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September 11, 2020

As Liberals Plan Violent Temper Tantrums If President Trump Is Reelected, President Trump And Conservatives Should Prepare To 'Drop The Hammer' And 'Fight Fire With Fire'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Anyone that claims 100% certainty about their prediction of an election result is either a liar or just pushing a wishful narrative, all we have to do to prove that assertion is go back to the entire 2016 presidential campaign cycle where all pollsters, major MSM papers, which are more like tabloids these days, and all liberals across the board insisted that Donald Trump did not have a chance against the shoe-in candidate Hillary Clinton.

They asserted that right up until the moment Donald Trump was announced the winner.

With that said, for the purpose of preparing for what Democrats are already planning for, we are jumping to after the 2020 election, when the final votes have been counted, and working under the assumption that Trump wins reelection.

We work under that assumption because the groups preplanning their "reactions" are making that same assumption.


We jump forward to the point where they media once again has had on-air meltdowns, liberals scream "voter suppression," results have been contested, Hollywood celebrities  threaten to leave the country, Democrat politicians vow to have Trump removed from office, and get to the point where the President is inaugurated once again.

What is next for the Democrats and liberals across the country during Trump's second term.

We already know certain liberal groups have been having secret meetings to discuss what to do in their "doomsday scenarios."

We also know that Democrats and media, coincidentally (wink, wink) have been pushing the idea of "Trump refusing" to leave the White House, which is further inciting anger on the left.

We also know that pollsters still haven't fixed the issues will polling in the mid-west which caused them to get 2016 so very wrong, further cementing in liberals' heads that Donald Trump will not win reelection, so if or when he does, the violent anger we have documented over the past four years, is bound to be even worse.

After all, if Trump is reelected, they no longer have the option of thinking "well we can plan to vote him out in the next election," because he won't have another election.

So, for four more years that anger, angst, handwringing, and violence, will increase.

We know the unrest will continue because that is what they are planning for, "mass public unrest," as reported by the far left website The Daily Beast.

Furthermore, we also see what their "spin" will be when the Trump administration drops the hammer on rioters.

How do we know that? They have preemptively started that spin.

Example: Politico recently headlined a piece with "We’ll 'put them down very quickly': Trump threatens to quash election night riots."

President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to “put … down very quickly” riots on election night should aggrieved Democrats take to the streets in the wake of his potential victory.

The remarks from the president came in an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro set to air Saturday, in which he was asked how he would respond to incidents of rioting should he be declared the winner on Nov. 3.

How are liberals spinning that? In response to the Politico piece, Raw Story headlines "Trump threatens to ‘put down very quickly’ Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins re-election."

Here is how Raw Story decided to spin his response to riots:

President Donald Trump promises to “put down” Democrats who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest in the streets if he wins re-election.

Anyone else notice how Raw Story changed the original "riots," to simple "protests."

One is illegal, the other isn't, but they want their readers to believe that constitutionally protected peaceable protesters will be attacked by Trump, rather than accurately telling their readers that law enforcement will be ordered to actually *GASP* enforce the laws against rioting.

NeverTrumpers have also been gaming scenarios to help liberals all across the country, as reported by American Greatness:

The very same sore losers on the Left and NeverTrump Right who still refuse to accept the results of the 2016 presidential contest are preparing to do whatever it takes—including promote the secession of western states—to force the removal of Donald Trump next January.

Their plan, using the intentionally misleading title, “Transition Integrity Project,” outlines alarming and wholly unconstitutional responses to a number of post-election scenarios. Once upon a time, I would’ve read such a far-fetched document through tears of laughter. But considering the desperation and depravity of the people involved, this terrifying roadmap needs to be taken seriously.

Organizers, including Clinton loyalist John Podesta and NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol, have been playing war games for the past few months, plotting how to deploy media, government, and public armies to install Biden no matter what. Their scorched earth strategy rests on two factors: the use of widespread mail-in voting, intended to delay the official result so they can manipulate the outcome while stoking civil unrest until Republicans cry uncle, and the notion that if he loses, President Trump will claim the Democrats stole the election, a legitimate possibility that this plan only serves to further validate.

Last but not least, we know that should Trump have an obvious win on election night, Democrats plan to contest the results, and tie it up in litigation, trying for yet another coup.

As seen above there is quite a bit we already know about Liberals' plans to date regarding the election itself and the "mass public unrest" they are organizing in response to a Trump win, and also the media spin itself for after the election.

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Then what?

That is the real question. Riots.... nothing we aren't seeing now every single time Antifa and BLM decide to "protest."

Denial... again, we see liberal still denying the results of the 2016 election, so nothing new there either.

Fake news intended to be a "turning point" and "the beginning of the end" of the Trump presidency? Check, been there, done that."

I always get a kick out of that one.

The media going to claim Trump worked with Russia to win the election..... oh yeah, already did that too.

How about a a two-year plus investigation by a special council about "Russian collusion" with the media pumping out story after story using "anonymous" sources to try to influence public opinion no matter what the investigation concluded?

Yup..... we already saw that movie as well.

Hah! Impeachment...that's the ticket, but oh wait..... they already tried that as well.

How about encouraging more riots? Check.

How about telling supporters to create a crowd and verbally attack Trump supports, or in some cases physically assault them" CHECK.

I guess the question shouldn't actually be "what next liberals, but rather "what haven't you already tried liberals, Democrats and media (same thing, I know)?


With all the preparation that Dem politicians, the media and liberal activists are organizing right now, it is worth asking readers, what do you think conservatives should be doing right now?

It is an important question as we have seen liberals become increasingly violent towards conservatives over the course of the last four years.

Do we prepare to fight fire with fire. Take a defensive stance and simply protect ourselves, our families, our property and community?

Do we meet them head on in the streets and say no more attacking innocent people?

While we may not be able to predict the outcome of the election, no one really can, we can predict what liberals' reactions to a Trump win will be.

First by looking at their actions over the past four years and second by their very own plans, preparations and planned "mass public unrest."

Considering the anger, violence and harassment we have seen against Trump supporters and conservatives to date, there are so many clearly on the very tip of insanity, it is not going out on a limb to predict more of the same, but with even more Trump Derangement Syndrome infected people joining in with the already unhinged rioters and liberals.

How does one prepare for complete craziness?


Whatever your answer is, the preparation to respond, or defend, in the aftermath of the 2020 election, should be decided on right now.

It will be too late after the fact.

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