should have all seen this coming years ago. With Ernst Junger, the author of the dystopian classic book written over 80 years ago, "The Worker", actually predicting that 'masks' would be used to "enforce conformity, eradicate individuality and usher in a 'new age'", Junger's warnings echo those of George Orwell's in "1984" when he describes the masses as:“a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans…three hundred million people all with the same face.” From Watson's story.:

Respected German author Ernst Jünger predicted the ubiquitousness of face masks to enforce conformity and uniformity in a dystopian future society in a novel called The Worker that was published nearly 90 years ago. 
With face masks now becoming a mandatory part of the “new normal,” the enforcement measures to make people wear them, by both agents of the state and members of the general public, are becoming more dehumanizing and draconian. 
This is precisely the scenario envisaged by enigmatic German author Ernst Jünger in his 1932 classic. 
As Thomas Crew details in his article The Dystopian Age of the Mask, the “eradication of all individuality” is a running theme of all dystopian literature.
Arguably his most chilling vision, however, is offered in an extended essay published on the eve of the Nazi ascension to power in 1932. The Worker, as Jünger calls it, aims to sketch what he regards as the coming new world order – an order defined by a fundamentally new type of human. Having dispensed with the liberal values of the past and embraced his fate in the factories and on the battlefields of the early twentieth century, the hallmark of the new man is an uncanny resemblance – both in body and soul – to the machine. Born to human parents, Jünger’s “worker” is nevertheless a child of the industrial age. 
Following the dystopias of his contemporaries, the prime casualty of this new age is also the individual. For the logic of the machine permits no difference. Whether the natural world or the human mind, Jünger argues that everything is increasingly defined by “a certain emptiness and uniformity”. The result, to use Orwell’s words, is “a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans” – millions of people, he adds, “all with the same face”. 
It is in this last respect that The Worker takes on a disturbing relevance for our own times. For the uniformity of the new age is symbolised, Jünger suggests, by the sudden proliferation of the mask in contemporary society. “It is no coincidence”, he writes, “that the mask is again beginning to play a decisive role in public life. It is appearing in many different ways … be it as a gas mask, with which they are trying to equip entire populations; be it as a face mask for sport and high speeds, seen on every racing driver; be it as a safety mask for workplaces exposed to radiation, explosions, or narcotic substances. We can assume”, he continues, with an eerie prescience, “that the mask will come to take on functions that we can today hardly imagine”
Given the sudden ubiquity of the face mask in 2020, across the entire globe and in an increasing number of social contexts, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that this is precisely the sort of development Jünger had in mind. Our readiness to obscure the face reflects the dehumanising tendencies that, for Jünger, underlie the modern period. It represents another stage in the degradation of the individual that became explicit in the First World War. Whether as a scrap of material on the battlefield or a cog in the machine of the wartime economy, the modern age has a habit of reducing the human being to a functional object. Everything “non-essential” – everything, that is, that makes us human – is blithely discarded. 
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With Democrats now setting the stage for a military coup within just months and either way the election goes, 100 million+ Americans sure to be completely dismayed by the election process and results, as Susan had also warned within this September 11th ANP story, President Trump should be prepared to 'drop the hammer' upon Democrats who are scheming to 'steal' this election while Conservatives across the country should get prepared to 'fight fire with fire'

From this story over at The Federalist we're warned that under the guise of planning for right-wing violence if Trump loses, Democrats are gaming out how to steal the election if Trump wins. Anybody else see 'the big picture' that Democrats are pushing for? Many people firmly believe that there is no way that Democrats will 'allow' President Trump to win in 2020. From The Federalist story:

It’s been hard to miss the steady drumbeat of articles and think-pieces over the past few months about Election Day war games and post-election planning underway on the left, rooted in obsessive fears that President Trump will refuse to accept an electoral loss, triggering a constitutional crisis and maybe even widespread civic unrest, all in a desperate attempt to cling to power. 
“The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day,” reads a recent headline at The Daily Beast. “Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?” asks another recent piece at The Nation. “Is America in the Early Stages of Armed Insurgency?” frets Slate. Similar pieces have run at the Washington Post (“The election will likely spark violence—and a constitutional crisis”), The Atlantic (“What might he do? What should Americans fear?”), Vox (“Imagine that… Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat”), The New Yorker (“Trump’s threats about rejecting the results come November are not idle”), and on and on. 
The news hook for most of these articles is a series of elaborate election war games hosted in June by a newly formed organization called the Transition Integrity Project, touted by the media as a bipartisan group of experts consisting of former elected officials, high-level government staffers, consultants, and journalists like David Frum, who wrote the Atlantic piece referenced above. 
In other words, the Transition Integrity Project is a cross-section of our elite ruling class. In its own executive summary of the war games, the group states it was founded “out of concern that the Trump Administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and transition process” — never mind the many ways Democrats in Congress and the executive bureaucracy, aided by the media, have been doing just that since before Trump won the 2016 election. 
The exercise mimicked the kind of war games sometimes conducted for foreign policy crises, only this time the format was applied to the presidential election, with one team playing the Biden campaign and the other the Trump campaign. The outlandish outcome of these simulations—that in the event of a close election, Trump might “federalize the National Guard and take military control of state voting sites,” as Frum writes — tells us less about what is likely to happen in the real world and more about the mendacious worldview, toxic prejudices, and treasonous imaginings of the elites themselves.

With the claim made in Bob Woodward's book that General Mattis and the 'deep state' plotted to take down President Trump and America showing us just how precarious a position our Republic is in, and giving Americans another huge reason to arm up to prepare to defend our families from a 'deep state coup and the resultant tyranny', as Michael Snyder warns, if you've been feeling that something huge is coming, you're not the only one. We'll close with this excerpt from his story.:  

I had such an ominous feeling coming into 2020, and I shared this repeatedly with my readers, and now I have such an ominous feeling about the rest of 2020 and beyond. 
In particular, I am extremely concerned about what will happen in November. No matter who is ultimately declared the winner, the other side is going to be convinced that the election was stolen from them and that is likely to throw our nation into a state of chaos. 
And we are already being told that we probably will not know the winner until long after election day. That period of uncertainty is almost certainly going to spark more civil unrest, and I believe that faith in the integrity of our elections will be greatly shaken. 
All around us, we can see our society being thrown into convulsions as all of our systems begin to fail. 
I know that so many of you out there are feeling the exact same way that I am. 
A sense of anticipation hangs in the air, and millions of people are waiting for the next big crisis to erupt.

In the 1st video below, Infowars reports upon the bombshell revelation that General Mattis plotted with the Democratic Party to overthrow the US Government and install a 'deep state dictatorship' in this country that would have clearly been used to complete the democrats sinister agenda such as banning the 1st and 2nd Amendments. 

In the 2nd video below from David Knight's video channel, Harrison Smith warns us we're witnessing nothing less than 'democrat/deep state operatives' running 'color revolutions' against President Trump, with coordinated efforts from government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the media, in an attempt to finally 'oust' President Trump and finish their task of taking down and dismantling America, the US Constitution and our civil liberties. And in the 3rd and final video below, Steve Quayle & Mike Adams join the Hagmann Report to warn us why none of us should be surprised by what's now happening; when America 'evicted' God, we became 'a nation in peril'.

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