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January 23, 2015

Hawk: ISIS Has Nukes, Waiting For 'Green Light'! Russian Spetsnaz Prepping For Martial Law, Gun Confiscation In America!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

In Thursday night's episode of Hawk's radio show our host takes the time to tie all of the myriad pieces of the puzzle together, sharing both information from his own 'deep background source' along with emerging facts from both the mainstream and alternative media's and shares more astounding information with us that ISIS both HAS NUKES (WITHIN THE USA!) and is being run by people out of Washington DC!

Hawk begins today's show by telling us about moves by the Israeli Defense Forces who are moving into Northern Israel in preparation for a possible attack by Iran and Hezbollah upon Israel. Near the 7 minute mark, Hawk turns his attention to ISIS and tells us that they are 'waiting for the green light' from their leaders in Washington DC while Russian Spetsnaz special forces, who are ALSO here in America, prepare to do the dirty work of the New World Order governing body by confiscating American's weapons while launching secretive attacks, such as the murder of DOD cybersecurity expert Don Pyle and his entire family. Hawk also brings up the massive fire in Edgewater, New Jersey recently that shows all the signs of arson. "The killing has begun" Hawk warns us.

Near the 12 minute mark the conversation turns to the continuing preparation going on here in America to implement martial law and take Americans off to the FEMA camps and tells us that the Russians are here to help! Connecting all of the dots that the MSM refuses to connect, Hawk shares with us the reasons we can tell we're getting much closer to the end.

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