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February 11, 2016

Hellish Nightmare May Be Unleashed Upon Hundreds Of Millions Of Americans Any Time, Day Or Night, And We Wouldn't Know About It Until It Was Too Late


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

After learning of North Korea's recent successful rocket launch that put their newest satellite into orbit, we decided to take a look at the satellite tracking website to see where satellite KMS-4 was going, especially considering a Department of Defense COMEX drill that will be going on Friday, February 12th nationwide and will simulate an EMP attack upon America. While some say America has nothing to worry about over an EMP, this launch concerned the UN Security Council enough that they held recently held an emergency meeting on the North Korean launch. 

Seeing that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un recently threatened to rain hell fire upon the US and 'wipe out America all at once', we weren't surprised at all to see that KMS-4 passes directly over the US several times every day as seen in the screenshots in this story. Keep in mind that these screenshots only show a few of the satellite's passings over America today and Friday the 12th of February, the day of the nationwide DOD COMEX drill simulating an EMP or other widespread electrical and communications outage in America. 


Flying at approximately 315 miles, reportedly the ideal height to unleash an EMP attack, KMS-4 could spell the end of much of what we now know as America if it were to be carrying a nuclear weapon capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse attack upon America and the North Korean dictator decided to commit national suicide for his country. While such an attack would deservedly be met with a nuclear response upon his nation, it would still provide a crippling blow to the US that could easily wipe out 90% of the US population within a year to 18 months afterwards and literally send us back to the dark ages.

Researchers believe that as many as 90% of Americans are totally unprepared for an EMP attack and if recent evidence which found that most Americans can't handle a $500 emergency and have less than 3 days worth of food in supply are any indication, if Jong-Un becomes suicidal, the large majority of Americans are in deep trouble including most preppers, who might otherwise be the last ones standing, once the nuclear power plants melt down.


As we learn in the 1st video below featuring Mike Adams from Natural News, North Korea can now nuke the US, any time it or night. While we agree that any such act against us should be met with unimaginable and overwhelmingly devastating force, it would likely be too late as an EMP attack would forever change America and begin a hellish nightmare in this country for hundreds of millions of people unlike anything that we have ever known before. Most people likely wouldn't even know an EMP had struck and their lives were about to change forever until it was too late.

Lest we forget, an EMP attack would not only take out the electrical grid but with it the total infrastructure that keeps America moving from one day to the next. Transportation, our banking system, our hospitals, our food and supply structure, communications and everything that most Americans take for granted day to day would be gone in one fell swoop and there would be nothing at all that 300 million+ people could do to prevent it. 


With KMS-4 flying over America over and over and over again, day after day after day, we pray that our own military has their eyes on the skies and is ready to take immediate action to make sure that a petty dictator isn't able to knock America down for the count. All they need is one successful attack upon America and they could literally wipe out the nation. As Mike Adams tells us in the 1st video below, this is a red alert...North Korean can now nuke the United States. 

As Adams also tells us , there's a huge difference between North Korea and the US with many of the North Korean people living without such 'luxuries' as electricity already. America, on the other hand, is nearly completely dependent upon it and without it, our nation would begin breaking down within one day.

Going without electricity for an extended period of time, 3 days or more, and all hell begins to break loose as those who are totally unprepared are no longer able to get food, clean water and other necessities. If Americans KNOW that the power won't be coming back on for several months or more, up to a year, there is nothing at all that could be able to prevent all hell from breaking loose as looting, riots, mass starvation and war in the streets become the 'new normal' in America. According to many experts, America is totally unprepared.

In the 2nd video below, Lori Buelow breaks down for us a previous ANP story about Jong-Un's threatening of America with an EMP while in the 3rd video below, we learn more on North Korea's recent satellite launch. 


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