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September 11, 2015

List Of 190 US Cities Where 10,000 Refugees May Be Coming To Live In America - The Hidden Facts Of The Refugee Crisis - Germans Ready To Lynch Angela Merkel


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on April 21st, ANP published a story called "With Christians On Chopping Block, 190 US Cities Secretly Selected To Help Destroy America From Within - Is Your City On 'The List'?" in which we shared with you a Scribd document from the US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration which listed states, cities, addresses and phone numbers of refugee processing centers across America. The original source for our story was WND.

In light of present day news in Europe and around the world and the announcement by the Obama administration that they will increase the number of refugees coming into America to 10,000, we have decided to republish this list of 190 US cities to receive Syrian refugees as seen in the document embedded below.

Between the now proven fact that ISIS terrorists are amongst the refugees that have made it into Europe with at least two ISIS militants found posing as refugees in Hungary and ISIS's blatant warning that their terrorists will be mixed in with the families of refugees seeking assistance in Europe, we feel the time has never been more important for Americans to keep their eyes and ears open and keep the contact numbers of their local law enforcement offices close at hand, just in case. Who really knows how many refugees who will be coming into America are really ISIS terrorists intending to do Americans harm?


We also take a look below at the first video below, a fascinating look at how Germans are handling this refugee crisis as a massive crowd appears to be ready to lynch German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Showing Merkel that Germans have clearly had enough of their safety and security being completely destroyed with Merkel allowing countless thousands of ISIS terrorists into the country, the title of the video speaks volumes: "Angela Merkel Not Welcome! (Propably because she has chosen her new people of the Middle East above the German People)"...

Will the US population soon put up a similar protest as thousands of ISIS terrorists flood into America or will the masses sit idly by, completely unaware of their forthcoming potential destruction? At ANP, we applaud humanitarian efforts to aid those who are in need. We also feel for our law enforcement and intelligence agencies who will have to deal with this problem. We can only hope that our intelligence agencies properly do their jobs and make sure that the people being let into our country will not put Americans at risk.

The scribd document listing the 190 US cities where Syrian refugees may be soon arriving below videos. In the 2nd video below we get to see The Alex Jones Channel take a look at the fact that US backed ISIS is now invading Europe disguised as migrants. In the excellent 3rd video below from Govan Kilgour Vlogs, our videographer shares with us the hidden facts about the European refugee crisis.: The refugees are mostly male, they are mostly non-Syrian and they are mostly of 'fighting age'. As ANP recently warned, we are now witnessing The Biggest Trojan Horse In History.

190 US Cities To Receive Syrian Refugees

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