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November 18, 2015

France Prepares For Chemical Weapons Attacks As German Interior Minister Gives Dire Warning While America Is Given Our Two Week Warning!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Former terrorist turned CIA double agent Morten Storm tells Megyn Kelly in the 1st video below that America should expect to be hit by ISIS attacks within the next two weeks. With unverified reports coming in that UPS planes were recently discovered flying in hundreds or potentially thousands of 'refugees' under the cover of darkness as reported in the 3rd video below, all American eyes should be open as ISIS issues more cowardly yet terrifying threats to cities in America.

Have our 'leaders' already forgotten (or are they just ignoring the warnings?) the words issued by a terrorist smuggler back in Sept 2015 as reported by WND: "We will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the West." We also learned in that story that there are already 4,000+ covert terrorists in place and awaiting orders according to the smuggler.

We've also recently learned France is preparing their citizens for chemical weapons attacks as shared in the 2nd video below, and with that we may finally have an answer to why German Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere recently told a news conference that he was unable to share all available information as why to a soccer game was recently called off that Chancellor Angela Merkel was supposed to attend: "Part of these answers would upset the population."


ISIS has manufactured and used chemical weapons before according to this Independent story and previously threatened to use chemical and biological weapons against the US and other Western nations. Obviously, any such an attack upon any civilian population anywhere in the world would be absolutely devastating and have grave and lasting repercussions.

While a former senior FBI official has recently said that the United States is safer than a region overseas because there is an ocean separating the continents, the fact remains: the US is in ISIS line of fire. A look below at where ISIS social media support is coming from should help to awaken anyone who thinks that ISIS isn't already in the US. Why would anybody in America be supporting the tweets of mass-murdering terrorists? This chart should tell Americans everything that our mainstream media and our government aren't telling us.


Concerned yet?

We also learned today from the Daily Mail that at least 66 men and women with ISIS ties have been arrested in America, including refugees who had been given safe haven but turned instead to terror. Is it only a coincidence that Barack Obama recently scolded Republicans for 'fearing' Syrian refugees...calling them widows and 3-year olds? Is it only a coincidence that a woman suicide bomber blew herself up in Paris? Should Americans really be concerned about mere children coming into the country who might hate us, sometimes due to our own governments disastrous foreign policies?


It's mind boggling to us that it takes the American people putting a boot up the collective posterior of our government public servants to get anything done nowadays as we just learned from the Washington Times that the House of Representatives is seeking a 'pause' in the resettlement of Syrian refugees here, that after Americans in massive numbers responded to Obama's plans to flood potential terrorists into America. The Washington Times also now tells us the FBI is bracing for holiday terror in America as is also shared in the 3rd video below.

Is CIA double agent Storm right in this video about an attack upon America within two weeks? Listen as Megyn Kelly realizes that the American people are up against monsters who will not only stop at nothing but as Storm explains, terror has been part of their religion for almost thousands of years. Storm also warns that civilians are targets and shopping malls could be huge targets as previously warned of in this ANP story.

You can check out France's cbogghemical weapon antidote document described in the video below here.

In the next video we learn that a stretched FBI is bracing for ISIS holiday terror attacks in America and our videographer also examines a claim made on Facebook that UPS planes are flying in hundreds of refugees under the cover of darkness. ANP has looked into this claim and, at this time, we are unable to verify this Facebook post.



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