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November 18, 2015

Gov Official Admits To Hiding Terror Threat Details From Public - How Many Died Needlessly In Paris? How Many Will Die In The U.S. Because Of Government Secrecy?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yesterday I read something and no matter what I wrote, researched, or did today, the AP article at Yahoo News nagged at me because it clearly shows the arrogance of government leaders across the globe as well as the fact that they withhold vital information about potential terror attacks that could very well save lives.

The quote came from Germany's Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere after the friendly soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled 90 minutes before kickoff on Tuesday due to the suspected threat of a bomb at the stadium, where he refused to answer specific questions about the nature of the threat that led to the cancellation of the game, citing the need to protect the source, but going on to state, and I quote "part of these answers would upset the population."

What gives elected governments the right to hide information from the public that elects them? What makes them arrogant enough to think that the very people that put them wish to be protected from the truth that could save their lives, for fear of being "upset?"

As was reported by ANP previously, France also had been previously warned that there was credible intelligence indicating ISIS had targeted them for attacks before the Friday the 13th attacks in seven locations that killed over 120 people.

Did France warn the populace when they received these warnings from Iraq intelligence sources?

If they had warned their citizens, how many of the victims that tragically died that night would have taken those warnings to heart and not attended the game at the Stade de France?

How many of the 89 victims that died at the Bataclan theatre would not have attended had they known Paris had been targeted by ISIS?

How many would not have been at the on the rue Bichat and the rue Aliber where attackers shot at people outside Le Carillon, a café and bar, before crossing the rue Bichat and shooting people inside the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge?

How many would not have been at Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi where a man with a machine gun fired shots outside Café Bonne Bière, close to the Italian restaurant La Casa Nostra, on the rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi south of the rue Bichat where 5 people were killed according to prosecutors and eight were injured?

How many would not have been at Rue de Charonne where two attackers fired shots for several minutes at the outdoor terrace of the restaurant La Belle Équipe on the rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement killing 19 people and leaving nine in critical condition? (Source - November 2015 Paris attacks)

Make no mistake, the responsibility for the attacks is on ISIS that claimed it and the attackers..... but French officials should answer for the fact that they did not warn their people of the threat. So sure they could prevent it, and probably like the German official quoted above, believed appropriate warnings would have "upset" their citizens, the didn't even give those citizens the choice..... Isn't it better to be upset and alive than left in ignorance of the threat and dead?

Now the French President boldly declares that he will accept 30,000  more "Syrian refugees" even after a a Syrian passport was discovered near the body of one of the suicide bombers. Makes one wonder what agenda means so much that they are willing to sacrifice even more citizens.

This also brings into question how much the U.S. government isn't telling their citizenry, and how many lives it will cost America.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, Stefan Stanford highlighted an Independent UK article about ISIS manufacturing and using chemical weapons as well as threatening to use chemical and biological weapons against the US and other Western nations.

Lo and behold, just hours after that report was published, we see via and others, that "a hazmat situation compromised the roadway on Wednesday evening." 

Maryland State Police said around 5:17 p.m., a 2001 freightliner truck tractor pulling two containers filled with suits used for cleaning up radioactive materials overturned on the southbound side of I-81 just past exit 9 - Maugans Avenue. 

The driver was of the tractor-trailer was a 57-year-old Tennessee man. 

Washington County Fire/EMS and hazmat crews, along with troopers and officials with Fort Detrick Hazmat responded to the scene. 

According to the article, the radioactive cleaning suits were being transported from from Three Mile Island in central Pennsylvania for disposal in Tennessee.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but in light of the the fact that governments are refusing to divulge the truth to the public about the nature of terror threats because it might "upset" them, it is something that should be kept in mind.

Consider the latest news that is being reported, and ask yourself what isn't being reported.

We see that eight Syrians have been caught entering Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector, Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports - Two Iraqi refugees who settled in Bowling Green, KY, turned out to be al Qaeda-linked terrorists along with several dozen other suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some who were believed to have targeted U.S. troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the U.S. as Iraq and Afghanistan War refugees - In first six weeks of FY2016 the U.S.  resettled 827 Somalis - all but one are Muslim and most of which went to Minnesota, Arizona, New York, Ohio and Texas - A new ISIS video makes threats against the New York City — and shows Manhattan streetscapes that include Times Square and Herald Square -  Dozens of the U.S. citizens arrested in recent years on terror-related charges are immigrants admitted to the United States legally who later obtained citizenship... and that is just what we are being told.

Which brings us full circle back to the beginning of this article.... by what right do our government officials have to hide information from the public that could possibly save lives? 


They want people to go shopping on Black Friday to help the economy, so how many lives is that worth? What if the billions they are spending to "vet" (yeah, we know that is a joke!) and "resettle" the refugees that have been infiltrated by terrorists, were pumped back into the economy instead without risking Americans lives? The examples could go on ad nauseum but I think readers get the point

The U.S. government is putting other agendas before the lives of their citizenry. They are encouraging people to travel and shop and go about their normal holiday activities, despite the fact that even the FBI is expressing concern that they do not have the resources to protect Americans against the terror threats during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years season.

Earlier I quoted a terror expert who said that "fighting ISIS is now up to the American people" and he offered advice, be vigilant and on a heighted level of alert when in public, do your research as to where the "refugees" are to be resettled winthin America (See list of 190 locatons secretly selected for refugees),  and "prepare yourself."  We would add to that list - Avoid large gatherings, big holiday public events, carefully note any strange and unusual "local" reports about what is happening in your neighborhood or city.

Bottom line... be safe.

Below is a timely and related Hagmann and Hagmann pre-show report for November 18, 2015, described in the details as "What we saw in Paris is coming to us here in America and everyone living in the West. Join us for this unscheduled "overdrive" News report today as we discuss the ORCHESTRATED CHAOS we are witnessing worldwide.


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